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  1. I think some of the office staff thought he was extremely rigorous at certain aspects of office life.
  2. Went down to training and as there isn't a training post and I'm not big enough to start a thread I'll post here. So the first thing to tell is that Tom trained the whole session and pulled up well. Yay! Weid was back on track and looked terrific, he looks better each time I see him and may come back into the side in the next week or after the bye. But not this week. Smith deserves his spot and chance to cement his position. There will most likely be no change. The give away is when they split up for a small part of the session and the VFL boys do a bit by themselves. It was the same groups so most likely no change. Geez our depth is good. Only Kent, Vanders and King missing I think, so Filipovic doing lots of ruck work and at least 5 in the seconds who would walk into at least half a dozen AFL sides. Tom and Hoges doing lots of marking practice together, they are really forming a great combo. I'm not sure what other teams train for but the whole session was about getting the ball clear of congestion and moving it quickly forward, kicking on both sides, marking the ball and kicking goals. Sounds very simple but we are the number 1 team at all those things at the moment. Lastly as a very damaged Melbourne supporter whos moods swing from wild optimism to down in the dumps pessimism, when we are in the rare bubble of success like we are at the moment I always tend to have one eye looking for the impending crash back to reality and I saw no signs today. So keep going you good things.
  3. We need to get with the times and appoint a female CEO regardless of credentials. I think we could wind back the clock to the days of Captain/coaches ala Big Carl Ditterich and make Daisy Pearce Captain/CEO. Actually whats Big Carl up to? He could start by shirtfronting Gil, Eddie and Kennett.
  4. "I won't reveal my sources........ Troy Chaplin"
  5. I think if you are looking at reasons ANB keeps his spot he played on the Saints Captain Geary last week who didn't have a big influence on the game. Geary is a good player. I think Harbrow, Aaron Hall and Ah Chee are good players who are named in the Suns back six. I haven't watched the Suns this year much but I know they have got a lot of rebound from Harbrow in the past so ANB may be marked to be the defensive forward on him? I think if you want to get a positive read on ANB look to see what his opponent does on Saturday.
  6. Yeah, when I was there near the end he was training with Joel Smith who was beating him in one on ones. I think he is limited in the number of positions he can play, with run off half back being his main weapon. I just think they want to improve his defensive game so he isn't a one trick pony and although we might think he has gone backwards a bit his aim is to add more strings to his bow. It's a good way for him to develop by moving between the ones and twos and as you say his desire to improve is obvious to see so he doesn't drop his head when sent back. (that is if he is in fact dropped this week) We have a fair depth at the moment. Van den Berg was working with Crossy, Mitch King and Kent were doing run throughs at a fair pace. The only one missing was McKenna. Everyone else (I think) is available and the seconds have plenty of AFL quality running around. Plapp was doing a lot of work with the mids which was new for me to see. Very hands on and vocal. I think we are building quite nicely.
  7. Hunt trained with the seconds as well. Would assume the only change may be Salem in for Hunt.
  8. The thing that I find funny is that bubble headed fan boy masquerading as a journalist, Slobbo, not only had Joe Daniher number 6 in his top 50 at the start of the year but Hurley and Merritt both in the top 30 as well. No other team had more than 3 in the top 30 and we only had one, Max in the 20's. I wanted to post after the game against Essendon that although Hurley played Ok we had so many better players out there that wouldn't have even been considered in the top 100 footballers going around in Slobbo's tiny little mind. Coincidentally the jerk then comes out on the Monday and does a big write up saying there's something wrong with footy and the AFL has to fix it. Then all the lazy assed media jump on board. I can tell you whenever Essendon gets beaten and Slobbo is all sad sack the AFL and footy is looking pretty damn good in my eyes.
  9. Trac is still learning what he is capable of. He is very ambitious but his ability isn't quite matching his ambition. A perfect example was in the 3rd quarter against St Kilda when he got given the ball on the wing after a turn-over and looked up at an open forward line with a player free over the back. Ne was probably 70 metres away and Trac tried to kick it there but couldn't quite execute and it dropped short to the Saints player. He has good vision and wants to do the extraordinary and when he learns to match his ability with his skill level he will be a gun. A matchwinner. He's only young and still developing. Gus is a chance to become elite but he is an accumulator, more blue collar. Like Harvey from the Saints by the time both boys hit 25 they will most likely both be top 50 in the league. Great for us to watch them slowly deliver on our hopes and dreams.
  10. I did. There was a bloke near me who barracked for the Saints and he was in a bit of pain blaming umpires and the players etc. It made me realise we are becoming a good team because I remember carrying on for the last umpteen years getting frustrated and looking to blame anything or anyone. I was very calm today. I enjoyed watching the footy. Gus was great. He has a great winning attitude. I'm very appreciative to go to the footy today and watch a game where my team was clearly superior to the Saints. We had winners all over the ground and the Saints only had one good player in Stephens. Things can change quickly and Gill will try his best to create deals that favor them but they were poor today with very few prospects. Boy I'm glad we finally look like we're out of that awful rut. Touch wood, fingers crossed.
