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  1. It would, but if anybody’s gonna get an unexpected call I reckon it will be Hunt.
  2. Watching the prelim for the 5th time. May has just come off with a hamstring concern… I am absolutely [censored] myself about next week (the two are unrelated - I know Maysie’s good to go). Man. Two weeks is a long time to make any supporter sweat. But a Melbourne supporter?
  3. Picture of a smiling Stephen May out on the track, just posted on Demons social media. No way he’d be out there if there was any genuine concern. Great, great stuff!
  4. I only know three Dogs supporters and one of them is Bob Murphy. Annoyingly, he’s a very lovely chap who makes it difficult to dislike his mob.
  5. Anybody just see that power fan giving Dixon the middle finger on the boundary? Absolutely horrible.
  6. Just noticed that as soon as May was subbed off the trainers immediately began working his lower back area. Perhaps this bodes well.
  7. Thanks for this insightful comment. I’m curious as to whether the risk of a re-tear (should it reveal itself as one) is a risk that May and the club will take.
  8. Can I nominate myself for tenth-in-line medi-sub?
  9. This is, and other bangers of it's nature, are all I'll be listening to in the lead up to the 25th.
  10. Agree with this. That's the only change.
  11. Majak Daw in a fairytale story? In a like-for-like scenario, if Joel Smith is unfit, that's a possiblity right? Don't get me wrong, I'm not pushing for that line-up in a GF, but who is the replacement in the hopefully-unlikely scenario that neither player is available? I'm so drunk. Took me ages to type that.
  12. Oh yeah, and to much effect. Taggers not normally that much of a hinderance though.
  13. 1. Gawn 2. Trac 3. Salem 4. Langdon 5. Spargo 6. Lever
  14. This is the first round for a while where I haven't seen Clarry automatically embedded in the top six. And fair enough. He was not in his usual (high quality) form tonight. And we still absolutely monstered them. What a good, good sign.
  15. Did anybody get banished to the seconds on the Game Day thread?
  16. Folks, I won’t be attending the game day thread after this, but I just wanted to say thanks for the company, the laughs and the general ride this year. No matter what happens, be proud of our boys. They’ve worked their guts out this year, and given us something to believe in.
  17. I’m not going to going to lie. I’m an instant nervous [censored] wreck whenever I think about the next two weeks.
  18. You and me both. It’s the field I work in. Or as many of us now put it, worked in.
  19. What I meant by that is that there is no "Wisdom Class" at school/training. Wisdom can only be gained through a combination of experience, awareness and knowledge.
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