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  1. 28 minutes ago, beelzebub said:

    He's a really good vfl player Pet. Nothing more nothing less.

    His window at Dees is closing.

    Yes, but if Gawn gets an injury, I think Pencil is the most likely back-up we have on hand at the moment - I don't think Dawes, Peddo or Watts could ever ruck out whole games.

  2. 1 hour ago, Satyriconhome said:

    Our mostly stagnant ball movement in the last two games does Garlett no favours whatsoever, he creates space which is then blocked up when we have slow entries into the 50, he is at his best when we get it to him out in the open or crumbing off decent entries into the tall forwards

    I think your right.  Jeffy looked like our most dangerous forward any many games earlier in the year when we achieved fast ball movement and played a very open forward line - that sling shot ball movement where he can exploit his pace suits him to a tea.

    I've also noticed that since the St Kilda game (at least) we have become much more defensive.  Particularly our score (not sure about the oppositions) the last two weeks have been well down on our average this season.  I'm thinking that there has been a correction/balance that the coaches/players have tried to implement that may have overshot the mark a bit.  This is perhaps when the much need maturity in the side will come to the fore, in good time and we will be able to acheive this within games, rather than a week to week basis.

    As for Jeff, he probably needs to learn to develop a few more strings to his bow - you don't see players like Cyril out of the game because their sides not playing the way that best suits them - they find a way to stamp themselves on the game and change it's direction.  In this respect, I wish that the brains trust would give Gartlett a license to through himself into the middle of the ground from time to time like he did last season, which could be quite useful.

  3. 1 hour ago, Nasher said:

    Or Pedersen's (despite being emergency).  Ballsy call I reckon to pick Weideman over both.  We already knew they were both warming the spot for the Weid or Hulett, but this suggests it could happen sooner than we all thought.

    Really happy with the changes.  I'm oddly excited for a game we have zero chance of winning.

    I've noticed a fair pattern of the debutants getting announced ahead of selection all year - probably quite a good policy really when you think about it.  I think it also makes sence to get Weeds debut game out of the way before we play in a few winnable games he could be a part of and build confidence from.

    Really do think and hope that Peddo is in over Jessy this week.  Mostly on the basis that it doesn't make sense to smash a lame Hogan in a game we are outright underdogs and also thay Peddo will certainly give a good presence to take the heat off Weed.  Also give Peddo a chance to make a meaningful contributions and build some form.  I think there are actually some players that play to the level of the game they are playing in and Peddison is one of them.

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  4. 7 hours ago, Clint Bizkit said:

    I had honestly forgotten about Newton until I saw him in the Casey game last week. As I said in that thread, he is the type of player that we need (outside player with decent skills), just need him to put it all together.


    8 hours ago, DeeSpencer said:

    Those numbers seem fine for the role played. Viv mopped up across half back. If he played on ball he would've had 15 contested touches, he's as good as any VFL midfielder at that role. Newton's pretty solid at the contest as well, and would've played wing and half back as well. I watched a bit of the replay at Coburg did ok at contested footy, they have a few solid body VFL types. It was the weight of numbers and overwhelming possessions that really undid them.

    I agree with the points underlined above.  However,  Mitchie is an absolute spud at AFL level.  How Mitchie seems to get games ahead of Grimes astounds me.

    Newton could be worth preserving with.  At AFL level he positions himself in good positions, finishes well and  has a good knack of bobbing up and kicking valuable goals (somethings we could have done with in the last couple of games). 

    Though they don't always provide the complete picture, Champion Data points are a reasonable gauge of a players value in a game - they certainly tell a true story for the above players as far as I'm concerned.

  5. 1 hour ago, Rodney (Balls) Grinter said:

    Before seening your post, I suggested that we should play Spencer for Dawes against Hawthorn for these reasons.  I also don't think it's good for Max's longevity for him to [censored] himself every week, usually against two opposition talls/rucks.

    Gee the moderators are being a bit touchy today!


    1. 1.
      beat (someone) with a whip or stick as a punishment.
      "the men had been flogged and branded on the forehead"
      synonyms: whipscourgeflagellatelashbirch,switchtanstrapbeltcanethrash,beatleathertan/whip someone's hide, give someone a hiding, beat the living daylights out of
      "the Romans used to [censored] their victims"
    2. 2.
      sell or offer for sale.
      "he made a fortune flogging beads to hippies"
    1. 1.
      an arduous climb or struggle.
      "a long [censored] up the mountainside"
       I would certainly not use the word in the other crude context, regarding our champion, legend and allround top bloke Gawn Dog.
      I know the moderators have an important job to do and apprciate their good work, but it's not communist Russia and please think about the context of the word being used with regards to it's meaning in the English language.
  6. 9 hours ago, Adzman said:

    Would rather try and pluck a skinny 18yo kid in the 3rd or 4th round of the draft and see if they can cut it 3 years later.

