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  1. I can’t stand Robbo but to give him credit he was right on this one and was strong on it from the start. Well done Robbo
  2. And the too high a minute earlier. The two blokes umpiring were appalling.
  3. Gee, I am glad this opinion is slowly being weeded out. Just let them all off as they are poor little boys. BS.
  4. Gee Cripps and kruezer get some frees!
  5. Similar happened last week. When we used to lose the frees it was because we were losing and not as hard at it, now we are hard at it we still lose the frees. It is just like Friday night games, apparently we would get them when we started moving up the ladder too, hahahahaha, not holding my breath.
  6. If their going to pay in the back like they are then pay it both ways
  7. Gee they are being looked after! Cripps jumped on the ground and got a free for in the back!
  8. Well done dees. No other team knows how to give up a lead like we do!
  9. Just when I thought the umps had realised we were playing!
  10. Any chance the umps could give us one of the holding the ball free in our forward line
  11. Gee we are looking lazy. Ump is bending us over as well
  12. Donsnt look like we have found second gear yet
  13. That’s wasn’t a free against lewy. Eyes on the ball the last few steps
  14. A few odd ones against us but especially in the first half we were one the right side of the umps.
  15. I watch as little of the cheats as possible so don’t see Parish play but if today is anything to go by I am glad we chose Clarry over him!
  16. Chris


    How the f are we only a goal down!
  17. Chris


    Leave Spargo, do not sign another contract, nothing good is coming for this group
  18. Chris


    I am very very close to walking from this club, not to another but away from the sport. I can not do another rebuild under another coach.
  19. Problems are actually simple, we have no idea how to play in the wet, and no plan b. The players spent half the day looking frustrated because our game plan needs it to be dry and we have no wet day game plan. Out coached, which made us out classed.
  20. Turn the sprinklers on at training this week, we have no idea how to play with a wet ball
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