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  1. This is probably by far one of the worst posts ever made on this site.
  2. Met Jake Lever at my work in Mt Eliza a few months ago. Turns out he lives down here, so will probably see him again soon somewhere.
  3. I don’t know if this has been brought up but I wouldn’t be surprised if the club played just Brown and Tmac as key talls for the rest of the season. They could / will probably keep Weideman in the 2’s for the rest of the year to further his development and finally get some real consistency in how he plays, and then get a complete preseason into him with the view that he can breakout next year and/or in future years, as McDonald and Brown start to age. This could perhaps be the ideal plan in terms of finding a consistent forward structure.
  4. Look who’s talking. You’re the polar opposite, and not in a good way. Always showing up after a loss to pot the coach but almost nowhere to be seen after every single W.
  5. I wonder what the Sportsbet odds would be for Goody to see this message…
  6. I’m jealous that you don’t know who Olisik or Dr.D is tbh But you completely mistook my comment. If you read carefully, you would know that I didn’t attack you, I attacked your comment (or rather, I took the mickey out of it). There’s a difference between criticism of a post and criticism of the poster. I clearly made no remarks towards you mate, just your post. You’re not a nuffie. But your post on the other hand…. 🥴
  7. ^ Why is it that when people post nuffie opinions, they get overly defensive when they get called even slightly called out?? IMO your post is bordering on Olisik/Dr.D level nuffiness mate.
  8. Nice thread, champ!! Our big crowd at Marvel was definitely the reason we rolled the bulldogs in round 11. Oh wait….
  9. Good point mate, just ask Tom Hickey. Oh wait…
  10. Seems to be a bit similar to Daniher’s time at Melbourne as well. Coach for 10 years, made finals here and there including a grand final, and departs midway through their last season. Also times where you thought he was gonna get sacked halfway through their tenure but ended up staying as their clubs bounced back into finals.
  11. I’m as worried as anyone when it comes to a drop-off happening, but the difference is that north’s list back then was old and bog-average. Provided we don’t cop too many injuries we should be fine, but this is Melbourne we’re talking about so you never know.
  12. Is it at way under 900k or (as I suspect) way over?
  13. Clearly mate… just like Selwood in his first year 🥴
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