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  1. Ahhhh .... yes .... of course .... that's definitely what I meant.
  2. Hopefully they all test negative. A positive test result would definitely force us into a compacted fixture later in the year.
  3. Strange that a 2 second rev up to a couple of the boys was enough to get us the win but the Saints couldn't use the emotion of Spud's game to come out firing.
  4. I’m here for the Goodwin Sacking Countdown. Bring back the Is Goody the Right Guy Thread.
  5. I'm tipping this kid will be this years Trent Rivers in terms of immediate impact as well as being a long term prospect.
  6. Usually practice matches are a chance to play players in different roles or play players not in the 22 to see how they perform under match conditions against another team. No team ever plays their best 22 in a practice match. Do we have a practice match this week or is the OP referring to the Preseason Comp?
  7. I'm not saying he can't play or won't develop into something but I just wouldn't be getting too excited about the prospect. Sure the idea of a favourite sons son coming to play for us is romantic.
  8. Hopefully we can snag an inside mid to add to the set.
  9. Would the club be interest in framed signed guernseys? I have multiple ones that I've made over the years. The only problem is that none of them have certificates of authentication as I've been the one to collect the signatures and have organised for them to be framed. They are all legit and I have players from the 80s and 90s. They are all just in my garage and they probably deserve to be displayed somewhere.
  10. I hope Mahoney's not phoning it in for his last trade period with the club. If we can't bring in outside pace because of poor list management then that is on him.
  11. General question: What benefit is it for a player to publicly nominate a particular club? Assume the answer is they only want to play for that club and want to make their intentions clear to their current club and any other potential suitors. If that is the case why haven't we been nominated? Either he's still contemplating other offers or perhaps an in principle deal or dealings between us and North are already in place and there isn't a need to publicly nominate.
  12. It was his doubling down that has now cost @Dr evil all credibility with any future mail that he purports to have. He was arrogantly adamant that Smith would be a Demon in 2021 that people were led to believe that a contract had been signed and the club was just waiting for the perfect media cycle window to roll him out. I absolutely love whispers at this time of year but I've lost all confidence in his inside word. He pushed this one too hard and now has to live with the consequences that he is tarnished goods now. RIP sweet prince.
  13. I think I’ll be relieved if he chooses the cats. I’d love him at the Dees for a year. Maximum two. Couple years ago it would have been a no brainer. Let the Cats have him.
  14. The way he’s been talking it should be know. @Dr evilstatements were very definitive that Smith would be a Demon. Can see a back pedal coming now. sorry doc but you’ve doubled down pretty hard on this one.
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