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  1. Yes, snake: "Melbourne marketing manager and furniture retailer Bill Guest acknowledged at the weekend that up to 60 of his staff had submitted proxy votes supporting the merger" https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/from-the-archives-1996-rival-factions-clash-over-demons-hawks-merger-20190913-p52r1o.html
  2. Paint my truck red and blue and splash MFC advertising all over it. Personally though, I would cry for Robbie.
  3. And in search of the glittering prize:
  4. Yes, the errant elbow (causing damage) is perfectly fine these days. Dangerfield, Hawkins, Hipwood, etc.
  5. Surprise, surprise. Got off with just a $600 fine for his offence: "The lawyer told the court Mr Watts was not paying attention while driving. He said his client initially stopped the vehicle and saw nobody was injured before he “panicked” and drove off....The court heard he then turned himself into police at the Holden Hill police station the following day.....The magistrate said the fact Mr Watts reported the incident to police the following day and contacted the vehicle's owner was the reason for the lesser sentence." No doubt the cops didn't drug test him the following day either.
  6. Is that all? In the meantime, Geelong get $40m from the Government and Bulldogs get $36m. What a joke.
  7. Great news! 35 years in the making
  8. According to Fox Sports, since 1995 no: https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-2021-the-run-home-after-round-14-predicted-ladder-top-eight-finals-ladder-predictor-analysis-afl-finals-fixture/news-story/de46d0762cca975dd450e0666af78844 "So when it says Melbourne has a 100% chance of playing finals from 11-2, it’s because no 11-2 team in that time frame missed the finals."
  9. Does anyone know when the actual team for this match will be announced (i.e. only 4 named on the bench)?
  10. And before my time, the Cordners, Denis and John
  11. The Duke, but played cricket in WA. And pretty sure big Biff played cricket in Tassie.
  12. Bit harsh. I thought most of them were wearing masks but just not properly, which I thought you were allowed to do when eating, etc.
  13. Geelong at the Graveyard Round 23. Bring. It. On.
  14. Got to hand it to Nick Riewoldt on Fox Footy last night. I thought we were gone at half time but Roo thought differently:
  15. Dr Pain at it again: https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/fifteen-minutes-after-border-closure-victorians-forced-into-nt-quarantine-20210603-p57xu0.html You can't make this s**t up if you tried
  16. Where is the two-hand facepalm emoji when you need it?
  17. Totally agree. And then for the SA CHO to come out yesterday and say this is pure lunacy: https://www.perthnow.com.au/sport/afl/covid-crowd-advice-for-adelaide-afl-matches-duck-and-just-do-not-touch-that-ball-ng-b881889263z
  18. Oh boo hoo: https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/swans-stay-in-sydney-but-club-will-be-counting-the-cost-20210601-p57x46.html "The delay has cost the Swans two days of ticket sales.....They will also be unable to organise corporate functions due to the late notice. " What about us? Top of the f***** ladder and still don't know where the [censored] we are playing!!!
  19. You truly are jaded. Grab yourself a strong Irish coffee, sit back and relax and watch some of these highlights:
  20. Absolutely. Can't see Caro ever writing such a positive piece about Melbourne! As for Kozzy, he is truly an inspiring young footballer. Must be have been devastating for him to lose his Mum at the start of the year. And kudos to his Dad who sounds like he went through a bit of rough patch himself when Kozzy was a toddler: https://www.murrayvalleystandard.com.au/story/4252469/comedy-star-returns-home/#slide=0
  21. My concern is that this happened 6 weeks ago. So why dig it up now? It is old news. Call me paranoid, but she always seems to undermine us with her articles. Been happening for the past 20 years or so.
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