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  1. 1 hour ago, poita said:

    Really dumb changes. Why mess with a winning side? The forward line works better with Pedersen there. Good luck to Sam, but I don't think he offers as much as Pedo presently.

    I can't believe that Michie and Neal-Bullen are the next in line given their senior efforts so far this year. Play one maybe, but two is asking for trouble. Would much prefer Salem.

    Could not agree more.

    35 minutes ago, faultydet said:

    Reckon Pedo is stiff.

    It's possible that its because I haven't seen anything other than the highlights though.

    Did he do something wrong, or are we just keen to see more of Weeds?

    Pedo had added a big phyical presence around the ground that few if any of our other players this year have been able to produce.  Dawes certainly hasn't, whilst he has dramatically improved in this area, I don't think Watts has the size of Pedo to produce the same effect (similar for Weid) and I'm not sure that Hogan has provided it in past months either.  Over the past few games, Pederson had been our most effective big forward, so why mess with that?

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  2. 22 hours ago, bing181 said:

    I'd go Mitchie for Harmes. But then I'm probably not seeing what the coaches are seeing.

    Disappointed Salem isn't included, feel that we need that kicking accuracy, but perhaps it's a step too far for him at this stage of coming back.

    Also, was wondering whether Trengove mightn't get another look in, he seems do be doing increasingly well at Casey. But probably needs a solid pre-season before that'll happen.

    I don't generally like to bag our players, but Mitchie is a spud at AFL level and a waste of a supplementry list spot.  In the numerous chances he has been given to play at AFL level, I haven't seen him play a half decent game yet.

    Whilst I don't think champion data points always tell the full story, they do give a fair indication.  Mitchie's highest AFL score this year is only just above what Harmes achieved last round on an off game.  Mitchie's best score is lower than Jack Grimes lowest for the year.  I don't ever recall seeing Mitchie do anything impactful at AFL level, yet players like Harmes and Grimes regularly put their bodies on the line and create pivotal moments in matches.  Harmes games against Gold Coast and Hawthorn were excellent IMHO.

    I would have named a slightly underdone Salem as an emergency over Mitchie any day and it bemuses me that the match committee didn't go that way.

  3. What will it say about the credibility of the Rising Star award if Hunt wins MFC's best first year award and or finishes higher in our B&F than all our other nominations and has still not been nominated for the Rising Star?

    Although, that said, there are still two rounds left. The totally presumptuous dreamer in me hopes that he plays an absolute blinder last game of the year against Geelong that helps the team across the line and simply can't be ignored.  Not that I really care about the award anyway.

  4. 8 hours ago, P-man said:

    It will be strange if Hunt doesn't get a nomination as he's probably been the best of Melbourne's eligible players this season.

    I'm finding it hard to separate Hunt and Patracca.  Different style of players, but I think both have significantly impacted games and improved as the season has gone on.  Loving watching both these guys go about their business.

  5. 12 hours ago, Kwala said:

    I know I'm only new here but some of you people properly need psychological help. We beat port in Adelaide by 40 points. And you still find s**t to complain about? Just enjoy it!? I'd let it annoy me but I know there's nothing I can do to fix those people. They'd probably complain about having to drink warm water if they were stuck in the desert. 

    But seriously... how about us!!?? Ive suffered through supporting this team for much of my life because I knew how much sweeter it would make it when we started winning. It's like doing fifty star jumps in a ski jacket on a 45 degree day just to make jumping in the ocean feel even better. And jeeeeeez does that water feel nice. 


    I hear you brother - up to a point.

    Was a good win and whilst I certainly savored the moment for what it was, I was also left feeling a little let down, because it could have been so much more.

    With some of the mistakes we made, we wouldn't have beaten a good team last night and in our current circumstances I would have really loved a 60 to 80 point win to help bridge the % gap North have on us.  On the other hand, I was glad to come away with a win that even earlier this year we could have thrown away.  I guess like others have stated, progress not perfection.

    But otherwise looking forward to jumping in the ocean!!

  6. It wasn't the perfect win it could have been if we had nailed some of our easy shots on goal and or not let them back in the game 3rd quarter (and sorry for saying this if I'm repeating others), but those last two goals to Garlett and Jones in particular were some nice icing on the cake.  Jones goal was the sort of goal where the siren normally goes for us the second before he kicks it!!

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  7. 3 hours ago, Bitter but optimistic said:

    It would be hard to estimate the impact Max is/will have on membership and support.

    He is in that category of player like RDB and Robbie who influence a whole generation of kids.

    Expect to see a lot of new number 11 footy jumpers!

    Per 1964nowMORE - To be sold with clip on beard accessories!!

  8. If us and Sydney win next week, I'll be thankful that the last game of the season means something more than a dead rubber. ...at least we won't be accused of tanking this year!!

    Someone needs to get the commentators at Fox Footy (or was it Channel 7) some maths tuition.  During the pre match of the Hawthorn game (you know when they were suppose to be building up the game) one of them stated unchallenged that the highest Melbourne could finish was 9th.

