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  1. Did you actually watch the game? He crashed multiple packs and took multiple contested marks from doing so. JVR was horrible.
  2. Flat out wrong unfortunately, not how it works at all. If that were the case, every team would have the exact same program and there would be 0 need for high performance managers.
  3. Incredibly unlikely that this is the case. Selwyn will have his own program, he won't just copy what Burgo did.
  4. Stupid comment from Ed, simple as that.
  5. The same as everyone else and say he isn't sure, instead he did what Max does and say Max things. Good on him.
  6. It get's called for other forwards and for those that it doesn't, they disappear in games as well.
  7. Glad someone said it. He was held/pushed in every single contest that I saw (Gawn was held a significant amount as well). Some people need to seriously get some perspective.
  8. Such a bad take once again. Try watching the game.
  9. Just because he is being played, doesn't mean he should be. Clubs DO get it wrong, some players work through it and others don't.
  10. Brayshaw getting those midfield minutes he has wanted... ;-)
  11. Would've thought he was a bit old and wrong position as well.
  12. A lot of in this thread right now. Well done gussy.
  13. Not sure why people are so concerned about a winning score, when we had 0 tackles inside 50.
  14. He sit's well ahead of both of those players.
  15. "Hunt, can run. that is it.", then you go to say, "he can only play leading fwd or lockdown."
  16. Uhh, what? You've just described Hunt.
  17. Our biggest issue is 'expert supporters', who clearly know nothing about AFL.
  18. Out: Tomlinson, Spargo In: Lever, Chandler
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