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  1. Jayden needs a couple of games to get into his stride as has been shown in the past otherwise he will get totally lost. JJ for sub
  2. Australia's Johnny Cash, and no man more deserving to be sung about.
  3. But I just got the number two on my 2021 ANZAC day guernsey
  4. I've often felt over the years that Nathan Jones was a supporter that actually played such was his want to compete for the jumper. He gave us behind the fence something to barrack for week in week out and for that I'm so greatful. I think it's worth considering that the number be rested for a few years in honour of Jonsey. Or perhaps forever and it becomes the number of the supporter and inspires us on again.
  5. The music after a goal at the Gabba is upsetting.
  6. I haven't passed this with the MFC yet but I would be happy to take part in a recreation of the GF with the guys should they be successful? The medieval guys in the park look pretty cool. I can do a pretty good "Dangerwinge" if Jack Viney promises not to bash my head in, any takers?
  7. I've been thinking the same thing myself with Brayshaw, he has proven himself a true team player this year on the wing and has probably done everything the coaching staff has asked of him despite what others may think.
  8. Does anyone know where I can find this? Apparently he was quite emotional. I just love how the guys always mention us Melbourne supporters in interviews, I feel like it's something Goody has really bought to the club is a sense of respect for the clubs history and wanting to write a new and successful chapter that we can be proud of.
  9. I'd offer to overdub the grand final DVD with commentary of my own for free. Which would be marginally more informative than the channel 7 nuffies but with more slurring in the second half.
  10. I'm not so sure Harmes has the self control to play the wing position? A lot of Gus' role seems be to position himself in a hole to create perceived pressure, not great for the disposals tally, but super important for the rest of the team.
  11. Used to be able to hire a pair of shiny shoes at sweethearts in order to be allowed into the nightclub across the road back in the days before we hash tagged our wingmen.
  12. Chris Fagan in the box in one of the clips. I also saw an after game speech of the reverends yesterday with Clarko in the rooms as the runner. And clubs are looking at assistant coaches of Hardwicks. ?
  13. And from that day on the QB clash was known as Collingwoods grand final.
  14. The important stat would be to know at which end the cheer squad is? I would like to think he feeds off us as much as the Dees supporters feed off him!
  15. Is it not possible to rotate a couple of different guys through the wing and forward line? Perhaps Nibbler and Harmes? With Sparrow coming into the midfield.
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