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  9. 3 hours ago, praha said:

    Not going to lie, it pisses me off that we have to travel to Geelong AGAIN. 

    Since 1990, we've played them there 19 times (compared to 18 at the MCG, 1 at Optus Oval).

    Does any other Melbourne team have to travel there as often as Melbourne does?

    No real issues about this one, it's their home game, their home ground - that's where we will play them.

    Just don't start me on why we should play the Saints or the dogs at their home ground for our home games.  That is what really sux with AFL fixturing.

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  10. On 12/8/2016 at 9:23 PM, 1964nowMORE said:

    Max has become an icon, cult hero. My young boy made yesterday's Herald Sun picture running with Max with the beard on from an Auskick setup this week. 20 young bearded kids in Demons #11, sensational for the kids. Max was wonderful with them, he has 20 new fantastic fans, even the couple who weren't Dee's fans, plus parents!

    And how much did the MFC need a character like this to lift our profile and humanize the club?!

    Has been interesting listen to 'expert' commentators waking up to Max in past weeks.  One (I forget who) stated that they "hope that the Melbourne football club doesn't try to curtail his public persona" (or words to that effect).  Again how disengaged these experts can be from all but the top clubs at the time.  From what I've observed, the MFC has encouraged and fostered big Maxy's entertainment value and unique character from the start and perhaps even improved his media skills through things like "Gawn in sixty seconds".

    Max is a victory for what it means to follow footy in an increasing corporatised world of professionalised sport.  His interview at half time of the Fox Footy coverage was insightful, in which he stated that during his years of injury he saw a different side to the club and became a more of a supporter.  Great to see that loyalty, passion and personal connection in footy has not been lost (incidentally, I think that's why the MFC also needs to treat Trengrove, Grimes and Dunn with the respect and loyalty they deserve).

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  11. Love his evasive skills and how rarely gets caught.  Even when he comes close to getting caught he manages to squeeze out a pass somewhere up field and usually without just coughing it up straight back to the opposition.

    Re the Rising Star, asides from his occasionally ordinary foot skills passing into the forwardline or shooting for goal, I actually think Hunt looks more like a seasoned player rather than a first year one.  Perhaps that's why he hasn't been nominated yet - doesn't look enough like a first year player to the judges.

    Different sort of player, but Hunt impacts games just as much as Patracca, who incidently also just keeps improving and going from strength to strength at the elite level.  Can't wait to see what these guys can produce for us over the next few seasons!

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  12. 53 minutes ago, Pates said:

    I know his next milestone game isn't for a couple of seasons but they should definitely have a guard of honour with kids all boarding big beards!

    2 things from this year above all else has given me so much enjoyment from football (didn't think I'd be saying those words 3 years ago). First is Jack Watts having a sensational year, the second is Maxy Gawn fulfilling his own prophecy and becoming the number 1 ruckman in the game. Great to have a fantastic player and great character at our club!

    Agree with all your other points, but you know, one of the things I love about Maxy is that he is so real, down to earth and is such a funny guy.

    Maxy and also Bernie Vince are like the typical top blokes at your local footy club that every loves playing with because they are so loyal and so much fun.  How both these guys manage to walk the tight rope of being a bit edgey and blokey whilst being under the public microscope of the AFL is really a credit to them.

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  13. On 13/7/2016 at 4:01 PM, Dante said:

    The club should push Max's cult status, he will ba a fan favourite with the kids and not just Melbourne supporters.

    Maybe they should think of handing out "Max Beards" that the kids can attach to their faces during the games.

    Great player, great guy and loves the club, what more could you ask for?

    And I love how much he prides wearing the number 11 for big Jimmy.

    Gawn is a player of such fitting character to follow in Jimmy's footsteps. ...not like the hoax of a bloke who wore it before big Maxy.

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  14. 5 hours ago, Rusty Nails said:




    Harmes to me is more of an inside player than Matty.  disposal a bit dirty/ugly at times but can be effective with some clearances. Matty def a better receiver/runner on the outside. Would need to review recent matches to see if Matty is hitting targets inside and pulling trigger a fair bit instead of taking safer up line or lateral/backward options too often. My hazey recollection is that Matty Also tends to panick dispose of ball at times with occasional hospital handballs that probably count as effective but place his mates under huge pressure where they get immediataly tackled.

    Along with that corageous mark, Harmes also won the contested footy at 50 in the last quarter and handed off to Hunt for the kick to Watts for the winning goal. Also cost us a goal earlier in the match with an insane lateral 'squeeze' kick straight to a Sons player inside 50 . Could argue the other clearance chain he was involved in for the Watts goal was the square off.

    Harmes also bangs in pretty hard at times which Roosy probably likes.  Harmes is no lock in vs Matty though and wouod need to keep improving to maintain his place.

    I don't like Harmes so much in the back half though, he looks a little like a fish out of water there and I think I've seen him cough it up way too many times (not that that would make him different from a few others down there though).  Perhaps it's a development thing, where the coaches are prepared to cop some of the turn overs in the interim in order to add versatility to his and the teams game for the future?

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