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  1. Time to delete the “is Goodwin the right guy” thread. He had a clear vision of the game style he wanted us to play and stuck to it. Last night his vision was on full display
  2. just passed on my 4 to a family in WA who i work with - they are rapt because apparently tickets are hard to come by? Naturally the condition was "yell like hell for the Dees" - being Eagles fans they accepted
  3. Hi Friends Does anyone on Demonlande know where i can place a "Same Match Multi" on the Geelong Vs Melbourne Prelim? Here are my 3 legs; Dangerfield to shirtfront a demon player and not get reported, Selwwod to "accidentally" target Clarry's Head and get away with it, and Hawkins to "magically" somehow send Mazzy off with a head injury The only problem i see with my bet is the odds wont be that great. PS i also tried to get a bet on Selwood to get 3+ frees for ducking his head - but because he is elite at this no Bookie will take the bet- Blue = elite
  4. 9 secs left after max missed in 2018 and I think we still had a small opportunity after they kicked it in
  5. Took awhile but finally the coaches agreed with me and guess what -brown goes well and we win
  6. As usual I am in the Confusion Room. In the last 2 matches Tom, Charlie, Kozzie and Bayley have kicked 3 goals. That’s not 3 goals a match that is 3 goals in total. I get Pressure Acts are some sort of God that gets worshipped by the coaches, but can’t we expect Pressure Acts + goals from our forwards? Surely if Ben kicks 5 in a match, albeit VFL, he deserves a chance? He is proven at AFL level and was drafted to kick goals. I’m hoping it’s the weather as most have pointed out
  7. My point was that coaches can and do make mistakes, perhaps persevering with Sam at the xpense of Ben is a mistake? Who knows only time will tell. The message sent to McDonald, loud and clear, was your not wanted at the club. The fact that Tom was able to rise above such a poor decison from the coaching/list management team say much about Tom and a fair bit about the others
  8. Im sitting at my desk working and need a distraction, so lets keep going. Demonland is mostly made up of peoples opinions - not usually facts directly from inside the club. My opinion was that Brown appears to be ready to go now and Weid has not performed over the last 4 weeks- which part do you disagree with? Brown in rounds 7 and 8 kicked 5 goals. Sam in rounds 9,10,11 and 12 kicked 4.3. So, i had the opinion that maybe ther is another reason why Brown is not in the side. It does not appear to be form.
  9. well now that you have brought up the coaches- are you refrerring to the ones that wanted to trade Mc Donald?
  10. Possibly, or maybe they are saving Brown for the back half of the season, maybe they are still unsure about his injury? All i really know is that unless your " inside the tent" all our opinions are just that.
  11. Brown is ready to go now, and needs to fit into our system before the finals. He been an All Austrlian nominee 3 times, kicked 292 goals, leading goal kicker 4 times, 28 years old, uninjured and in his prime. Sam has kicked 49 goals in 5 1/2 seasons. its a no brainer for me. Sam may be great next year or the year after, who know? but he is not great now.
  12. Ask the doctors. I would only bring Viney back in if he can last until finals. That is when he will be needed. He lifts like no other player when the going really gets tuff. if not hold off until the medicos are sure his foot/toe/whatever else is cherry ripe
  13. For those that think bringing Oscar Baker back into the side, here is my take. Baker is the Billy Stretch or JKH of the team- shows a bit of promise in the twos. Comes into the senior side for a game. Not up to it. Gets dropped for a month or two. An injury occurs so he gets promoted again, and the cycle goes on until he is delisted after 4 or 5 years. He has been with Melbourne for 4 years and unlike many players who have been recruited since 2018 cant cement a spot. Skills and endevour not up to it IMO.
  14. busy week at work and i have not followed the comings and goings at training- does anyone know why we did not pick either Weiderman or Brown?
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