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  1. Don't want to sound callous but I think Hoges unwittingly has in a sense invited us to view him as a commodity. If he had signed or if he does sign we all sigh a collective sigh, go yay, post all our love and then get on with the business of bagging him every time he shows a bad attitude or goes his Fred Astaire run up with a twist and kicks it out on the full. But due to the fact he hasn't signed and really if he was a committed player he would have signed we are "in stasis". So personally I don't care, just make a decision so we can all move on because people have to realise we are in a good position with this. His value has gone up enourmously so as long as we don't stuff up on a trade we should hopefully be in a similar position to if we had Hoges on board. And given his hesitation to commit is his greatest flaw then again I don't care, Hoges I understand you have a personal issue but I don't see that the two issues need to be related, so sign up get on board and commit, ......or don't Just make the $$$$$$$$$$$cking decision
  2. Hello, President of the Hawthorn Football League here and I'd just like to clear up a couple of misconceptions you lot may have with regard to some of these trades etc. Hogan, Fyfe, Fyffe, Gaff, yes, yes all good players I'm sure but I have to make it perfectly clear all trades must be ratified with our board. I repeat ALL trades. Fyfe and Hogan will be coming across next year and Gaff as soon as he becomes a Hawthorn (sorry I mean free) agent. We brought in that work experience kid this year O'Meara. Played the old Burgoyne bung knee card there ha,ha,ha. Anyway back to your little games. I'm working with Fitzy and Gill (terrific chaps, very ameniable to our cause) to let you lot have a cameo appearance in 2018 or 19 in the top four. On the proviso of course that we never leave the top 4. Talked about a series of exhibition matches next year (you might call it the Home and Away) before our games start in September. Anyway toodle pip.
  3. I listened to Fitzpatrick for about 5 minutes on 774 pre game before I had to spew up. Just recovering. That guy I will hate for the rest of my days as a destroyer of the game. Started talking GDP and numbers etc. What an arrogant piece of work. Get someone in there who cares about the fans not numbers.
  4. Tomlinson a gun, Hopper a gun, Patton a spud and umpire no. 15 shouldn't be getting a game, he has no feel for the game.
  5. I think he's got ability but hasn't played enough football in the last year or so with injury. Sometimes with a guy like him who I would think has an attitude problem they frustratingly don't realise their career is shot till it's too late. Whether us or another team take a chance on him he would have to be minimums pay and trade (ie free) and then maybe it's what he needs to turn his career around. But he has a lot of baggage. The odds are stacked against him. It's always a nice story when a (percieved) wastrel turns his career around, works hard and becomes a good AFL citizen.
  6. Finally a poster who makes a bit of sense, Oh Magoo...you've done it again.
  7. There's one match winning super star that is thinking of leaving, Nat Fyfe. If you are going to spend a fortune he's the best. Who would you have? Tom Mitchell for 700 or Fyfe for 1 mill..............Fyfe J. O'Meara for 800 or Fyfe for 1 mill..............Fyfe Prestia for 550 or Fyfe for 1 mill...............Fyfe And the big one Hogan for 900 or Fyfe for 1 mill..................not sure If a team is going to throw all their eggs in one basket then get Fyfe!!!!!!!!!
  8. I'm just so glad to see Hawthorn, Geelong and Swans up there again. Just a bit more tweaking to the free agency rules and we can all look forward to the next ten years of these three teams finishing top four. Gee it's great. Well done AFL. My suggestions would be because every player wants to go and play there maybe we should think about letting the big three have a couple of extra players on their lists, the players association is all for it, that Marsh bloke is positively wetting himself he's that excited. And for all you Dees fans I know this year was a bit of an abberation but don't worry with some hard work and dedication I'm pretty sure we can get back into the bottom four, well maybe not next year but deffo 2018. Go Dees, Go AFL. Or is that the SGHFL.
  9. I think he should stay in but I also think "he has much to learn young superstar forward". In the meantime sign him up for $500,000 a year which is all he's probably worth just at the moment and then he can explode on the scene next year.
