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  1. Mutual move on moment. Thanks Jake, you added some spark in the dark times, see ya.
  2. I am not believing some Clubs are not interested in Weideman. Lot of water to go under the bridge yet.
  3. We have a game on our hands But, how Smith was allowed to run forward with no one checking him was some of the worst coaching I have seen in a while. The previous week in an interview Smith told all the footy world that was what he was told to do. Petty to Schauche, leave the rest to our brains trust. We have the talent and desire. Port were much worse than Geelong.
  4. Brilliant display of aggressive roving, rather than the bullocking mid. Like to see his take Mullet head Smith apart in GF.
  5. So sorry to hear your story champ. Love to your kids and family. You have expressed perfectly my thoughts through some personal experience with the , talk to your mates, strategy. Although comforting and well meaning it can be a bit light the old style footy coach rev up, it gets you going for a little bit but is not sustainable. In many cases depression is a chemical inbalance, or a lack of a certain chemical, so it takes an very experienced professional, phyciatrist to spot and treat. My own description of severe clinical depression is imagine, walking down a corridor and a door closes, that door is the faces of your workmates and acquantances disappearing, you keep walking, another door, as it closes you lose the image of your extended family and good friends, and on you go until at the last door you lose an image and connection to your closest loved ones. You are all alone, no one can help you.
  6. In lose or draw tomorrow hats off to Goody. I am one who thought he would not make it. He just seemed a bit of a shell of a man last year. Nervy, twitchy, unsure of how to be himself with the media. MFC has done a great job bringing in the support he needed in Williams, Yze and co but ultimately the man at the top gets the credit or the criticism. Well done Goody.
  7. Over hyped Cards. Not over rated. I stand by it, time will tell. Being given licence to run forward as an outside receiver dont make for a great player in my book.
  8. Bailey Smith, most over hyped player in the game.
  9. Does not make sense Doug. If it is a political issue then why penalise players and the supporters of those teams? Anyway it is an absurd proposition.
  10. Yes, I would not have picked him but he did his best for us, all you can ask. Seemed a quality bloke.
  11. Jack was a tall, co ordinated kid who played full forward for his school in a nice competition. He had an edge on opponents for height and smarts from basketball to lead out and take an easy mark with one undersized defender on him. Yes he was a beautiful kick to get three or four goals in school footy. i was so underwhelmed when I saw the footage Shifta Sheahan played to accompany the fanfare around Jack. That said he was a lovely footballer to watch and a nice guy. Maybe a Mark Williams would of helped but it is all history now. Good luck to Jack.
  12. Spot on. I just think it is a great sign for the future.
  13. Hats off to Kate Roffey. Kate will not be going to Perth due to the limited number of MFC people allowed into WA. I am sure Kate could have found a way to be included in the party of 55 but she put others ahead of herself. A real leader.....
  14. Seemed like yesterday for me. For the younger ones, life goes so quick. Enjoy the ride. Memories of the Pink sporting globe. reading the results of the seniors Reserves and Under 19s in one go. After games in the rooms with the players for any kid who had the balls to ask the doorman. Drinking/sharing the players aftergame cordial, the slightly wild boys of the Melbourne cheer squad on the wing of the Old Great southern stand. Many losses and hard times but all worth it.
  15. Bravo for the game he played last night and his honesty in talking about how he found Lyon.
  16. Way way off track. Nothing to do with respect. We had an AFL umpire doing his job, umpiring, subjected to an unprovoked deliberate bump by a powerful built professional footballer. It was bullying more than anything. Toby Greene the more powerful in a physical sense demonstrating his power. I have more times than I wish to recall seen the same behaviour in bars and clubs.
  17. Old world boys club anti umpire brigade. None of us much liked umpires in the good old days when it was also ok to hit an opponent with your elbow, but this is about lessons for kids coming through the system to respect umpires and encourage young kids to be umpires.
  18. Analyse it all you like in slow mo etc.. Back in the real world we all saw Tobys anger, strutt, finger pointingm directional change, shoulder dip and then his comment when he said it was the heat of the moment.
  19. Well, the last time i saw a similiar act was a lout strutting toward a bloke who was not aware he had offended this guy. Likely committed a grevious act, like looking at the lout. Next up the lout made a beeline to the unsuspecting bloke, dipped the shoulder to provoke a fight. The only thing missing was the sneaky headbut. A lout, more more, no less.
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