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  1. On 10/7/2016 at 10:05 PM, mauriesy said:

    Am I the only one who thinks the idea of a "rest" at Casey is somewhat of a slight on that team?

    Top of the ladder, needing to keep up the wins, the last thing Casey needs is players just turning up for a "rest".

    From what I understand, Casey had a bye when we played the Dockers, so you don't get much better rest than that.  i.e. no slight intended.

    Despite the bye factor, VFL is still a fair step down from AFL intensity and even had they played,bringing in players from that level should still be fresher, particularly since the MFC would probably also make the call on Casey to manage gametime for any likely AFL inclusions.

  2. I saw most of the same pros and cons in his game last night that many on this forum did.  I think the real indicator of where he goes after this year will only be evident after he has strung together two, three or more games back at AFL level.  Perhaps some who get the benefit of watching Casey play have a better insight into that, but I think it is pretty hard to otherwise.

    Many players need one or two games back at the highest level to build confidence and adjust to the faster pace of the game (Patraca being a prime, somewhat exadurated example), I will be  keenly watching over the next few weeks to see if Jack can tidy up some of his disposal and do some better things with the ball.  Thought that some of his recovery, second and third efforts were great and would have please Roos and Co no doubt.

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  3. On 5/7/2016 at 6:36 PM, old dee said:

    Thanks for that KC and as you say the VFL as a support comp for the AFL is in my view a disaster. The problems with the draw is way below what the competition should get.

    Come on AFL ( they control things ) you are responsible get it improved.

    Agree with everything stated above.

    I can not for the life of me see what would be wrong with bringing back a proper reserves team for every AFL listed club (make it national).  Would even up the gap between the rich an poor clubs and give supporters the best opportunity to watch up and coming talent on their clubs list.

    With all the from the AFLPA about how the players should be getting a bigger slice of the new trillions, I can not understand why it would not be affordable.

  4. Stoked with this news.

    Let's hope that we see a return to his best form in the next few weeks.  I think he has been a bit off his A game of late; perhaps the contract talks were a distraction.

    Big job to do this week on his old mate Eddy.

  5. 7 hours ago, nrc73 said:

    Yes a good game against Adelaide, but was lucky to stay in the team for much the rest of the year. Clearly Wagner & co are much better options.

    There would be 1 very good reason to play Grimes before the end of the year - to bolster his tradeability at year's end.

    Have defiantly been impressed with Wagner this year, but clearly Grimes is a better option this week!

    On my off the cuff account, we have had a pretty charmed year injury wise this year.  All teams need depth and if we could retain Grimes on a modest contract, could he be worth retaining on that basis?  Granted he would be taking a list spot with which we could be developing another player.  Glad the club has been fairly good at the whole list management game over the last few years.

    Guess we will all see soon enough.

  6. 19 hours ago, Vogon Poetry said:

    Tex was a scholarship player and tied to Adelaide.  We couldn't have got him.

    Not that Tex has fully delivered on what he has shown in glimpses, but you would hope that the Crows are not amongst those  opposing the northern academies.  Would be a tad hypocritical.  Or were the schoolarships a concession to compensate for the lack of father-son opportunities for the Crows?

  7. 13 hours ago, mdemon said:

    If/when any of injuries/illness/circumstances give Jack an opening, fantastic.

    If, however, none of those have occurred by Round 20, select him for the following 2 weeks so he has the chance to say "farewell" (and his many fans have the opportunity to say "thanks"),  in Round 22 against Carlscum at the 'G' with 100 games to his name.

    By that stage, the likes of Wagner, Hunt, Harmes et al, will probably be well and true due for an extended rest and the prospect of finals will have disappeared over the horizon.

    Like most clubs, Melbourne needs to recognize and congratulate players who have (in every sense of the words) been 'loyal servants of the Club'.

    Personally, I thinknJack deserves more than sinply 2 farewell games, I think he really deserves the chance to play in the next couple so he can have a chance to play the back part of the season and prove if he still has worth at the elite level.

    IMHO Grimes is better than others who have been given games this year such as Mitchie, who has never played a game that locks like he could make it.  Conversely, I seem to recall Grimes playing games where he was among the BOG (our underdog win against Adelaide a few years back would be one that comes to mind).  He may not be in our best players skill wise, but I think he could still play a role.  I actually thought that he should have played against Sydney, in place of somoeone like Stretch to get another mature stronger body around the contest.

  8. Though I was disappointed to see us loose Howe (clearly quality player ability wise), I think we have come out in front from last years trade period, when you consider the gains of Kennedy, Bugg, the ellivation in picks that got us Wied/Clarry and we are yet to see what Jake can do for us next year.