  11. Their only asset is to score quickly at Etihad. They can be shut down by a good side and like us they don't have a plan B. Melbourne have scored poorly in the last two weeks and haven't been capable of playing 4 quarters. Their backs in Hurley and Hooker should be able to control Weids and Hogan so we never get clear of them, then if they turn on their best game in one quarter and score heavily against us we will lose. Essendon can definitely win this match. The wild card for us is TMac. If he plays well we can win. Anyone who thinks we should just win is delusional. It's an even money contest.
  12. Yeah Essendon this week hopefully. That's it. Think of nothing else. One week at a time.
  13. I agree with a lot of what you say especially about Richmonds spud brigade. It actually does give hope that players like ANB can be part of a successful side. As for top end talent. Rance was sensational. But Hogan was better than Riewoldt tonight and Jones, even though he bombs it a bit too much was not far behind Cotchin. Petracca is our best chance in a long while of being a top ten player and I thought he was great for the most part tonight. I think Oliver has been beat up a bit and is a bit sore. Look at Haneberry at Sydney. He has sore groins and just doesn't have the impact. We will need to take care of Clarry. But yes having Dusty and Rance goes a long way towards victory.
  14. Can only ever be a role player at best and he doesn't seem to know what he's meant to be doing, so just stuffs it up instead. This is a bit of a coaching issue coz Richmond are a team full of role players and they know their role and how to play it within their abilities. All our NQR players in ANB, Harmes,Tyson and Stretch to name a few don't know what to do out there and played terribly. Every time they touched the ball it ended in a Richmond goal. At least we now know. But boy we need to find some form soon or the whole thing might just unravel. It's almost back to the drawing board.
  15. It was off the cuff and the sound bite was very laconical Bernie virtually saying that is the worst job in footy going round and complimenting Martin as a great player. Perhaps he should have said the bland company line that its an important game and whoever gets the job will have a tough time but I'm happy to do whatever to get the team up etc etc but that's not Bernie and that's what I like about him, he is an old style player. However we do have a tagger in the VFL who although possessing about a tenth of the skill of Martin and only about half the skill level of Bernie would give 110% of his 10% to be out there.
  16. One of the best articles I've read about Melbourne in a long while. Max has a good understanding of MFC and is developing a strong loyalty to the club. Also wants success for the club. We are developing the building blocks to success with good leadership and a bunch of guys wanting to create their own slice of history for MFC. Well done Max
  17. I thought he was in the rehab group. Is the rectus femoris group a sub-group to the rehab group. Does he have to get out of the rectus femoris group into the rehab group then from there back into the main group. Sounds a long way off to me. Big doubt for Sunday.
  18. In bits and pieces of Footy I watched over the weekend Shaw from GWS and Heaney from Sydney threw a few (comparitively) heavy hits at one another. They should both get (comparitively) heavy fines if there is going to be consistency. I will watch for news. If they don't get fined the AFL and Christian and the MRP can go suck a big fat one. The thing that irks me is if Oliver transgresses in any way he's already got a record. He goes from a naughty boy to a very naughty boy
  19. I was there for about the last half hour or so. Saw Joel Smith's one handed pluck. He has got some great tricks, hopefully he can have an injury free year. I haven't got a lot to say, just some casual observations; There is a lot of talent on the park. We have a serious amount of depth. Actually our depth flattered us in JLT 1 coz we constantly had an AFL quality team on the ground even with the 7 extras. Hopefully we have some luck with injuries in the areas we are maybe a little thin. My players of note were Melksham who plays the small forward role very well. I think he is in for his best ever season in the game. Fritsch stands out. No news there. Balic. He was in the midfield mix and was pretty impressive. May not debut round 1 but should be a super addition to the Casey team and look for him to make his mark at some stage this year. My tip is for Frost to get a go this week. He looked ready. In the match sim Hogan played high half forward and Tom deep full forward. The mix seemed to work well.
  20. I loved Wonnameiri's (completely wrong spelling) goal in our big comeback against Fremantle at the "G". One of the best celebrations by a Melbourne player. I thought he was going to be a gun.
  21. I think that's the softest tribunal decision ever. Two decisions in and it's already a joke. Geez
  22. It's not good, it's not bad, it's what comes as a consequence that counts. If Goodwin flogs them and feels the need to re-assert his power over the group he may well lose them. He may need to swallow his pride . It may be a good lesson for him. They are all on a journey together, he may need to consult more. It may be a golden opportunity to create a "buy in" for the season. It may be the turning point for a good season. I hope Goodwin is smart with his next play.
  23. Brownlow, Norm Smith, Premiership in AFL, VFL and AFLW . Richmond couldn't do it. Pathetic. And don't anyone start suggesting they didn't have a team in the AFLW as an excuse or I'll spew up!
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