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  1. Additional: I cannot remember seeing Kossie at the training. I've been known for not observing some when they were out there. Did anyone see any club photo's or media look ins? If I am right, my guess would be some extended leave, possibly at home. (Nothing like some unsubstantiated rumours.)
  2. Yes looking good, bonding well with the team. Showing some confidence and moving well. Turner had the bib on a few times during sims, and because it was 9 v 18 he was mainly chasing and having to play a defensive role, though more up the field around the wings, than deep in the backline. Had a feeling he is not the next for a call up. I think they are looking closely at Fullarton.
  3. Saw the DeLorean beam in and out of Code footy on their Facebook post. @Demonland is entertaining himself again. Can we trust him to take it a week at a time @Whispering_Jack? I didn't even know I became the ride along, @Bitter but optimistic could be right.
  4. Just realised I am a year behind @Demonland Put 2023, instead of 2024 in the title.
  5. Laurie was doing plenty of structured positioning in the stoppages during sims.
  6. Oliver after laps, he did some sprints, and more laps. Ended up on his haunches, gathering wind, a trainer comes over and they do a slap handshake. He finishes by picking up the equipment with the crew. It is nearly all packed up, except Salem still running laps. Had a chat to to one of the crew, reckons McVee is fine, just light duties, and they have a main session Sunday out at Casey. Salem and Oliver walk off together.
  7. They are out for a run just as it starts raining. It didn't last long, ended up a reasonable session weather wise. Light duties, BBB, rehab Farris-White, Melky, Salem and Spargo, all with private trainers. They are all playing soccer, huge amount of noise. 36-40 (difficult to get a count) in the main squad, biggest I've seen it in ages. Choco is barking out the orders. Goody has intense body language as he observes. Bowey in a lime green cap, and in the sims. Oliver is ball handling, required some re-taping after the first drill. McVee, McAdam, and AMW step away from the main squad, and are now with the trainers (light duries, goal kicking and easy laps). Melky joins the main squad. They are now into full field drills. Precise kicking, hard calls, drive the ball through the centre, and run. They rotate through the whole area, goal to goal, and both wings. Structured sims now. 9 against 18. Woey in the backline. Sims finish, and McVee, McAdam, AMW, join the group again. Salem, Spargo do easy, repetitive 200 metres runs. McQualter has them in the middle, chatting away, Chaplin then does some demonstrations. May and Goody chip in. They appear to be getting into the nitty gritty. They break, some continue talking, some off to kick goals (16 of them), others leave the field, the low ball getters as well (Laurie, Vines, River, Howes, Sestan, Woey, Hore). Goody one on one talk with Langdon. Choco with the goal kickers, mainly Fullaton. Then Tracc goes over for some tips but Choco stays with Tom. Oliver on the boundary by himself, sprinting. Now hard running laps. Choco now with Sparrow for some 45 metre goal kicking. Last out there is Petty and over walks Choco to help with his goal style kicking. Takes them from all the angles. Hits most of them. Just noticed Viney, still working with a trainer, as well as Melky and Salem. Oliver still lapping.
  8. I've noticed many tacklers show a duty of care and nurse the player to the turf. Motorbike continues with aggression all the way through his tackle against Lever, and the AFL call him the "good guy". If they are going to go with "good guy" adjudications, then they need stats for positive duty of care actions. These stats could reduce fines and occasionally suspensions. The effect would be that sporting actions may save them money.and so incentivise care to the opponent.
  9. I've noticed that Farris-White is getting better at marking the high ball when playing behind the ball in the training sims. Taken a few grabs which at the time surprised me (clean, confident and at the highest point). Good hands make a big difference for a big man, though still has to get to the competitive position and create more consistency.
  10. Looking at the replay of the Lever incident and the rap he is getting, having relaxed his body and bounced his head in the action. Motorbike pins Lever's arms, lifts his legs off the ground, slings his body round so as to get momentum and drives, as his head bounces off the ground. Lever was focused on the faux handball attempt, so he doesn't get freed against. I am amazed by some commentary that Lever, made it easy and exaggerated the look of it. Wow, then Dunkley gets a take on the matter, victim blaming. The Lions are really building the MFC hate towards them.
