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  1. Ham

    We Won

    Would much rather Salem over Kelly.
  2. This, 100%. I can't believe people want him back in the team, but at the same time want Nev and Jones out. Melksham was good for 1.5 years (2017/2018) and 2018 looked a lot better as the whole team was performing and bringing other players up, that otherwise wouldn't have been. He is incredibly past it and shouldn't be played anymore.
  3. Geez, these threads are a cesspool for the complete and utter donkeys.
  4. Goody will still play him. BFF.
  5. Would've had multiple gigs already, if it weren't for little spats of injuries.
  6. Sparrow ahead of both of those two for a Viney interchange for mine.
  7. This, x10000 We have had 4 'Forward' coaches (potentially more) in his time at the club and not a SINGLE one of them, was ever a pure forward. The club has let him and others down in this facet.
  8. In either case, Salem wouldn't be there, as is evident with his entire career at MFC.
  9. What a ripper the game is at Casey, nice little 15 minute drive, easy peasy.
  10. Premiership Windows are an absolute bore and nonsensical.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/heraldsun/posts/melbourne-captain-max-gawn-has-opted-for-an-off-season-seachange-selling-his-ben/10158284570493171/
  12. I am one of those that reports on Casey games, and as I previously stated, there is no access into the facilities. I'd rather not waste my time just watching from a far.
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