    Which is pretty much what we have done the past several drafts with the two Kings and perhaps Hullet to a small extent.

  7. 59 minutes ago, monoccular said:

    Trump or Clinton?

    Our ruck problem is that Spencer is languishing at Casey despite being in pretty consistently  good form and could be justified in seeking greener pastures.......whilst we continue to put games into a tall KPP forward who can't mark, kicks few goals, won't or can't ruck ..... oh but does bring the ball to ground.  

    Before seening your post, I suggested that we should play Spencer for Dawes against Hawthorn for these reasons.  I also don't think it's good for Max's longevity for him to [censored] himself every week, usually against two opposition talls/rucks.

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  8. 9 hours ago, Bombay Airconditioning said:

    The majority of people who are quick to knock Daw are the same people who have gone into bat for Grimes, Garland and Dawes over the years. 


    Yes, but it's one thing to love your own problem children and another altogether to adopt someone else's.

    Of all the recycled players we have recruited recently, pretty much the only ones we have got any value out of were already of established pedigree, with perhaps the only exception being Ben Ken.  I'm sure I'll get hounded down for this, but I'd actually include Chris Dawes in the group of hand me downs that 'has' been useful for us.

  9. 11 hours ago, Mickey said:

    Clarry Choo Choo!!

    The thing I like most about what his numbers showed about his performance, was that in a game where Casey clearly dominated and he could have stood back and collected lots of easy ball (like a few other seguls for us did), he was still in and under winning and effectly distributing the hard ball.  Don't think anything else is in his DNA.

  10. 8 hours ago, mdemon said:

    Given the accepted inevitability regarding the result, is this a good week to decisively 'rest' the younger guys who have started to look a bit fatigued (Hunt, Harmes, Hogan, Wagner, OMac, Brayshaw, Pettacca, Stretch) regardless of current form and replace them with the 'old hands' (Trengove, BKen, Grimes, Michie, Newton, Pedersen, Garland, Dunn) so that they can have one last crack at defeating Goliath?

    Sure, they will predictably fail but then we can replace them with the younger, freshened up, guys to have a red hot go against Port at Adelaide Oval (where, for some inexplicable reason, we seem to go OK).

    I like some your thinking, but don't think we can go quite so wholesale on those you are proposing to leave out, as we should still be trying to win this game.  Still need to select on form, fittness and team ballance.  We need Hunt too much for his line breaking ability and Harmes is exactly the sort of player we need against Hawthorn (did you see his effort running back against the flight in the second quarter last week?).  Wagner's form has been well down over the past month at least I recon and he'd be one I would look to relegate.

    Do rest Hogan (no point in flogging him injured) and bring in one of Pedison or Dunn (does No.14 proud) to play as a human wrecking ball at full forward.  I'd also consider playing Spencer to play CHF changing in the ruck to give big Max a bit more of a break (if anyone needs a rest it's him) and he's genuinely dangerous up forward as can be Spencer at times.  Dawes could be chopped, or if he's not, he at least needs to find some moungrle - has been playing like a proverbial 'big girl' for someone of his physical stature (no slight on or women's team intended).

    I've already mentioned Grimes and Clarry as ins previous posts, but Ben Ken is another angry little man I think we should seriously consider.  Gus and Track must remain in the side.  I'd use Gus to tag team with Bernie and hassle the crap out of Hodge all day.  Garlett is another one that could be in the firing line based on form, though I'd still have some reluctantance in dropping him.

    Beyond all that, I think the side in general should be given the instruction to be hard, physical, hunt and hurt Hawthorn.  For a side that's pushed us and many others around over the years, they really didn't like it when we gave them a bit of niggle in our first game against them this year.  Ture Demons supporter should show up and be vocal too, showing the likes of J.Dunstall that we are not all snow bunny yuppies!!

  11. If there was one thing about last week's agonising win, was that we didn't lack effort and intensity.  We just made a lot of stupid decisions and skill errors with the ball, a lack of confidence from successive losses perhaps?

