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  1. Thought our forward connection was excellent and only let down by set shot kicking for goal. How do you think our key forwards fared? Schache? Roo?
  2. Perhaps these are super secret tactical sessions. I doubt there is anything nefarious going on. With that being said a couple of photos wouldn't give away anything.
  3. Isn't this what umpires do when they award votes?
  4. I know it's only a practice match but I was disappointed with our efforts and execution and even in a praccy match 10 unanswered goals from a supposed premiership contender is inexcusable. We might have had more injuries going into the game but Richmond had their best 4 or 5 players missing including most of their engine room and their key forward and back. We'll get rolled by the Blues next week and I'm not confident in our chances in Sydney. Early days but could be in for a long year.
  5. Welcome back. It's been a long few months but Footy IS Back!! Interested to get your thoughts on all the Demon Debutantes. Billings, Windsor, K Brown & even Howes (and Laurie).
  6. Thanks for these reports. Wasn’t expecting them so it’s a nice surprise. Bring on the scratchie.
  7. Can’t wait for the footy. Just no injuries please. This preseason has been challenging. We don’t need more angst with just over 2 weeks to go.
  8. You gotta feel for this kid. Just can never get a clean run at it. I get the feeling he’s going to be just another one of a long line of talented players we’ve had that just can’t seem to make it on the park for stretches at a time. Fingers crossed.
  9. We are in desperate need of a ruckman that can take over from Max but our first major operation needs to be a key forward. BBB and TMac are in their twilights. Petty looks certain to head back to Adelaide at season's end if the 2023 trade week whispers are true and the jury is out on Jefferson. JVR can't do it alone and if he gets a whiff of home sickness in the coming years we are toast. The window is slowly shutting if we can't replenish our forward and ruck stocks.
  10. Or you could select a player as the sub and not use him. Stranger things have happened.
  11. Just wanted to thank you guys for another stellar season of podcasting. You took the show to another level and I really love that you open the discussion up to the audience via the questions and comments and I'm happy to have contributed to the conversation over the year. It's great to have you back even if it's just a little taste before the new season. What did you guys make of our acquisitions over the trade period in terms of personnel. All seem to fill a certain role. Do you think any or all are a lock to play Round 1 or be a regular fixture in the side? Are we still a destination club?
  12. Neither Steele Sidebottom nor Jordon DeGoey played in our King's Birthday clash. Do these inclusions worry you? Both have caused us trouble in the past.
  13. You boys are consistently knocking each podcast out of the park so thank you for being a big part of my Demon supporting week each week. Would love to get your thoughts on Disco's game this week as well as your thoughts on Laurie's cameo. Both showed some very good signs. Disco for mine is ahead of Tomlinson at the moment so would love to get your take. Laurie for his part did some nice things when he came on too adding to his good showing last week. We've added some nice depth late in the season. Do you think either of them will feature in September?
  14. 6. May 5. Jordon 4. Viney 3. Petracca 2. Bowey 1. Sparrow
  15. Can we just take a moment out of the Podcast to appreciate Steven May?
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