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  1. A player that we missed this year, he should and will be playing over J. Smith.
  2. 7/10 Great year, he appears to be really coachable.
  3. He is highly rated by Burgo, which is a great sign. Hopefully they get him right and he can become a dominant CHB.
  4. He has identified that watching and learning from Langdon is pivotal for his own game. That is a great showing of attitude from a young person in an ego-driven industry. 6/10, with lot's of room for improvement.
  5. Really glad we didn't land Smith. Move on.
  6. Big difference what we see and what happens within the walls of the club. Not sure how you can find it that perplexing, when every single successful club over the journey has players who have played a significant amount of games or spent a significant amount of time at the club and do so much for it culturally. Would love to see what a culture would look like under pure disillusion of what people mean to the club... oh wait, you're a Melbourne supporter, right? Rewind the clock... 10 years.
  7. Was perplexed as to why we brought him over to the club. Albeit some decent showings from a mature player, he isn't apart of the club's future and cohesion is too potent of an ingredient for success. Would keep him on the rookie list for depth, but wouldn't be playing him over other forwards if they aren't injured.
  8. He was being tried in the back line throughout the scratch matches. He's going to find it very hard to get a game in the seniors playing that position. Not sure what he offers us overall unfortunately.
  9. We need to sign him back up and not let Collingwood snag him.
  10. Showed some great signs this year. 6/10
  11. We have a phenomenal track record of developing Ruckmen, why would we want to change that and pick up another team's failure... ala, Preuss.
  12. I bet that's exactly what each of the three [censored] clubs he's been at have thought. He needs to stay very clear of MFC, absolute plague of a player.
  13. I don't think Collingwood want Nev for an on field purpose, I think they want him for the exact reason we don't want to let him go. Culture, Role Model, Community Engagement. All of these factor into gaining the attention of sponsors. Sponsors want to be attached to clubs who are doing great things in the eyes of many, as that's what attracts money.
  14. Quoting this so people read it twice.
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