    I'm hoping that if we can cut that crap out of our game, then perhaps we can put in a competitive effort and then, you never know.  I don't have as much confidence in beating Hawthorn this time as I did earlier in the season, but would love to be surprised.

    Wonder if it could be worth playing Jack Grimes in a negating role on Mitchell?  I do think we need a few bigger battle hardened bodies and some desperation against this mob.

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  12. 23 minutes ago, godees said:

    Geelong didn't take Danger as a FA as he was a restricted free agent and Adelaide would have matched the deal and forced them to trade anyway (to get a better deal than one 1st round draft pick as compensation)

    OK, thanks.  Forgot he was restricted.

    I do recall Danger wasn't just chasing big bucks that Adelaide couldn't have matched, so that one makes more sense now.

  13. 5 hours ago, AdamFphlebeb said:

    As much as I agree with you, that won't wash with the AFL, who want a strong and viable Druggie outfit in 2017-2018. If they get pillaged this off season, the AFL will step in and give them first rounders. You watch. And I hope Triple Chins and the rest of the competition are up in arms about it. 

    I'd love to see Essendon get pillaged this off season.

    I'm surprised no club has pushed the breach of contact line harder yet. Similarly, why Geelong didn't simply take Dangerfield as a FA.  Guessing that these clubs still want to retain some relationship credits for any future trades, but I do wonder if that is really worth it when they could get more immediate returns by playing hard ball.

  14. On 1/8/2016 at 10:09 PM, Deestroy All said:

    Absolutely love him. 

    Me and my mate joke about how he's never made a mistake. He's so clean. Kicked it out on the full yesterday, that could be one mistake, but I'm going to blame whoever he was kicking to for not being able to jump high enough. 


    Exactly the the sort of player we need to, so his development is coming along nicely. Will be another big improver after a good preseason. 

    Big Billy fan also, but Re your point on mistakes, might I remind you that he also missed that challenging, but quite gettable goal against North earlier this season.

    Not that I pin that loss on Billy at all and generally speaking, I agree that if there was someone from our side that I wanted to kick that clutch goal from a set shot, I'd be most comfortable with it being in the hands of Jack Watts, Christian Salem or Billy.  From a set shot Billy is exclent, soaks up the pressure and calmly slots it through as cool as a cucumber.

  15. 2 hours ago, ArtificialWisdom said:

    Thats what I love, he is an outside player, but when its his turn to go hard he goes and not all outside players will do that. He is young and a little inconsistant but he has locked into our 22 and i dont expect to see him come out any time soon.

    I also like his attack on the ball and the man for a player of his size.  I think only thing he lacks to stay in our top 22 on a consistent basis is a mature hardened body.  I've noticed that he tends to string together a few really good games, then seems to tire for a few and loose his impact in games.  Not a criticism of his, as there are often just arn't shortcuts to reach the stage of physical development required at the elite level.

    I liken his progress to that of Jack Viney and look forward to what another solid preseason might bring.

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  16. I think Bernie kits a few nails on the head with his comments re umpiring, fowardline wastefulness, disappointment and the attitude our players need to have in his comments on the club web site.


    I also think WC did yesterday what we should have done when we lost the ascendancy Vs St Kildia and thrown more players behind the play, played a tight back line and clog up scoring some more.  Hopefully all this and the issues Bernie raised in terms of lowering the eyes a bit more come with a bit more experience/maturity next year and we walk away winners in these games.

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  17. 59 minutes ago, juzzk1d said:

    I loved watching Wellingham completely spud it up.

    Yes, I did too, but probably not as much as WC supporters enjoyed watching some of the same from our blokes.  I think I recall watching T Mac and Wagner turn over a few crucial kicks trying to switch across or back half which resulted in easy goals for them.

    I like the way both the aforementioned go about their footy, but if we are to be a good team and consistently beat top eight teams, then these kinds of sloppy skill errors are things that all our players need to get out of their games.

  18. Many seem to have written off Lyndon Dunn, but I'm not sure I'd be so quick to lock that in.  

    On the side of the againsts, he didn't seem to me to have the same impact last year as compared to what I think was his best year in 2014, his performances at AFL level in 2016 haven't been particularly convincing and he was pretty poor that last game we played against St Kilda.  Probably the worst thing is that he looks to have slowed.