  10. I like it and I don't mind the AFL giving something like this a go. They said they want the teams in the 8 to make a big deal of their training sessions and they will help them and if we make it I am certainly going to get along to a couple. Also for a team like us if we were to make it I would be more than happy to bask two weeks in the glory of making the finals. If we were there the build up would be intense. I can only imagine it will be the same for a lot of other fans as well. I think the AFL said they were also making a bigger deal of the rising star and with 4 in and Jayden Hunt a real possibility to take it to 5 for the club (what a great effort) that would become a great event to go to, especially if we were alive in finals.
  11. I think Jumping Jack is doing well to only lose 3 of the last 40 years, the 90's were a bit of a blur for me
  12. I think he will leave. To me he does seem the type that wants ultimate success over money. The amount of work he's done to make himself one of the best in the comp. I don't think he's "putting it out there" for the money, he's got heaps, he's already set for life. Freo better get their act into gear if they want to keep him but I'd say he's a strong chance to leave.
  13. I think they should "trade places" with Hawthorn. Complete lists and staffing. Give Leppa a five year deal. Give Robinson a five year deal and the Captaincy and a bunch of tickets to the summer festivals. Then we can all have a laugh at those smug Hawthorn supporters who won't have anything to do in September for decades to come.
  14. Surely they won't drop Harmesy. He and Brayshaw walking off the "G" arm in arm singing the song was one of the highlights of the day for me. That and his brushed tackle, don't argue then kick to Kent in the first.
  15. And yet no free kick for any of the three incidents. Sam Mitchells simpering looks at the umpire every time he gets a free kick against him give me the pip. They are the most favored team by umpires going round and yet Gibson, Mitchell and Hodge constantly appeal to the umpires throughout a match. They won the free kick count (again) on Saturday yet they constantly appeal to the umpires that they "got it wrong". They are precious and pathetic. Most players don't think the free against them was right but most just get back on the mark and get on with it. Gibson has been tunnelling for years now and getting away with it. He gets pinged for a 50/50 and he thinks theres no justice. Those Hawthorn players should be fined and it made public that they shouldn't be seen to influence umpiring decisions.
  16. Now I'm not one to get ahead of myself but surely there are two things most obvious to the football world. 1. We have the best midfield in the league........and 2. For the first time ever a team (Melbourne) will trifecta the rising star award. Yay!!
  17. Thats great news he's re-signed but I am also interested if he can still be picked up by an AFL club and does Melbourne have first dibs on him. Thanks KC for the news, I think he is a good player, maybe better than VFL and still only 20-21.
  18. The Weed isn't a good contested mark yet because he can't hold his position in a marking contest. I was comparing him to Jack Watts and Reiwoldt by body type , ie skinny and tall as young men. I would suggest Jesse Hogan is a more natural contested mark player and I definately don't compare the Weed to Hogan. Weidemann is a long way from rag-dolling a player like Rance. I think for the next two or three years he will have to become good on the lead and runner like Reiwoldt did for this exact reason. His hands were good out in front of his body. I'm not sure if his coaches have told him to get moving more but he did on Saturday and had his best game yet because he wasn't a stay in the goalsquare full forward. All his marks were when he was on the move, not with the ball coming in high and full. Pederson was much superior when the ball came in bombed.
  19. Kennedy was good and apart from the junior players Oliver and Salem who are learning still, he is probably first in line for a promotion. He is a penetrating kick and has good vision, I think he is in discussions every week for team selection. Can he cement a spot in the seniors. I'm not sure, but he has played up a lot this year, he has games at senior level where you are not surprised he is dropped, but his attitude is great, he tried his heart out today, didn't play forward as much.
