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  1. The vaccines were never designed to prevent infection just limit the incubation period, hence reducing the symptoms. Don't see how this information is suggesting that there is no fool proof vaccine.
  2. Goodwin's Presser indicated that May could be available if fit.
  3. Has anyone received their final packs in the mail yet?
  4. You accompanying them to show them all the hot spots Ethan??
  5. 1/2 full. High on drugs. Drunk. Insane. Senile. Loopy. Haven't decided which one yet.
  6. We all talk about lack of effort from our midfield. Watch Boak in that passage of play.
  7. Any reason why we can't get in on the Neale trade. MFC get: 5 & 7 Freo get: Hogan + a pick from MFC to fill the gap Brisbane get: Neale
  8. A source (family friend) as told me that he was informed last night of not playing.
  9. Left to right Ablett, Dangerfield, Selwood
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