    The outcomes thus far of Howe's practical defection might also serve as an example to other Melbourne players in a similar position.  

    However, overall I'm not completely in favor of the present free agency set-up.  Some have said that the compensation picks should go, however I really think they need to stay.  What I most dislike about FA is that the recruiting club gets a free shot at getting to recruit talent without having to give up anything in return, which heavily favours the already powerful clubs like Hawthorn.  It would still be free agency if the recruiting club had to give up a draft pick of approximate/equivalent value, as the players original club does not have to agree to the player leaving.

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  9. 23 hours ago, Tony Tea said:

    Howie got his wish to spend more time in the Melbourne forward line.

    And probably saw more goals kicked in it than when he was there!!

    Not sure he'd fit into our forward line these days? 


  10. I know one shouldn't gloat, but today's game highlighted a few trades that might be regreted (from different perspectives):

    1. J. Howe to Collingwood - go suffer Jezza (don't care where).  We'll keep Kennedy thanks very much;

    2.  A. Trelor to Collingwood - all of a sudden Sydney doesn't look like such a bad place to be;

    3.  C.Silva for B.Vince - best trade ever.

    Let this serve as a reminder!

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  11. Not so sure of all the talk of Viney being an almost certain inclusion.  If his injury is only 75% healed, personaly I'd almost rather he missed another week or two than play out the season carrying a niggle which didn't properly heal and his form and devlopment suffer as a result.

    I'm sure that the club medicos are on top of it and will make the right call, just saying having him for this game doesn't mean as much as having him full fit for the rest of the season and I think the teams depth is at a point where the longer term perspective is more paramount.

  12. 2 hours ago, DemonLad5 said:


    IC: Oliver - Bugg - Trengove - Grimes

    If Viney doesn't get up, put Oliver in the middle and Kent comes onto the extended bench

    Interesting that you have Grimes in your side, when many of the punters on this forum have written him off.  What's your rationale there?

    Personally I thought Kent had a good physical presence last week, did a few other good things and I'd still have him in my side, though Harmes was no better than Kennedy got dropped for the week before and so I think he'd be the similar sized/type player to make way for Grimes.

  13. 17 hours ago, Moonshadow said:

    Very nervous interviewer. Jeez they are soooooo young. Liked how he talked about the unity within the backline and that there is considerable backline experience at the club even though he, Wags and Hunt are all inexperienced. I think he'll continue to improve and be a long termer.

    Nervous yes, but seemed to have a pretty screwed on, down to earth and in for hard work kind of attitude about him, that kind of attitude could take him far.  I know that most AFL recruits these days seem to talk the coaching propaganda babble, but I thought he came across as pretty genuine.  Watching him play, I think he certainly puts in effort.

    Melbourne has recruited and reaped the just reward for it's fair share of talented show ponies in the recent past, so to me, there is something encouraging about where this guy is coming from.  Will be interesting to see how he goes in a few years time if he can develop Tommy's kind of strength and endurance.

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  14. Any thoughts on key back line match ups?  It's really the Hawks smalls we need to worry about more than their talls.

    I recon Hunt could be the guy to curtail Rioli as he should have the pace and agility to go with him. I'd be a bit concerned that he doesn't have experience, though playing on one of the guns of the comp could also be a good learning experience for Hunt.

    Jetta to play in their other very dangerous small forward Poppy.

  15. 34 minutes ago, stuie said:

    Hasn't been terrible, but Michie, ANB, Newton etc haven't been any worse and they got less of a chance.


    True, but we don't have such an abundance of tall backs.  It could be argued that Dunn or even Peddo could fill in down back, but I'm not sure their leg speed is up to it these days.  I hate to say it and I hope I'm wrong, but Lynden looked past AFL standard in his appearances this season.

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  16. As one who started attending the footy inin earnest as a 9 yo in 86, amoungst my most favourably remembered wins are last Rd 87 Vs Footscray at the 'Western Oval' and 88 Prelim Vs Carlton 88.

    My memories of the Carlton game pretty much only amount to the celrbrations after the siren, after which it was almost as if we had won the GF to many of the battle hardened supporter of old around me.  I fairly clearly remember the words "And what's even better is that it's against Carlton!!" being said around me more than once.  Whilst some have played down this latter statement, in retrospect it should be remembered that 1. Carlton were the last years premier's and 2. We had also come within a whisker of beating the Hawks in a premlim the year before and most importantly 3. They were 'F***ing Carlton'.


    Still the glory days in my time were early/mid 90s.  Just needed a bit more of a harder edge leadership/coaching wise to get us to a double chance ladder position and we would have broken the drought then and there.

