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  1. Yep Accompanied by the shot of Oliver pointing deep into the stands on the sweeping bend The moment I knew we had them covered... (just didn't yet realise by how much) ❤💙🏆
  2. Yep, that was the moment 🏆 Clarry's goal was the sealer, everything else was simply icing on the cake ❤💙
  3. Yep completely agree! And has taught a few how to kick, a weakness of seasons past
  4. The Petracca goal got that Salute The Sparrow goal I was catching my breath Then the Oliver goal received a lap of the house!
  5. Probably been said a few times on here but... One positive from not being able to go to the MCG and watch was being able to watch with the family at home. Unlikely the Mrs would have come despite following Dees, and two boys too young to take to bigger crowd games and unlikely to score GF tks. I was able to enjoy at home an intensely watched game with all of them - a rare event My 5 year old knows all players names by number and recognition on TV. And get this, he has the gall to say just after the final siren "I've waited my whole life for this" 🤣
  6. I [censored] you not... In the 1st Qrt I was sitting off the front of the couch, nervously leaning forward In the 2nd Qrt I sat back in the couch leaned back and enjoyed a beer in a bit more comfort, then thinhs started to get out of hand In the 3rd Qrt I remained sitting back, until the 1st goal, then I noticed what I'd done, so resumed the forward leaning squat at the front of the couch. Brayshaw made a couple of crucial contests, we regained composure, and despite Bont's goal we looked steadier, and I felt more confident. The rest is history .... you're welcome everyone ❤💙
  7. Got home from a walk Turn on replay, 9:31 remaining in the 3rd Qrt... 😊
  8. Immense 3rd Qrt Made good defensive cover on a few Bulldogs I50s early, 9 touches, 3 marks and a goal
  9. He's loved in my house ❤💙 Named my first born Jack!
  10. Christian Salem had 27 touches, 26 of them efficient Talk about sharp
  11. Interestingly, interview with Lyon on Fox... Steven May said he did have scans and physios didn't share results, was worse than let on. I suspected we were keeping up appearances Also, Stef Martin was clearly worst on ground in the Dogs prelim win, and the centre bounce was where we turned the game in the 3rd. A lot of people pointed out he was underdone.
  12. 100pts to 7pts In 29 minutes of grand final football ❤💙 🏆
  13. The bloke never has any insight He spruiks half l, 2nd hand facts as "news"... Waste of space
  14. Channel 7s coverage was great, Then they put Tom Browne on camera...🤦‍♂️
  15. Tracc Brayshaw *3rd qrt immense Oliver Fritsch Gawn Jackson
  16. Keep a lid on it........ !!!! Aaaarrrrggghhhhhg We [censored] that in!!!
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