  11. At least we don't have to guess and insinuate what we all know. The system has proclaimed: "All teams and players are equal, but some are more equal than others." Well done, and like the drug debate, this reflects our wider community.
  12. Bad game, the MCG isn’t the cauldron that it could be. Why don't we have any plans that suit what is happening on the field. Rayner was left to do what he wanted in the first half. Our strategy of turning a game around by jumping on the ball or holding it in a scrum was useless. Where was our outside run. We showed no dare so as to get scoring chains happening. Why did we not put long stops in (too many going to ground). Oliver is not a half-back. The sub has to flexible enough to play various roles. Time to start developing specialist subs. Couldn't create forward marks. Where were our crumbers? Billing turns it over. They shadowed us and our leading was ordinary. Our connection was missing. Ball came out of our forward area too easily. We were playing without any angle on the deliveries. Poor decision making. We seemed to be focused on them and not playing our own game. Some of their precision footy, second efforts, breaking tackles and one percenters killed us. Too often behind the Brisbane players. What a bad second quarter. River stood up, Lever the best if us, Max and ANB tries their hearts out, Tmac is hard to beat, Tracc trying to do it by himself. We have to make each other better, not give them challenges, especially with the young players. Kolt did well for his first, love that he will stand up to the opposition. Bit of a ball magnet early on. It's a long time till we get to make amends.
  13. Beautiful night here. Minimal wind, right temperature for footy, maybe some dampness from this mornings rain, but makes for a nice soft running surface. Go Dee's!
  14. A friend keeps mentioning that as a MCC member they get to watch multiple games each week. There must be some disappointment, the same for AFL members of the MCG. Adelaide, then 1 this week, had a look, 1 game next week (Sat 20th April, Pies v Port ). The Anzac round has plenty Is it some discouragement though. They'll catch up, but gee they miss plenty early in the season!
  15. I can see the resemblance now, of WCW's chook and kolt. Hoping Kolt is hungry enough, cements a spot, and doesn't need to sneak through the window. Puts pressure on Billing to perform.
  16. I like us leading off the round (the wins also help), especially a beauty like this one. One of our rivals fighting to get their season started. Want badly to be a spoiler of them. In particular Dorko, and his need to verbal. Hope we 'verbal' him and them, with a thumping. Trust in the Tracc. Playing good footy, and taking others with him. Gawn is back to marking down the lines. Viney has been a little quiet, but I think this is his type of game. The backline is too smart and cohesive to let them smash us. The tempo and momentum control we have, is the best I have seen it. Our maturity and ability to build over the seasons is great. We have a successful team, on and off the field. I am fully entertained and expect us to fight, the entire game. We are tough to play against, nether alone beat. Go Dee's!
  17. Hasn't rained for a while here in South Yarra. The clouds are looking less threatening, it has cleared, and the area is drying out.
  18. PREMIER.TICKETEK.COM.AU $19 GA Flash Sale They are offering discount priced tickets for your guests and those non-members.
  19. Still intermittent rain here in South Yarra. Forcast indicates that it will clear soon. Hope it's cold enough for the Northern team, so they focus on the freeze, rather than the effort to do the one percenters.
  20. Not Kolt's strong suit. I've noticed his disposals seems to let him down, occasionally. However he hates missing the target and there won't be two in a row. 8 tackles, 18 pressure acts, in and under everything. If support for his team-mates was also a stat, he will be on top for that. Will stand up for himself and his mates. Look out Dorko. His enthusiasm is infectious. His first 10 minutes will be manic. He'll wear himself out and Woey will replace him in the 4th. Go get em Tholstrup.
  21. Around the paddock today were signs indicating that the area had recently been sprayed with 'chemicals'. When, what, where and to what extent was not stated. Just, warning signs at various gates. There were no signs on it Sunday. I hope the MFC was told it was OK to use the field.
  22. He was doing full work with the MFC Casey Squad (no tackling) after the run with the rehabbers, he had some strapping on his left shoulder.
  23. Heard today (10th April), that they were calling Verall, "fish". Anchorman was not far off.
  24. Prefer to call the place by it's indigenous name, Ntaria. You are right, Namatjira clan area.
  25. They are the Ntaria footy club Hermannsburg may be the colonies name. Difference between Narm and Melbourne. I know what place I would call where the people are from. As is written on the uniforms they are wearing, Ntaria.
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