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  1. There are a few who will never be satisfied. If they were at least happy with MFC, then they wouldn't attack me, "barrack for Gold Coast you stange person, with a bad attitude". Still can't believe there are many nasty people in this world and a few on demonland. Should be ashamed of yourselves, almost a disgrace, living the lie behind your pretentious facades.
  2. I thought Brisbane was the better team, so really don't mind them going out. Umpires! was Brisbane ahead on the count with frees for, at the end of the first quarter. They stormed home for the dogs in the end, brutal. When I heard an umpire heckle Johannisen after the siren in the third, i thought they would even up the count in the last. As he was getting into his routine, came the call, kick it over the man on mark. Plenty of Brisbane players went missing at times in that game. The Dogs got belted up, they will be sore and it appears they have some injuries, a few may not get up for next week.
  3. Must have been a "checked out". All systems seemed to have failed, off field and on.
  4. Very bad day in the office. Disgrace, nah, more a bad system to play under.
  5. They do all they can to win, though losing is not a disgrace, no matter how long the losses may go on for.
  6. I don’t care. I enjoy going and watching the contest, with all the drama and build up, that that entails.
  7. 2000 players out of 1.5 million get a chance to achieve at the highest level, 50 win a flag together. The rest of us live vicariously through them. Are you on that mind dulling substance grog?
  8. There are about 1.5 million registered AFL players this year. Suns get a handful of them from a draft of around 200. They haven't lost! Though according to your logic the majority have. I believe joy is much more about participating than winning. Winning is overestimated, the fall from the pedestal can be disastrous. Many never get there, though are content. Can't say the same for the overachievers. Most of our ambition in the world is an illusion, and our place is determined more by the socio-demographics your are born into.
  9. Nah, I value loyalty. I enjoy going to the G on a regular basis. Bit hard on the Suns supporters aren't you? You lot cannot pick and choose who supports MFC. Though it seems you want to. @adonskiand @Cassiew Is the world safer for you when you believe or make the circle you live in, think alike?
  10. I am amazed that some supporters aren't interested in watching a grandfinal that doesn't include MFC or has old enemies playing. You will be missing out on some good theatre. I guess it takes all types.
  11. Nah, I am as reactive to pressure as the next person. I believe we are equal, no better or worse than each other. There for the sake of grace go I.
  12. What! I am a supporter no matter how much you want the MFC to yourself and others like you. I like my attitude and will defend it. I am free, happy and live comfortably. My attitude has been a major part in creating that for myself. I don’t "need" to have high achievements in my life to be happy. See what that demand and expectation is doing to you. Suggesting I shouldn't post, wow!
  13. Of course not. However, you could be a good sportsman and applaud that achievement. In the least, you should be adjusted enough so that it doesn’t cause you grief.
  14. @adonski,you offer a vomit emoji for my opinion. Why so hard on me, because I (or a team I support) don't need to be first
  15. Good if we do win, as it will bring some moments of joy, but losing is not uncomfortable for me, There will be some disappointment, but on a whole this season has already given plenty.
  16. You also want others to think like you. You give no room for some who don’t need to win everything to be satisfied, as shown by your vomit emoji to me.
  17. Many fail, because of the preparation. Habits take alot of time to perfect. Habits lead to addiction and addictions can destroy us, by creating dysfunction and prioritising some behaviours that interfere with things we should be doing. I would also suggest that high flyers have difficulty adjusting once the razzle dazzle subsides. They were driven to attaining one type of thing and forgot to gain wisdom on how to live contently. Prepare yourself to deal with failure.
  18. Why is a view that is different to yours a strange mindset? Why use a condescending manner? Are you upset with me because of the way I think? As I said, seems my outlook has ruffled your feathers. I am not speaking for the club or the players, I am speaking about what gives me satisfaction, Those who want to climb to the top of Mt. Everest can do it and I will applaud them. Whether it is MFC or not. I however, would be grateful just to get to Nepal. I am grateful to see MFC play matches, and enjoy, no matter the outcome. Most ambitious people don't share my view of wanting and accepting the average. For me average is a great place to be. Maintenance is more valuable to me than achievements. So long as I have a cosy place to sleep, and food, then I am pretty satisfied. Many in this world don't have that every day. I am grateful for the small things. The world beaters, have all their priorities askew, and I believe have really stuffed "it" up, in their quest to outdo each other. From the politics of gender, class and race, to our environment, to the structure and use of commodities, capital and power. There is no room for many to enjoy this sacred thing, life. As the many are repulsed by the competitive, uncompassionate, hedonistic winner take all approach to being, creating a world of far too much suffering. Not satisfied unless we win more! How oblivious to the real world can you be! By the way, how do you know the mindset of the AFL players? You can win and play for fun at the same time, it is a game.
  19. Gee I really ruffle your feathers @faultydet, you offer a vomit emoji to me because I don’t see winning as the prime object in sport or in life. My ideology is play fair and share, enjoy the challenge and compete with gusto. Winning, nah, usually can't even be bothered keeping score when I play. The word play as I like it defined: "engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose." Wow, caught up in the illusion of needing to be at the pinnacle so as to be satisfied! If that is the attitude of an adult, would much rather be seen as having a teenagers mind set.
  20. Those wanting a powerhouse of a club deminish my support of a middle of the road one, over the past 50 years. I have learnt that my joy should not be determined by winning (unlike some on this thread), but by my participation as a supporter, riding the waves and watching our beautiful game as a whole. Aussie rules, in it together, from local and upwards.
  21. I am taking a selfish approach. I am happy with our season. It has given me joy. Who knows about tomorrow, maybe, maybe not. That speculation will not destroy my satisfaction in this moment. I have enjoyed the ride so far.
  22. I'm happy and grateful. @faultydet, you need too much. A flag probably isn’t enough for you. Enjoy the moments we have.
  23. The season has given me plenty already. Two more wins, great. Happy with small mercies, and accepting of failing to clear the last hurdles. Best year, so-far that I have experienced. The run of wins, being on top of ladder, winning the big games, our not give up style, players reaching their potential and exceeding it, plenty of media attention and MFC giving time to social networking through the internet. Go Dees.
  24. I was watching training at the time when Watts was singled out as not training well. I couldn't see it. He appeared to be the best kick and was instrumental in setting up plays during simulations. My guess, something off field or behind closed doors affected his standing at the club.
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