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  1. Where are our Western Australian Demonlanders? Surely not at training 24/7?
  2. It’s been widely reported that Jackson combined football and basketball when younger and ended up choosing AFL ahead of an international basketball career. That doesn’t mean he didn’t play football as a junior. The point is that Jackson was already at state level at 16 and then remained at state level at 17 as an under age under 18 and then at 18 where he made All Australian. To get what I mean by football nous, it would be worthwhile watching Andrews’ two games linked in this post. In the second game, he barely contested in the ruck and he often looked out of position and lost in the second half. Apart from a purple patch in the second quarter when he looked very good, his performance was not what you expect of someone at the elite end of the draft.
  3. Where did you get that piece of misinformation from? Jackson was in the WA Under 16 squad in 2017 and in the WA Under 18 national championships in 2018 & 2019 and played for East Fremantle Under 18 Colts during both years. He also played in the ruck for the AFL Academy vs Casey Demons in 2019 where he was super impressive. There’s You Tube vision of him in many of those games. He won All Australian selection in 2019. None of that was enough to get him a berth in most draft list top tens until the time of the draft combine in October. Andrew has played 6 NAB Cup Games, the Academy game v Geelong and the challenge game for Vic Country v Vic Metro, all of which happened this year. No games last year. That’s nowhere near Jackson’s record. Before that he was in the Stingrays squad but didn’t get a game. He’s raw, only plays well in bursts and has yet to show the necessary football strength or nous over a game. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have potential but top 10? Give me a break.
  4. Usain Bolt was the best athlete ever. He won eight Olympic gold medals including the 100m and 200m at three Olympics and still holds the world record at both. He was tall and fast and incidentally could leap too (I’ve seen him slam dunk a basketball). When he retired from sprinting in 2017, he declared to the world that he wanted to become a professional soccer player. None of those attributes was enough to even get him a spot at the Central Coast Mariners let alone Manchester United for who he dreamed of playing. Those physical attributes will take you only so far. Bolt also was physically mature, strong and muscular and of course, had great mental strength, all of which Mac Andrew can only acquire with a good few years of hard work. Bolt failed in the end to make it even at one of soccer’s minnows in a lowly competition by world standards because the thing that he really lacked was football “nous”. Does Mac Andrew have that?
  5. The Gold Coast is a destination that might suit Sam the best. He needs a decent run at it to regain his confidence. The problem at Melbourne is that there’s no guarantee he’ll be able to break into the team with its current set up.
  6. A comprehensive guide to what we learned in the game vs Brisbane MELBOURNE V BRISBANE – WHAT DID WE LEARN?
  7. It’s that time of year again when clubs and players start announcing retirements. With players about to say au revoir, here’s this year’s HATCH MATCH & DESPATCH. Adelaide has announced it won’t renew Tom Lynch’s contract and we have him down as delisted as he might continue to play on. Marc Murphy is in much the same boat but it looks like he’s going to hang up his boots so we have him as retired. Well done to all players who are hanging up their boots at season’s end. Not everybody gets to play at the elite level of their sport. ADELAIDE  In: Out: Jake Kelly (free agent) Tom Lynch (delisted) David Mackay (retired) Tyson Stengle (delisted) Daniel Talia (delisted) BRISBANE LIONS In: Out: Grant Birchall (retired) Archie Smith (delisted) CARLTON In: Out: Eddie Betts (retired) Levi Casboult (retired) Marc Murphy (retired) COLLINGWOOD In: Out: Levi Greenwood (retired) Chris Mayne (retired) Anton Tohill (retired) ESSENDON In: Out: Patrick Ambrose (retired) Ned Cahill (delisted) Cale Hooker (retired) Lachie Johnson (delisted) Irving Mosquito (retired) David Zaharakis (delisted) FREMANTLE In: Out: Brett Bewley (delisted) Reece Conca (delisted) Taylin Duman, Stefan Giro (delisted) Stephen Hill (retired) Leno Thomas ® (delisted) Tobe Watson (delisted) GEELONG In: Out: Ben Jarvis (delisted) Josh Jenkins (retired) Cameron Taheny (delisted) GOLD COAST SUNS In: Out: Jarrod Harbrow (retired) Jack Hombsch (retired) Jordan Murdoch (retired) Zac Smith (retired) GREATER WESTERN SYDNEY In: Out: Matt Buntine (delisted) Tom Hutcheson (delisted) Sam Reid (delisted) Nick Shipley (delisted) HAWTHORN In: Out: Keegan Brooksby (delisted) Shaun Burgoyne (retired) James Cousins (delisted) Damon Greaves (delisted) Michael Hartley (delisted) Jon Patton (retired) Harrison Pepper (delisted) Tom $cully (retired) MELBOURNE In: Out: Nathan Jones (retired) NORTH MELBOURNE In: Out: Taylor Garner (delisted) Connor Menadue (delisted) Dom Tyson (delisted) Will Walker (delisted) PORT ADELAIDE In: Out: Joel Garner (delisted) Hamish Hartlett (delisted) Tom Rockliff (retired) RICHMOND In: Out: David Astbury (retired) Mabior Chol (free agent) Bachar Houli (retired) Patrick Naish (delisted) ST KILDA In: Out: Sam Alabakis (delisted) Jake Carlisle (retired) Oscar Clavarino (delisted) Luke Dunstan (delisted) James Frawley (retired) Shaun McKernan (retired) Dylan Roberton (retired) SYDNEY SWANS In: Out: Kaiden Brand (delisted) Malachy Carruthers (delisted) Sam Gray (delisted) Matthew Ling (delisted) WEST COAST EAGLES In: Out: Brendon Ah Chee (delisted) Brayden Ainsworth (delisted) Will Collins (delisted) Mark Hutchings (delisted) Ben Johnson (delisted) Nathan Vardy (retired) Daniel Venables (retired) WESTERN BULLDOGS In: Out: Lin Jong (retired)
