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  1. I have a solution. Firstly relocate GWS to Tassie. Secondly with the money saved build a boutique stadium that only holds 15 to 20,000 and make sure you can run it at a profit. Then take all gate and TV money and equally distribute to clubs with caps on all spending. Maximise the gate returns and TV returns by putting on the biggest games at the best times and best venues. Scale the games ie Essendon v Collingwood tier 1 Richmond v Melbourne tier 2 Melbourne v GWS tier 3 This of course wouldn't be good for Melbourne Footy Club with maybe only 4 or 5 games at the G but bad luck, get better. get more competitive and get more members and you'll get better exposure. Meantime the lesser clubs like ourselves aren't a drain on the competition. By the way this plan has many flaws but I think it's worth noting in the overall debate.
  2. deespicable me Dear chops 38 I just hope the big bugger is alright again, after having to deal with the trauma of playing for such a lowly club like us. Personally when we play the Cats I'll be out there cheering him on and hoping like hell he's comfortable out there and Tommy Mac isn't pushing him around or sledging him etc. God forbid it comes to the point where he hasn't kicked a goal by the fourth quarter and he starts to all of a sudden feel like the stadium is closing in on him...................Oh please not that!
  3. I think both will play NAB games and they will assess them from there. I think Vandenberg may impress. From looking at him at pre-season training his attack on the ball and size is good. I think his skills are still probably not quite AFL standard but you can tell he really wants it which is always admirable. I think fans of Tappscott may like Vandenberg.
  4. Yes because of the lack of "firm" evidence through blood tests or actual discovery of the drugs on the premises, regardless of what the players thought they did or didn't take can the court be 100 per cent sure it was the illegal Thymomodulin taken. Quite a few of the players are really upset with the way they've been treated. Hird will struggle to survive whichever way it goes. I think getting Hird out of footy is the number one priority.
  5. I was at a BBQ with a mate who is close to the case and he says its a 50/50 call as to the players getting off or convicted. Apparently the Essendon lawyers aren't disputing the legality of the drug Thymosin, everyone is pretty convinced the players got the illegal stuff. What they are arguing is the pathway of the drug to Essendon and wether they are completely satisfied that even though it is pretty clear Essendon were trying to inject the players with the bad Thymosin because of the complex pathway from China and the people involved and their less than convincing reputations are we completely positive that the players were given that drug. Further he said that Hird's reputation has taken an absolute battering and nobody regards him as acting with any moral compass at all throughout the whole saga. Text messages that haven't come out yet are damning. He also suggested the reason Hird wasn't sacked around their B&F night was because they were going to sack him because of his appeal and legally Hird could have sued for wrongful dismissal or some legal point. If they just had of sacked him and stated it wasn't really anything to do with the court case, new start etc, they could have and should have already got rid of him.
  6. So I gather that as well predicted on this thread the problem for the Essendon players if they play NAB Cup is that if found guilty disqualification from playing is back dated to their last game and if thats NAB Cup and its a six month ban then they can't play till around August 2015 whereas if their last game was last September then they are eligible to play again around the end of March or early April hardly missing any of the main season at all. This is all run against the thinking that the Tribunal will make a decision just before the start of the season. Is this correct? Because if it is what I would like to see is further delays to that decision being delivered till after the first round and Essendon in the same predicament decides this time to play the accused players. Then the decision to suspend for six months is handed down and out they go for the rest of the season.
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