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  1. You should go back and watch. 😉
  2. Petracca isn't? Constantly smiling and laughing...
  3. Agree, couldn't give a toss about Cerra, don't need him, not interested at all.
  4. Matheson is just a flat out thug. Not a single ounce of football skill in his body.
  6. T-Mac was a key back in his 6th season. Time works wonders. Back Weid in.
  7. What about the free kick for Weightman just jumping on players heads and getting no where near the ball? [censored] [censored].
  9. What a [censored] of an umpire. "High or in the back, one or the other" Then the replay shows it's clearing [censored] below the knees and should be a free for Harmes.
  10. 18 - 6 free kicks to the bulldogs.... ?
  11. Don't rate that at all. Harmes needs to go to Libba.
  12. The umpires, the commentators and the AFL wanted Hawthorn to win that game.
  13. I certainly hope not, he has a terrible attitude and distracts the focus of his team mates from the game, to himself.
  14. What position do you hold at the club? Didn't realise you were the expert. It's all opinions mate, learn that and get over it.
  15. Wow.... just wow.
  16. I rate Stafford as well, as a ruck coach, not a forward/kicking coach. The only player who has turned a point out of those is Petracca and he hardly sought out Pendlebury for advice, he's mentioned that multiple times. Our forwards spoil each other Our forwards don't create separation from their opponent. Our key forwards aren't taking enough marks Our key forwards aren't kicking enough goals. Change the line coach. *Also, don't pot coaches? Have you read this [censored] forum? Hahahahahahaha. Where are all the critics who wanted Goodwin sacked? Where are they now? If Stafford can prove me wrong, how am I losing? That'll be a good thing. I just don't think he can.
  17. Why is Weideman seeking out advice from J.Brown? St. Kilda quelled that type of behaviour straight away, as they wanted to back in their own. MFC didn't back Stafford in at all, just openly let it happen? He is not the right person for the job, employ a forward/kicking coach.
  18. Blaming the club for employing a ruckman as a forward/kicking coach. Go and employ the right person for the job.
  19. Just because they've made a decision to employ him in that role, doesn't mean it's the right one. Go by that logic and all the coaches they let go of last year would still be at the club. MFC need a new forward/kicking coach as far as I'm concerned, Stafford isn't doing a good enough job.
  20. Huge [censored] flop by Rich, he's the one who should be fined.
  21. You didn't address the point I made, at all. Weideman hasn't had ANY decent development at all. He contacted J. Brown in the off-season for 'advice'. Whenever that's happening (like King going to Lloyd) it's a sign that SOMETHING IS WRONG (and clearly in the St. Kilda case, they didn't like it, so they put a line through it). Put the correct people at the club (like they have in every other facet it would seem) and we may see some improvement with the development of Weideman. Why do we have a ruckman as our forward/kicking coach? The reason we're winning is our defence. The reason we aren't putting teams away by 50-80+ is because we have a ruckman as our forward/kicking coach.
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