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  1. Who was that [censored] who called him a ‘garbage player’ a few weeks back?
  2. “Gary Rohan gets more touches off the field than he does on it.”
  3. Oh fair enough. Nah I just interpreted Jones’ emergency listing as a potential indicator that he was not far off a recall to the sub position. But yeah nah what happens, happens.
  4. Nah mate, that’s what I said. Re-read my comment. I said he’s been emergency for the last two games. But if deciding who should be medi-sub had any effect on whether or not we’d win the granny then you’d reckon we have bigger issues.
  5. If they make him sub then it means that he’s earnt it, no questions asked. He’s been listed as an emergency for 2 games now so IMO there’s no reason why (either sentimentally or logically)they shouldn’t make him the sub. That being said, he’ll probably go home to see the birth of his kids so this argument is pointless.
  6. While your posts are elite, this is just another example of pointless clout chasing. I mean if you know something then why not name the player?
  7. I know people say that about Viney often, but jeez they will always be some of the worst takes made on here. Go to bed mate.
  8. Yes but not necessarily your core players, of which Brayshaw is a part of
  9. I love how whenever someone (who claims to have mail) on here makes an outlandishly specific comment about someone at the club, they go into hiding and never respond to the replies and hysteria that inevitably eventuates as a result. I mean are people really that desperate for clout that they have to resort to making posts like this? It’s just pathetic. Nice bait from you mate, might wanna stop taking posting lessons from @Mach5 🤙
  10. I worded that very poorly. I was referring to the risk of community transmission, as in if you happen to have a day of 100 cases it is obviously better if they’re all isolating as opposed to being out in the community, risking further infections. That’s what I was getting at, I’m sorry if people took it that way in terms of me thinking that dying from this is okay, because that’s not what I was referring to at all.
  11. Well if Queensland can remain COVID free from NSW then we can do it too. There’s no excuse.
  12. If you’re talking about the 13 cases infectious in the community and the 3 unlinked ones then yeah I agree it’s not great. But let’s not act like it’s the number (57) itself that’s the issue. You could get 100 cases in a day and that would still be okay if nearly all of them were isolating the whole time.
  13. It’s important to read the story behind these cases mate… 44 were isolating while contagious. It’s high because of the day 13 test results from the school which started the outbreak. So let’s not chop our [censored] off in angst yeah?
  14. I don’t know if it’s a sad indictment on either me or demonland that I actually can’t tell whether this is satire.
  15. ^ Joke’s gone right over old mate’s head with this one… FWIW he’s not a better player simply because he played in premierships. That’s like saying Shannon Byrnes was better than Gary Ablett Sr.
  16. Not really sure why there’s a lot of whinging in this thread. They’ve clearly stated/implied that this is the first part of a long-term home base solution near AAMI. Copied straight from the article: “As we look to establish our new long-term training base, the number one priority in speaking to coaches and players was access to a training oval that reflects the dimensions of the MCG as closely as possible,” said Pert. So let’s not act like they’ve changed plans and all of a sudden they’re not building a home base after all. This is just the first part and more announcements will likely be made further down the track. Calm yourselves.
  17. Hate to be a smartarse but how did we cop so many injuries to players due a ground we didn’t train on last year seeing as we were in the hubs the whole time? Or do you mean 2019?
  18. Leave the trolling to @Olisik thanks
  19. I don’t disagree that he had a poor game by his standards, but I do disagree with the assumption that he had ‘zero defence’, and we already have Pickett as that creative goal-kicking small forward. Let’s not act like Spargo completely [censored] the bed.
  20. Do you ever stop with your negative emotional hyperbole?
  21. This is probably by far one of the worst posts ever made on this site.
  22. Met Jake Lever at my work in Mt Eliza a few months ago. Turns out he lives down here, so will probably see him again soon somewhere.
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