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  1. While I'm sure a significantly larger shift in culture for First Nations students, those statements apply for any student...
  2. Should have asked him to make that choice a day or two ago maybe
  3. Wow Yze dodged a bullet... Seriously that joint is cursed
  4. I get that most of Harmes' strengths we have plenty off, and he's coverable in many aspects But the tagging element I feel is somewhat a competitive advantage for him, has been very useful against strong mids
  5. Loved his running style If WCE can sharpen his disposal, he'll be weapon for them
  6. Essentially yes, you're correct We should also recognise it provides context and different perspectives that can help broaden understanding
  7. No just responding to Lord Nev's sarcasm... following on from his criticising me of diminishing the current allegations, for calling out the way Caro presented the historical context, and the label "fresh allegations", where the book is 4 years old (and Caro wasn't reporting outrage at the time) and the fresh perspectives of non-indigenous players who stressed their experiences "should not be compared to those published in the cultural safety review" If it were a more balanced and proportional reporting of historical context - I'd be fine with it... But that wouldn't present as strongly in support of the current narrative and drive headlines.
  8. Pretty ordinary comments from Kennett here I thought Seems he's looking to discredit accusers on process? Regardless of substance Didn't Hawthorn set up the process? Therefore it's his or HFC lack of foresight responsible for the mess now...
  9. 2018... Where was all the outrage from Caro then? https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/mitch-in-the-works-20180803-p4zve4.html
  10. Noticed that too... "Seized" is an interesting choice of words. I wonder if the "seizing" involved a routine request for relevant information and the helpful compliance of those providing the information?
  11. I've found it interesting the backlash at the allegations that HFC intervened in the home living arrangements for one (or more?) of those laying accusations. I understand that football clubs routinely advise (or require) certain living arrangements and have role dedicated to developing players off-field, even today... I'm waiting to understand the context, and if there was a lack of cultural sensitivity that meant indigenous players as a group weren't treated appropriately. Or whether it was one individual circumstances not treated appropriately. Or another explanation... Time may tell? (Or may not)
  12. I think these two takes are a strong potential to be the competing narratives coming out of any further investigation My guess is that any allegations are based in (at least some level of) fact. But context and different individual perspectives aren't yet clear and will be important But I can’t see a situation where context or varied perspectives can explain the accusations of pressuring family planning decisions... If that's in any way true, then those responsible are likely irreparably damaged
  13. Garbage, and you know it I have no idea what happened here, and have stated that above. Neither do most people btw Simply calling out this story doesn’t add fresh allegations, and the story also admits the experiences spoken of should not be compared to those published in the cultural safety review... But written in a way to give the impression she's added to the case against Clarkson You are right, tho, that I don't rate Caro, because of articles like this
  14. Ordinary article by Caro in TheAge Citing Sam Mitchell's book published in 2018, and conversations with non-indigenous player who all said "that their own experiences should not be compared to those published in the cultural safety review" And the majority "stressed that Clarkson saw himself as a father figure at the club who, while at times overstepping the mark in interfering in their personal lives, firmly believed he was prioritising the best interests of his footballers" The most shocking "fresh" allegation is that Mitchell had to hand his phone in with all temates while away and his Mrs was often needing to take on of the babies to hospital - and a few paragraphs later actually note the fact that the phone was given back and an exception made for him... So a non-story with no relevant new information insinuating there is more shocking accusations, just so Caro can get some column inches out the door...
  15. Hawthorn have truly lacked foresight here. They have essentially set up an anonymous public accusation forum, without any view on how any serious accusations may be resolved There is no clear path forward for those aggrieved and/or those accused to have the situations resolved one way or the another What a complete mess
  16. As if the AFL will cede power to an independent body... It's against the fibre of their being
  17. I remember when we all complained about Freo not giving us value for Hogan (pick 6 and 23 less pick 65) We got May Without May, we don't get a Jackson is gone, maximise the outcome and turn it into some gold
  18. He's pretty good on a lead, and one out... But can take a mark, outnumbered, deep in the pocket, with the ball kicked on his head?
  19. HtB every day of the week to Papley, that useless [.] Meredith says no prior...
  20. Exactly The report is of allegations made by third parties, which the reporter can establish were made So the "facts" are those people made those allegations Much of the opinion on here is based on the substance of the allegations - which have now been categorically denied by the accused parties The legal avenue I think more time for responses may have resulted in was injunction to prevent the story going to press, not the reporter being sued
  21. Were any "facts" presented? I'm not sure There were quotes presented, from unnamed sources, who alleged events happened, without much context Don't for a minute think that I doubt the allegations, I simply don't know anything. Just calling out the word "facts"
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