  20. I went and here are some of my thoughts on the game. The opposition were quite poor. We are a very good contested ball team and killed them at the stoppages. By midway through the second quarter when we were outscoring them into the wind, you could tell they started to become a bit of a rabble. I think Plapp the coach is doing a pretty good job, we are a good team, they were good to watch and there were some nice pieces of play. I hope all the boys that are eligible for finals put their hand up, we will go O.k I think if we have a team of todays quality. Mitchie was good. Since Oliver, Trengove, Salem, ANB and Grimes took most of the stoppage work, they have used Mitchie off half-back. They all look for him and he was a pretty good distributor. It is as good as I've seen him play and he looked comfortable out there. Does it translate to AFL level? Not sure. Salem was also pretty good. They played him on-ball and he and Oliver cut them to ribbons. He was quick but mainly short passes and handballs so didn't get a great deal of penetration. I think it would be good for him to spend a couple more weeks at this level to get some more fitness that playing on-ball will give him and getting the ball in hand a lot. He will get back to AFL level for sure. Oliver is great to watch. He is a big bodied mid and for a kid his age to be doing what he did today against men is very impressive. He won quite a few frees and a couple of his tackles were fantastic. One guy tried to run away from him and he was just so strong as he caught him and threw him to the ground and won the free. As we all know he has lovely quick hands in close and they were great today but he also kicked well and with a bit of space always hit his target. I don't mind him staying at this level as well because he still has a lot to learn and when you get it 30 times a game he will only get better. He could improve and concentrate on forward work, I would like to see him kick a few more goals, he is so quick with the handball but occassionally I would like him to kick it himself. Anyway going beautifully. The best game Weidemann has played. He took about 10 to 12 marks today. One on one he isn't strong enough yet but he was leading more today and I don't know who said he is a bit slow because he is a good leader and took a couple of nice marks out in front of his face at good pace. He gave off a couple of goal assists, one a smart kick back to Joel Smith in a better position and another marking on a lead then dishing off to BenKen who slotted it from 50. Nice goal. I too wondered if he was maybe going to be a bust, but today was the most positive I've been about his prospects. Other days he has been brushed off the ball (this will happen again) but today he had presence and was an important part of our attack. He is a natural forward in the Reiwoldt, Watts mould and he got a few of his marks well up on the wing. He can play very tall. When he builds strength and a tank which looking at him he is an impressive build, so he should, I think he may be alright. I think he may be ahead of Watts at the same age but maybe not as skillfull, but like Watts was as a younger man he may still be a couple of pre-seasons away as well. A lot to like today though. Spenser was up against a big bloke who played a similar game. He was probably one of their best players and honours were about even. Really liked Joel Smith. He is quick, can jump, is tall and is a real chance to make it. Nearly took mark of the century (well not quite) like his old man. Still doesn't know where to go so needs a lot of coaching but handled right and he may do a Jayden Hunt. Heres hoping. Number 15 for Casey is good. Of our tall back men I liked him the most, moreso than Dunn and Garland. All Caseys players played well, Hutchy, number 1 is a good full back. 15 is tall and takes a good grab and he looks young enough that he may not have reached his peak. I would like to see the club keep him and maybe Rookie him. Newton is very confident at this level and played accordingly but like Mitchie when they go up to AFL and they don't have the freedom to create they can get lost. I think they could both make it in the right team because they are good players but they have to find a way to bring their form to the tougher level. Both were great. Trengove has class. He took a great mark and a lovely shot on goal in the third and a couple of nice passes into the 50, I think his best chance at AFL may be as a half forward who can drift forward and kick a goal. Grimes, Garlo and Dunn were all good at this level but all three made critical errors that would have pages dedicated to them if they committed such errors at AFL level. They are who they are, but I can understand how they have been kept as back up only and even how there are a few in front of each one in a queue for AFL duties. I would love to see them win a flag with Casey. Cheers
  21. In my opinion this is the exact argument that will keep the strong strong and the weak weak. And it was one of the more expressed comments on radio and even here on Demonland. 55 I believe your attention is misplaced, its got nothing to do with what we received, it is what Hawthorn got and what they paid to get it that is the main point. The politics of the AFL, Eddie (who falsely believed Collingwood would benefit greatly but has had a terrible few years admin instead), Hawthorn and the stronger clubs who went hard when "equalisation" was put on the table and attacked COLA and the priority pick and put up "free agency" as the trade off for the tax on "football dept spending". Consequently the movement from bottom of the ladder back up riding on a priority pick or two of the late 90's and early 2000's is gone. Everyone blames the expansion clubs for the "holding pattern" of the ladder which sees the same teams play finals year in year out but I seriously don't believe it's true. The lower teams are in a circle that sees them rise to mid or lower 8 then back down they'll go. Richmond has peaked, Carlton won't get far past mid table and Melbourne are showing promise but may / will probably peak around lower 8 in the next year or two before we are torn apart by salary cap problems and are picked apart by the strong clubs. I'm actually pretty excited by our side. (this is me excited ) If one team has to pay less money for their talent than another you work out whats going to happen. Its pretty obvious to me 55. Look at Brisbane, without priority picks or AFL support, surely they are going to be a decade long basket case and in essence should go out of business. Yes, I'm a socialist or communist when it comes to running the game. I wear drab green clothes and I harp on. Thank goodness there aren't too many like me. But I wish there were less "greed is good" clubs like Hawthorn in the world too.
