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  1. Now that we have access to Regional Vic I am heading back to the Goulburn Valley this weekend to visit the folks. I have a whole shed of late 80s and 90s Memorabilia that is currently gathering dust and cobwebs. I'll sort through it and hopefully be able to part with some of it for this. Someone will definitely want my signed Darren Bennett poster. He signed it along his outstretched leg. I also have a signed Todd Viney headband that I wore my entire junior footy career. Last time I checked the signature was still visible. On a serious note though I do have some great framed/sig
  2. This bolded comment is a public slap in the face to the players. This is the reason a once in a generation player like Clarry is unhappy with the club and will almost certainly leave us if the game plan and coach that Pert & Bartlett are backing fails for a 4th time in 5 years.
  3. @Dr evil FAIL !!!! Credibility gone !!!
  4. Demon's President Glen Bartlett has boldly claim that our list is Top 4 quality and has backed Goodwin to win us our 13th Flag. Also addressed Oliver rumours: On Oliver, who has been rumoured to be unhappy and on the radar of Carlton, Bartlett gave the strongest indication yet the midfielder would be at the Demons next year and reaffirmed the club’s interest in Ben Brown. ”Clarry will be playing for Melbourne,” he said. “We love Clayton Oliver… I hope we can get Brown to the club, but at the end of the day, they (the list management team) make the call.
  5. So which one is it? I really wish there was more transparency from the club in regards to injuries and in particular post season surgeries. Afterall post season surgeries were blamed for our poor 2019 season. I'm not suggesting that detailed medical histories be released but it would be nice to be reassured that we are not going to go into the preseason as the walking wounded.
  6. There’s a guy in a Facebook group I follow claiming this scoop as his own.
  7. For what it’s worth he’s unfollowed the Demons on Instagram.
  8. Sadly it could be as simple as a lack of respect for the coach and teammates and it’s massive problem if it’s widespread.
  9. You’ve got to love the irony that a decent coach coaching a decently coached team could be the one to save Goodwin’s [censored] in 2020.
  10. It’s only Deja vu to 2017 because we blew our chance to shape our own destiny and then had to sweat on other results. In fact this time we’re relying on low teams to beat higher teams. Even top placed Adelaide couldn’t help us in 2017.
  11. There is no way Hawthorn gets close to the Bulldogs. This is the team that lost to Adelaide. Bulldogs will crush them. Freo on the other hand are playing with pride and will relish the opportunity to effect the Final 8. Not saying they’ll knock the bulldogs off but they won’t roll over.
  12. She’ll probably have you working to build the border wall.
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