  8. The case allegedly recorded in Geelong actually came from Lara which is about 20k away by road.
  9. It might have been commented upon already but what was the play on after the whistle went for Spargo’s mark in the last quarter. The whistle and the call happened so quickly and I’m sure that he hadn’t played on anyway.
  10. I would be really p*ssed off if we didn’t give this mob a real pasting after that performance in Adelaide.
  11. Thanks for that. Very informative and much appreciated.
  12. With double digit new cases today (none in quarantine throughout their infectious period) and the newspapers leaking the news that our so-called 7 day lockdown is likely to be extended (and virtually every leak during this epidemic has come to fruition), I think there’s every chance that the season will be cancelled. Even if the lockdown ends soon enough to fit in games, Andrews has made it clear that we can expect more lockdowns before we achieve 80% vaccinations. You can already forget NSW opening any time soon and with Queensland likely to do anything at the first sign of a cough or sneeze, I wouldn’t rely on them. You can’t trust WA. As it is, the competition becomes farcical when some clubs AFL counterparts have to take half a dozen with them interstate as Melbourne has done this weekend while other clubs are not disadvantaged at all. Might as well shut up shop or work out a top 8 on match ratio, plan for a finals series in September and hope they can play one.
  13. Given the situation with Melbourne taking an extended group of players away to WA for next week’s game, I wonder why Casey isn’t trying out the NGA players from the local area. With Majak Daw out of team for that reason, surely it makes sense to give someone like Mac Andrew the opportunity to play against higher quality opponents in the VFL?
  14. Mac Andrews’ Dandenong Stingrays lost by 27 points on Saturday but Mac was named in his team’s best players. He had 16 hit outs, 8 kicks, 9 handballs and 4 marks with zero tackles. That gave him 67 dream team points. Official details:- Dandenong Stingrays Goal Kickers: J. Culley 2, M. Bergman 2, B. Taylor 2, L. Robinson, B. Milford, W. Bravo Best Players: W. Bravo, T. Campbell-Farrell, M. Bergman, M. Andrew, F. Jakstas, B. Taylor Eastern Ranges Goal Kickers: T. Charlton 3, J. Arundell 3, S. Ali 2, K. Windsor 2, J. Soligo, M. Hall, N. Watson Best Players: C. Preston, J. Weatherill, T. Leiu, M. Hall, J. Soligo, J. Clarke
  15. Holmes was taken with pick 20 and Geelong did acquire a draft pick to get him but last year’s draft proved nothing given there were no games at all during the season as a benchmark. Clubs had no choice but to sift through whatever footage they had from the past. What WJ is saying is that the jury’s out and time will tell as to whether clubs want to take the punt on him.
  16. Thanks. I stand corrected. This is definitely one of the things that the NGA is for and why the clubs should be rewarded if they have had a role in the player’s development. I came across this unusual quote about ruck draft prospects for 2021 from Knightmare on bigfooty - “For ruck options there are none better than Toby Conway, he probably goes second or third round. Mac Andrew (Melbourne NGA) is the other good ruck prospect, though he could be bid on first round and I can't imagine would drop into the mid draft range (in which case he'd have his bid matched presumably). Outside of those two, there aren't any other rucks I'd be endorsing for picking in the national draft, with perhaps a Liam Podhajski more-so appropriate for selection as a rookie if you miss on a Conway.” Anyone else think there’s something unusual about his comments?
  17. It’s Maibor Chol actually and they have similar South Sudanese backgrounds. There’s five years difference in age and development, same height and Chol weighs 23kg more. Andrew has a bit more bounce and agility in him going from the vision I’ve seen of him but yes, he might become the same type of player that Chol is in 5 year’s time.
  18. The forecast is for rain at the G. We’re good at that.
  19. Could be why Weid was added as emergency?
  20. They’re two completely different players. Conway is a pure ruckman in the mould of Sean Darcy of the Dockers. Not yet as solid but his 90kg is a good start. Andrew is like a very much undeveloped Naitanui and a more mobile type who could play key position at either end but is a fair way off.
  21. Clearly much better than Grundy at the same age.
  22. Agree. It’s damn hard to play well if you’re in a team that’s getting flogged and down on confidence.
  23. I haven’t been following Hawthorn very closely of late but I’m interested in some of their selections this week. That Newcombe kid was great on his debut last month when they sliced up the Swans and Tim O’Brien was good a couple of weeks ago when he put in his claim for the Mark of the Year award against the GWS Giants. Both omitted for this week. Tanking or setting themselves up to take a big scalp against us next week?
  24. In other years Brayshaw and Viney would have stood out fr more than this. If they can lift to be regulars in the best as they were in the past, we can look forward to the finals with a bit more confidence.
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