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  1. Be a big distraction for Clarry I recon
  2. Umps will get Bont over the line.
  3. I'm starting to feel sick already, guts are starting to churn. I think i will go mow the lawn.
  4. Be glad that my anxiety every game day will be given a rest. Win or lose.
  5. Remember a interview he did with someone on TV where he was asked about drugs or supplements (might have been during the essendon thing)He turned the the reporter and bluntly said "Not at this club".
  6. Ah, now I know what my wife means, I thought she was complaining about her gout.
  7. I was on a WhatsApp group exchange with 3 die hard Geelong fans during the game. Lot of goading and ribbing during the game going on. In the morning I received another message saying they couldn't believe they'd lost. I followed up saying I couldn't believe it either. I said I keep replaying the final sequence but the results don't change. Told them the best part was the reaction of the Geelong players.Such an enjoyable experience and they should watch it again too.
  8. I can't remember how old I was but probably about 10 which means it was 1963.Ron Barassi had a segment on the Tarax show and I remember I rang the station and asked if I could speak to Ron. Don't know who answered but heard him call out to Ron that someone was on the phone for him. Next minute I hear the mans voice "hello", can still hear it today. We spoke for a while and I remember him telling me to practice my kicking and marking.
  9. Who would you have in the team now if you could only have one of them, Pickett or Jeff Garlett in his prime?
  10. If Hawkins had pulled him to the side and taken some of the impact with the ground himself instead flattening him the outcome might have been different. Should be charged with no duty of care.
  11. Tis strange. All the TV guides have 7 broadcasting essendon/goldcoast at 3pm.Guess we will have to wait and see.
  12. Umpires starting to panic,paying anything to west coast
  13. Weiderman reading the situation vacant pages
  14. Vanders in a hurry to get to the game. 474383643_NumcabeleireironoQuebecv1.mp4
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