    On the side of the fors, he has shown his best footy can be pretty good, can be solid in defensively (particularly one on one) and has been capable of beating some of the games premiere forwards.  He is a booming, reliable kick out from full back and has that thing which a lot of our list don't - experience.  He did play pretty bad that game against St Kilda, but wasn't Robinson Crusoe there and it was only one game - everyone plays one every so often.

    His numbers for Casey last gamewere pretty reasonable, so I'm hoping it's a sign of a return to good form.  Key defenders don't grow on trees.

  19. 11 hours ago, camillo said:

    You know little of what you're talking about. Fitzroy people fought for their club till the end and a few players were moved to Brisbane in a piecemeal response by an AFL run by an ex St Kilda player ( one of the least successful clubs anywhere in any competition ). Fitzroy was punished because unlike South Melbourne they didn't fold like a pack of cards. I met Alan Aylett who was VFL president when Sydney was set up a few years ago and asked why they sent South to Sydney and he said ' you should have seen their books ", and I thought your ex club is North Melbourne for goodness sake. 

    Fitzroy members at the time voted for a merger with North Melbourne and the commission rejected their wishes and packed them off to Queensland thousands of miles away instead. By the way Fitzroy at the time had 8 premierships ( 2 more than Geelong at the time ) so really when you think about it AFL/VFL premierships mean sweet F all.

    Whilst I obviously don't have the inside connection or recollection that you do, what I was meaning by the Fitzroy and perhaps the Sydney relocations to some extent, was that these clubs were able to retain more of their identity than what we would have in the proposed merger with Hawthorn.  I know many an older Roy boys and Bloods supporter who are able to still proudly support their respectively relocated teams than I think I'd be able to if we jettisoned the demon, threw yellow in there and added some stupid Hawk.

    I do recall how hard Fitzroy fought to keep their club afloat and that they did pretty much fight until the death.

    What I'm saying is that though I actually voted for the merger at the time (along with might I add the majority of MFC members), in retrospect I'd rather fight to the death for club survival or wait another decade to actually see us win a premiership (though I sincerely hope that's not the case) than to cave into a merger and try to buy our way to success that way, at the same time as selling out the soul of the club.

    Joe showed the sort of passion for the club that many at the time did not (including a number of former club champions) and put his money where his mouth was to boot.  I don't forget that.

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  20. Melbourne supporters do owe old Joe and Don Scott some fair gratitude.  Without these two guys, we'd all be following the Dorks or some other gastly almalgimation, not sitting on the cusp of a resurgent, competitive Demons team.

    At the time I was actually pro-merger because I was so desperate for that success, but in retrospect I think I'd rather the club go bankrupt and team be forcefully relocated to the Gold Coast or Tasmania or something similar to Fitzroy than merge with any other existing team.

    My view is that at the very least old Joe deserves some dignity and respect from Melbourne supporters from what he did and tried to do for the club.  I don't recall the politics which resulted in his departure from the presidency, but I think at his core he's one of us - a die hard, heart beats true for the red and blue type of guy.

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  21. 22 minutes ago, Satyriconhome said:

    Vanders against Freo 22 possessions 9 contested 3 marks 5 tackles 2 clearances 1 goal 2 behinds  

    Fair call.  I did notice him do a few good things on Saturday night and perhaps with a bit more fitness back he is spending more time back on the ball.

    But if you look at his figures for previous weeks (practically the rest of the season), they are well down and I think he has been given chances that others haven't.

    One thing he does do is give a big/strong physical presence.  Hoping he has turned the corner and get's back to his 2015 form.

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  22. Not sure the outs (BenKen perhaps?), but I'd like to see both Oliver and Brayshaw back in the side, probably with Wagner and Bugg. Like their hardness.

    The coaches said they were going to bring in fresh legs against Port, then didn't and paid the price IMHO.  So I defiantly agree with rotating players.

    I didn't notice Billy Stretch play particularly badly against Freo, like his attack on the man/ball and good foot skills, so not sure he'd nessasily be one I'd be thinking of leaving out of the side.  As much as I like him as a player, I'm not sure that Vanders does enough to warrent his spot sometimes.  But all in all I'm counting on the fitness department to monitor and make the right call on who needs the rest, advised also by who the coaches think they need for team balance.

    Also I have no idea why anyone would think that someone who has racked up their high jumper number in possessions at 90% efficiency along with a bunch of 1%ers after spending 11weeks knocking on the door and has a mature body is going anywhere close to getting left out of the side this week.

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