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  1. Surely it isn’t Pert leaving or anything. Can you at least put that to rest please?
  2. Jeez you love blowing smoke up your own [censored], don’t you? Bloke’s still 19 and you’re writing him off as a forward already. Even though his lack of goals largely stem from his current inability to hold contested marks, which should be rectified in time as he matures.
  3. It shouldn’t matter if they’re Melbourne people or not, as long as they’re the best person for the job. Remember the last time we had melbourne people running the show?
  4. Why is he being pushed out? I hope there isn’t any instability again...
  5. I reckon it’s really good that we’re considering 24 disposals and 2 goals to be a ‘quiet game’ for trac. If that’s what we consider average form for him then it goes to show how good he’s actually become.
  6. Gawn has performed poorly in round 1 for the last few years now so it’s not too much of a worry seeing as he’s ended up as AA in the same years. FWIW Grundy was even worse than Gawn last week but look how he went last night.
  7. Fair enough mate. I just reckon a midfield with Petracca and Oliver alone beats Carlton’s complete midfield any day, so why wouldn’t he want to stay at Melbourne since he bears some responsibility for the team’s performances? But I see your point, Oliver could think that he’s the missing piece to Carlton’s midfield puzzle which could take them to finals.
  8. I’m not trying to discredit what other people have heard, but the problem with the Oliver rumours is that it just doesn’t add up. If he’s chasing success, why the hell would he want to go to Carlton? What have they shown that indicates they will be more successful than us? One thing’s for sure, we’ve shown much more than they have.
  9. Scott is a 25 year old mature ager in the Marlion Pickett mould who can make an impact right away. But he’s played one freakin game and already you’re calling him better than sparrow?
  10. yeah, because watching bailey and neeld wasn’t making you miss danners enough 🙄...
  11. ^ so... who’s gonna tell him?
  12. I reckon they’ve made it clear that he won’t play round 1 because they won’t shut up about how they need to take their time and build his fitness back up.
  13. improvement isn’t linear, surely us supporters have learnt that by now also by that logic, you don’t see 17th to 9th as going in the right direction?
  14. you’ve proven about as many people wrong as flags Freo have won
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