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  1. Does anyone know how many cat one tickets member has? im the only one flying across and have move interstate hoping we would make it . I have 2 x two cat tickets 1 x $1800 sponsorship ticket(mfc coterie ) or ro buy a cat 1 bar code for $260 on here plus hopefully the 495 seat all I want is a good seat to watch the match, which way should I go
  2. Hi all im lucky enough to have the resources to fly to another state to complete my iso before heading to Perth in the next ten days. if anyone has a prior one barcode I would appreciate as until I secure a ticket I will still be nervous Adam
  3. After reading an article about Sam Mitchell returning to the Hawks, he had a three year deal with WCE but left after one year, I was wondering why AFL clubs still bother with contracts? I know Carton have Bolton on an employee contract and I have only seen one real coach poached (Ross Lyon) so why do AFL clubs bother. Given the players/coaches complete disregard for contracts and clubs happy to break/trade them, is there any benefit to a contract? It seems the clubs get lumped with a contract in a long term injury situation but they have lost any real benefit of securing talent long term.
  4. F... me Which clubs are big enough to cause a stink and get the fixture changed... surely not??? Whilst I have no doubt that it is true, it just demonstrates how far the AFL has moved from a sport to a business venture
  5. Failed coach who was only moved into admin so they didn’t have to pay out his contract. Received a lot of credit in the media for others work (a little like a senior coach) but is only 50/50. The GM football manager in an AFL clubs having a huge difference in responsibilities and reports. I don’t think Mahoney has huge responsibilities in term of the AFL landscape. He in the seat when we have had a successful rebuild but wouldn’t give him huge responsibility for it. Roos and Viney did a lot of the work especially in Roos third year when Goodwin was the coach without the media pressure.
  6. They just had a single digit pick they downgraded!!! It should be that ‘we told you the price’ now don’t come cap in hand because you spent the cash elsewhere
  7. Didn’t Freo do this with McCarthy??? entice him to leave/break contract to come home and then fail to cough up for a trade.
  8. There is six full time staff from each club working on these trades. It’s not hard to say if we trade Neale we’ll give you 5 and 11. The restriction of resources doesn’t stop hypotheticals in a deal.
  9. The issue is the clubs May wants to play for don’t have the currency to trade for him. We were only talking to him about free agency next year and the Hogan situation gave us the Currency to move up the timeline
  10. We won’t get 11 as that is earmarked for Lobb
  11. Think it will be the following Freo receive pick 4 for Neale trade 4 to port for 9 and 10 Give MELBOURNE pick 5 and 10 for hogan ( this gives us the two top ten picks but not 4 and 5 thus freo take one top ten to the draft) MELBOURNE give 5 (hopefully 10) for May (might be 10 for May or 5 for May and kk) MELBOURNE go to draft with either 5 or 10
  12. Go have a look at the can Goodwin coach thread. That is the issue raised there. The question marks around round his coaching (or my question marks) was will he adjust his game plan or will he follow it at all costs. I think he has answered the first question as it has been adjusted since the middle of the season but I think it still needs to be changed to have success on off days. Its high risk/high reward and we could of won it this year but I don’t think we have the ability to adjust if the opposition get on top or we have a slightly off day.
  13. The coaches haven’t failed they just need to work out the balance and how to stop the easy scoring. it could be that we want a shoot out and are happy to concede the easy scores out the back but believe they will struggle to get it past the wing (current plan I believe) and that works for our scoring plans. I think its it’s too high risk/ high reward and changes are needed for the next step as you can’t have an off day and still win
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