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  17. 57 minutes ago, AdamFarr said:

    Yeah, I'm not sure if ANB will make it, but he's certainly got time on his side, unlike Newton and Michie who are done now.

    Michie: yes - done.  Doesn't do anything for me defensively or offensively.  Probably a waste of a rookie list spot, although may do something for team morale to give a guy willing to put in effort a go.  Good VFL player but like doggie boy, can't see him making it.

    Newton:  could still come good/prove worth.  Finds the ball in dangerous spots and generally makes the most of his opertunities - kicks goals!! (Reliably under pressure).  If we can keep him for nothing (which you'd think we could given he's in his second club he can't get a regular gig for), then worth persevering with.

  18. 31 minutes ago, Maldonboy38 said:

    It is called an opinion. My glasses are new and very clear. Maybe you need to stop looking at everything through the eyes of Eeyore. 

    And as for Nathan Jones,, we all love him, but his first two seasons did nothing to show what he would become. 

    I remember watching Jonesy in his first couple of years at the club and cringing every time he got the footy like I do a few of our current potential up and commers.  Hope they can all turn into Chunks!!

  19. 39 minutes ago, Ethan Tremblay said:

    So you're asking if we think you should bet? If you can afford to lose $50 go for it.


    Frirstly, whilst I hardly consider myself a blue blood who can throw money around like confetti, the obvious point is don't bet what you can't afford to loose.

    But if I can elaborate further, I'm not sure that I'd be backing us as hard against the Swans or GWS right at the moment, but right now Hawthorn are 'gettable' and we could be competitive against them.  If you  also consider that the team we put on the park this week is probably better than last week, then I think we are in with a much better chancr than the current conventional thinking suggests.

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  20. Slight change of toppic from all the Oscar bashing/selection bemoaning...

     I'm not much of a punter and don't really want to be seen to encouraging gambling, but IMHO the $5 being offered for a Melbourne win this week is pretty darn good based on respective form to date and I'm very tempted to put $50 on us.

    I know recient past record against would suggest I'm a fool, but Hawthorn weren't all that good against the lions and neither have we been the past two, so I think it will come down to who wants it more.  I'm happy that we've selected a team of goers and we are about due for another breakthrough game like Geelong last year.


    Any thoughts?

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  21. 2 hours ago, Bonkers said:

    Harmes could develop into an A grader if he cleans up his disposal & can continue to grow his tank. He is pretty hard at it, can take a mark over head & kick a goal, win his own ball & run to receive on the outside, these are all pretty damaging attributes from a match up perspective. If he can get himself to a level where he runs through the midfield more & is more precise with his disposal he would be a pretty good player.

    I actually think Harmes is one of our better disposers of the footy.  Seen him hit big Jessy and others with beautiful passes which hit them laces out a number of times this year.  I think the thing is he needs to get better at doing it consistently (like many of our young players), but to me he has shown he has a good basic foot skills as something to work with... not sure that all of our players have that.

    Also one thing we need to be mindful of with the likes of Harmes, ANB, Billy, Gus, Trac and the like is that they are still only 1st to 2nd/3rd year players at best.  In years gone by, these guys wouldn't even be getting games at Hawthorn or the Swans and not all players develop at the same rate, so way too early to put too much judgement into their ultimate potential at this point.

    Also worth noting that whilst the trend has been for players of all positions to have mid fielder type athletic ability, there is still room for players with good football ability to play a role (I.e. Nev Jetta).  Whist all teams strive to fill their lists with A grade midfields, that is not to say that every player on their list is an A grader.  The good teams also value solid, disiplined no frills players who can use their abilities to 'play a role' for the team.  That all said, I think we have several talented young guys that should hopefully develop into A graders.

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  22. 15 minutes ago, Wiseblood said:

    I think we've generally been pretty good in our list management in terms of who we let go.  How many have we delisted or traded that have kicked on after us?  And I mean properly kicked on.  Petterd, Sylvia, Gysberts, Maric, Rivers?  Nope.  Howe has played okay in the last 2 games and Chip has been solid for the Hawks, but I'll back the club in to make the right decision.  If they feel that trading him nets us a pick that will help us get another player we need, then I say go for it.

    I do agree, though, that I think there is something to work with going forward.  I'd like to see him given another chance before the season is out so we can see what he can do.

    The main one we have let slip (and I can understand some of the reasoning) was big Steff Martin and to a small degree Cheeny.

    While in some respects I'd like to see him do well, I also hope that Fitzy isn't another who could yet burn us given the opportunity and if he can get his body right.

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