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  1. Yeah and you're not alone. I will be not obeying anything and for those good little sheeples who don't like it....stay inside and obey you master.
  2. Supermax We think you're heaven. Hallowed be thy name. Thy will be done in Perth as it was last Friday night....also in Perth.. Forgive us for humiliating Jeelong and curse those who play against us. And lead us not into second place Just deliver us from losing Sat week. For thine is the kingdom,...Too bad for the Power, Go you mighty Deedom Glory, the Red and Blue story, will go on Forever and Ever. Amen.
  3. First 1960 Grand Final...just old enough by that time (8) to sneak out Saturday arvo and catch the tram in to the G and get in the last quarter when they just opened the doors like they did then in the old days. Standing room bay 13 of the old s stand...it was packed I could hardly see anything.......someone held me up so I could see at the very end and I remember Barassi holding up the cup.. Best 1964 GF I was 13 then and had a front row seat behind the punt Rd goals. I was a Demon devotee by then and had attended every game that year and still have my 1964 MFC membership card....framed of course with the 64 Finals tickets next to it. I camped overnight at the G to walk around inside the stadium, at a crawl, with thousands of others, to get to the ticket selling window. I was so overcome by the last 10 minutes of that game I was out of my mind. For those few minutes after Collingwood hit the front I was dying inside only for a real miracle to occur....Frog! I just remember jumping up and down a lot on those old wooden seats...and I certainly did not sit down again until the siren blew. No one else was in their seats! Worst Waverly...the record defeat was unbearable.....but really worse still was 186 at the cattery. It was the first time I left a game at half time. I was shocked to find so many others of the dees faithful at that so familiar south geelong station. We were desolate..........Friday night.........we really have a score to settle here.
  4. I don't thin T Mac is in a form slump. He has not kicked goals lately but if you look at the Brisbane final you will see that although he does not mark he is in all the contests and when the ball came to ground goals resulted. For example Kossies fab goal in that game was from a T Mac ruck contest in the fwd pocket. I think the coach is happy with T Mac and thats why no mention of Weid.
  5. BT we are thinking.....hope the Taliban vaporize Hawkins with a reaper Drone.
  6. The AFL are so boring.........we need something to spice up this rubbish and get our minds off lockup....Toby should have been allowed to play...his punishment, no free kicks at all for the whole game. Now that would be worth watching.
  7. I'm tossing up between netflix and the hope I'll see Hawkins reported if I stay.
  8. Low scoring yawn fest with the umpires giving Geelong a free ride.
  9. Hawkins will be reported one of his fend offs.....something to look forward to.
  10. Parfitt hamstring......too bad Cameron has reappeared.
  11. God help us with these umpires! Geelong getting everything.
  12. Don't be so negative. Squirrel also reckons he knows an Afghani mate of his who reckons he knows a people smuggler who can get us into any state in Australia. He's got this big truck and it can fit a whole lot of us in. Once across the border you can claim asylum and demand to be taken to the footy.
  13. Pollyanna you're not taking this seriously. Squirrel reckons the new govt in Afghanistan really respect important religious festivals and would never have cancelled the finals. So all in all he reckons in Victoria we would've been better off with the Taliban.
  14. So can someone rate the odds of us , Melbourne residents and GF guarantee members, being able to attend a final...all finals....any finals. Please also include likely venues. Like could we go to Tasmania Qld or Sa...? Presume we win thru to the GF. Crystal ball the end of Melbourne lockup.....or no end . Presume a negative test is sufficient re travel requirements.
  15. As we were walking out of the ponsford essendrug supporters yelled 'you can thank the umpires melbourne' so I cleverly yelled back' essendon are a pack of whingers.' They stopped and turned around wanting to go on with it.....fortunately my 6 foot 4 inch 97 kilo (first ruck for Kew Rovers U 15 gold.......top of the ladder in YJFL) son was with me and one look at him and they were on their not so merry way. Ha! Enjoy Dees....Enjoy!! Ha !
  16. Report written by professional left wing race baiters for consumption by the super woke left wing media and all the super woke lefties that post here.......and the snowflake virtue signallers at the AFL.
  17. Yes, next year the networks are even threatening to cut to an ad break as he starts his runup and then cut back in as he kicks the ball. A ten goal game could add up to as much as an extra 13 minutes of AAMI ads. For the run up he has been told he is not allowed back past the centre line at the G if he marks the ball inside the 50. He has asked to be allowed to go as far back as centre half back but this has been nipped in the bud by the coach worried his run up could actually extend all the way back to full back if he is allowed his natural game.
  18. Ever since that Grand Final Essendon displaced went to the top my most disliked sides and have remained there ever since. Wallis' punch to Brad Greens throat was disgraceful. Essendons demise at the hands of Hird proves there is a god. Definately invite the Ox to play that clip to the boys next time we play either Essendon or the Toiges.
  19. When the human hammer VDB ( Mighty Thor) wacked Mihocek the other side were in fear. He's worth his weight in iron.
  20. I am making plans to go to Adelaide for the 2021 season If there looks like being no community football here in 2021 I have a very promising 14 yr old and he can't go..another year with no junior football ....and no school. We were going to go to Darwin and play there but you have to pay $2500 each for the two week NT isolation holiday.
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