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  1. Grievance archeologists are at it again. Lewis should be punished for his thoughts.
  2. I met Mark at his video store many years ago to pick up a copy of a Robbie Flower compilation video that was put together by Ash29 (an Essendon supporter who posts rarely now). A true gentle man and a lovely chat. RIP Mark. Condolences to his family.
  3. I can't take seriously any teams posted that include Baker, Smith, Lockhart, or Hore. At best they're VFL quality players.
  4. Balme never won a flag during his administrative tenure at Collingwood.
  5. It's unlike you to overthink things...
  6. You'd have to say Mahoney's been a great servant of the club. Getting 13 years from any employee is fantastic. But it's also a long time. I don't know how anyone could be annoyed with the MFC or Mahoney. It's been a good union.
  7. You might not like the line of questioning, but the discussion is hardly ''strange''.
  8. It's hardly strange people are asking questions or commenting on an integral role within the MFC. It would be ''strange'' not to.
  9. Doesn't wash with me. Don't sign a contract under those circumstances, or move your kids.
  10. What are these ''compassionate'' reasons ?
  11. Yes, I remember. I had this view for about a week. It was no longer than a week, but well done. A fat bolter not considered good enough can make you skeptical. You've had a great win here. I'm going to have a nice glass of red in your honour. But, unfortunately, you'll still be you in the morning.
  12. Yep. I was very keen for the MFC to become a McDonald-free zone. In 2021 he'll be bending us over even when he's kicking the dew. I'm not one of those supporters who tries to make good of a bad situation. It's shouse that we kept him. But I can still laugh at Collingwood.
  13. From a Collingwood supporter: ''I'd rather have a beer with Dom Sheed and watch the 2018 GF then have a beer with Ned Guy''
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