  22. Equalisation is a crock of rats entrails. That plick Frawley said pay me $700- k or I'm gone and went to Hawthorn for about $350- k. Thanks ####! Thats what they do. They tell the free agents they're interested in "come and play in a decent team, play finals, enjoy the glory, but don't think you can command big money. It's on our terms or don't bother." It's all very well for Hawthorn and a couple of other big clubs but the smaller clubs having to pay their own players more money to keep them will keep the premierships in the big clubs coffers for a long while to come. Gil (who I believe is an empty headed puppet and a political appointment that will just pay lip service to "equalisation" in the interests of Hawthorn) has done nothing to change the alarming direction the game is heading. The AFL has to ask itself a basic question. Is the game for the fans? If the answer is yes then how much joy is enough for the Hawthorn supporters? When are they going to meaningfully intervene to share the joy of the game around to the other supporters? Shouldn't the charter of the AFL be to create the game in such a fashion that over a ten year period we see at least 15 different teams playing off in a Grand Final? Not easy to do but shouldn't they be at least trying to achieve such an ideal? Where is there someone, anyone in the media railing against this ridiculous monopoly. Melbourne will never get there. Never. Sometimes I wish they'd just fold. Sorry about that, but it is the way I feel.
  23. Imagine a top four team lose their ruckman, or even their back-up ruckman and they look at a lower team like Melbourne has been and decide to chase Spenser. I think Spenser could be a number one ruck in an AFL side just not ours because of Gawn. They get in Spenser's ear and all of a sudden he has dreams of playing in finals when he hasn't even played in an AFL game all season. Of course he'd want to go. But more to the point he'd be mighty [censored] off if Melbourne turned around and said no. The potential for de-stabilising a team that is already struggling to build team culture would be devestating. All the years of developing a ruckman like Spenser, 25 and just starting to put it together is lost. And then Gawny has an injury and we're left without our back up ruckman that we've spent years developing because a team that didn't have the foresight to develop their own back-up's pinches them. I'm using Spenser as an example coz I now our list well but I'm sure every lower team has a similar player. Rotten idea, it's a no from me, for what it's worth.
  24. Hogan has the highest ceiling, no doubt. He has the most potential and we are seeing glimpses of what he can do in only his second full season. In the third quarter of the Queens Birthday match against Collingwood there was a period of time, almost 15 minutes where even though we were 20 odd points up the game was in the balance. The ball was going from one end to the other, there were mistakes, turnovers and missed shots on goal. The game was crying out for someone to do something special, inspiring. Hogan in a four minute period took a beautiful contested mark on the wing against three Collingwood forgetables, then another contested mark 35 metres out and slots the goal. Game over. I'll never forget it. That for me was his arrival as someone who can win a game off his own boot. Hogan is our potential champ, his good although not consistent is as good as Melbourne Footy Club has seen since Neitz and I think he can be better. He is the major reason we are scoring more and gaining respect as a team capable of beating top level teams in the comp. Full forwards are like the lead singer in a rock'n'roll band. You can have a great drummer and a really great lead guitarist etc but your nothing without the lead singer. Hogan has all that. He has swagger, self belief and the desire to win. Underestimate him at your peril, he is at the very top of any of these lists you care to make up. By a mile.
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