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  1. There have always been defenders who are interceptors. Hardeman comes to mind. Goody forced the oppo to play into the interceptors hand, by the zone, the structure and role playing. Hold it in the forward 50, fill the middle corridor, force them to kick down the line, wrangle them to neutral areas, pressure the ball carrier to get a long bomb, have the wings run, create team buy in and have them so well coordinated that they can call on each other to swap roles and 'pass the baton' as the zone moves.
  2. It's a good chance that is what happened. Goalie just took some time to get the Umps attention, in order to ask for a review. Still, tough place to restart the game for the defenders (at the top of goal square). Take it out to top of the 50 arc.
  3. After a win am I looking at our list with rose coloured glasses on and thinking that we have plenty of upside from those not selected. Looks like we will bat deep this season, via the developmental possibilities, and those returning from injuries. Petty, Melksham, Hunter, McAdams, Bowey, AMW, K.Brown, Tholstrup, Jed Adams, Verrall, Fullarton, Spargo, Laurie, Tomlinson, Schache, Turner, Sestan Farris-White, Jefferson. What are your thoughts on those outside the 22 and given Goody likes a stable team will they get a go?
  4. The strange one was when a review was called when the ball was still in play. TMac was over the ball and got collected in the back of his head, as a review was called for a point, but the ball didn't cross the line. They then balled it up at the top of the goal square. Such an advantage to the attacking team, as they set for the stoppage and set to hold the ball in the area. Just pressures the defensive side. A really unbalanced call. AFL need to let it play until a stoppage occurs and then call the review, though that is also fraught with problems. Maybe review as the play continues..
  5. Thought we played the moments very well. Controlled the game, though they missed some set shots that gave us back the momentum. The backs structure forced them to the wings where they got lost. We worked hard for each other, something about being selfless helps get and keep the vibe. Regularly backing up if mistakes made or were beaten. The first half had us with a functional forward line, marks taken and the Western got confused and guessing about how to play us in the second half. Quality game that the Western had trouble running out, by the end they were a step behind and had to chase us. Some great fighting for the ball occurred. We took our opportunities better then them. Loved that we were looking for fast ball movement down the corridors. Still some improvement, fumbley, body work when contesting the mark, tackling without touching the opposition's head. Well done Dees, a good win.
  6. Pressure is on, don't want a zero and two start. Time to put a difficult preseason behind them. Those basic errors from last week (the fumbles and missing targets), and the lack of ability to adjust the strategy within the game, have to be fixed. Stay in the game Dees, or time to slam and make the statement, we are contenders again. Really hoping our forward line woes are fixed. We should be better for having a hit out, against a team coming in fresh. Go Dees!
  7. Going about it well, head down, keeping a low profile, doing the team stuff. Certainly not as animated as previous years.
  8. Did anyone notice ANB? @Dee Zephyr I cannot remember seeing him.
  9. Max had some strapping on his lower left calf. Moving well and involved in everything. Tholstrup and Viney cannot stop tackling each other. Melky finished his session, tackling the bag, then attacks a ball put in by a trainer (plenty of intensity).
  10. There was a mob of the players wives and kids on the sidelines. They were really happy about TMac (dad of three), he ended his session rolling around with his kids.
  11. Kossie was forward and on song, looking very good, and extremely focused.
  12. TMac definitely with the backs. Max also doing plenty of work with the backs. Salem with the mids. Howes and Rivers did some stoppage work high on the wings. Chandler was kicking well at goals. McQualter taking most of the structural sims. Goody taking the stoppages. Looks like they are looking for quick plays down the corridors, by hitting the inside players, short, middle or wide. Hore looked nervous at the start of the drills. Woey seems to have slimmed down since the start of the preseason, moving well.
  13. Strange isn't it. Not sure what is going on! When Choco called for forwards to have some goal kicking, BBB went behind the goals to kick the ball out to them.
  14. Gus is greeting the squad with applause and cheers from them. He is wearing the coaches colours. Looks like they have appointed him in an off field role.
  15. Verrall last session at Gosch's, looked like he may do a full training, though started with a test in rehab which he didn't pass. Was working on his hip, and stayed with rehab.
  16. Rehab is out early. A beautiful Saturday morning, though plenty of dew on the paddock Verrall doing hard sprints along the boundary. McAdam individual program and has started, ball work, change of direction drills, and easy kicking and handball. Melky, carrying weights as he changes direction. Hunter continues his running program. Melky has joined him for some runs through the middle. Hunter is struggling to keep up with him (will need a block of conditioning). Captain's run cannot be far off.
  17. One of the most composed kick at training, often hitting with perfection (Hore). Although under minimal pressure. Was on target right from the start of his preseason. He appeared determined to break into the AFL again. Well done Marty.
  18. Play Tomlinson as a forward at VFL level, especially since he can't hold down a place in the backs. If he kicks a few bring him in as a centre half-forward.
  19. If they wanted more noise from supporters, then in a match that matters the most, why are there so few tickets allocated to the teams members? More tickets to members should be allocated for the Grand Final.
  20. No, no, they come from the school of hate. If AFL went down this road, then the extreme become 'holigans'. Fights before games, fights after games, segregated viewing areas. All so as to make us one eyed, tribal and internal protectionist. Hate v hate cannot lead to good experiences and behaviours. Shame that they don't encourage us to support the AFL in general. We have a unique game and I reckon support should be shown for any display of excellence/endeavor/courage even loyalty by any of the players out there. Not necessarily your club, which smells of nepotism and narcissism. That is not to say, don't choose allegiance, but that is not the big picture only an emotional one. If they want more support, stop selling GA tickets in the bleachers. Distribute us around the stadium and bring the public closer to the action. Have the expensive seating cheaper, do more marketing and get us happier about attending. Sell less expensive food. Give families huge discounts every week. Easy to out number the big clubs. Do it by encouragement, PR, price and quality of seats. Wouldn't it be great if the poorest of us had the same game day experience as the wealthy or the discerning. That would be something to cheer about. How often do cheers/chants come out of the corporate? The gravy train could lead by example, instead of telling the people how to enjoy the game. Ever had to put up with abuse from opps because you barrack to loud? Ruins the day, and until we respect all through being in the one AFL camp there will be hate. Never be like the Woodens!
  21. Verrall not listed on the injury list. Not in full training Monday, must be just a little soreness. Also no mention of Spargo, must be managing his calf/achilles.
  22. Goody and McQualter doing lots of talking at training. Tomlinson playing good footy. Windsor straight into the side and holding his spot. Howes can play. Other 1st years and young ones pushing for selection. Lever and May still strong. Salem showing good signs as a mid. Fritsch keeps on rolling. Viney still getting better. New ruck rules should help Max. Petty nearly ready. Clarry has more upside. ANB again under the radar. We are due a win, time for the G to be a fortress, go Dees.
  23. Sorry hitchhiker didn't pick up the notification. Billings definitely haven’t and Woey no. I've seen them work as defensive wings, but that is doing the rail running, and getting into the defensive zone structure. I reckon Woey would be better at it then Billings, as he is a bit more reserved, whereas Billings is a natural attacker. The next open training is the captain's run, that will give us a much better idea of where the selected will play. Saturday 16 March 9:45am onwards
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