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  1. I'd rather back Melksham to regain his 2018 form than worry about omitting the underwhelming Sparrow. I have vivid memories of Melksham beating the highly rated Sicily in that second final. Also, Melksham's kicking inside 50 was written about in that year. ''The Demons forward has won nine out of his 14 one-on-one contests in the attacking 50m this season, with his career-best form a key reason behind the club’s surge to third on the ladder.'' ''This season the Demons have retained possession from 23 out of Melksham’s 35 kicks inside 50m, ranked No.2 in the AFL and above e
  2. Melksham is no longer popular around here, but it's a new year and for me he makes us better if he's perfoming. I'd like to see how he goes and I can live without Sparrow's 4 disposals.
  3. Why people want Baker or Lockhart near this side is unfathomable to me.
  4. It's too early to get too excited, although the signs are encouraging. That said, does anyone feel like a peanut for carrying on like a dope when we lost a practice match in which 6 of last year's top 10 in the B&F were missing ?
  5. I thought Treloar couldn't kick according to many of the luminaries on here. Dopes.
  6. Oliver Petracca Salem Langdon Tomlinson Gawn
  7. Clearly you don't do football. Without question Viney is above average speed for an inside mid. He's certainly not ''slow''.
  8. Petty should be playing ahead of Tomlinson in the back-line. May, Lever, Petty is optimal. That said, you're right. Without Brown and Weideman, Petty as a fill-in key forward makes sense. McDonald, Jackson with Gawn floating forward isn't the answer. We ned to be flexible and Petty forward is a better option. Even if only for a few weeks.
  9. Not only did 6 of our top 10 from last year's B&F not play, all of the Dogs top 10 from last year did. Perspective.
  10. It's not like you to complicate or over-think things.
  11. Bailey Laurie Forward Bailey Laurie was selected by the Demons with pick No. 22 of the 2020 Draft. Coming from the Oakleigh Chargers, Laurie possesses lightning speed, silky skills and an ability to read the game, making him a dynamic recruit for the club. While the 18-year-old can play on the wing, he will prove most valuable around the goals and could have an impact for Melbourne in 2021. 😆🤣😂
  12. Six of last year's top 10 in the Best & Fairest didn't play. I'm guessing they would have made a difference, along with a 60 goal proven forward.
  13. I do. Mainly because of our list profile. It's taken a number of years, but we're now the 5th oldest team and from a ''games played'' perspective we're 7th. Importantly, many of our best players are in their 20s and most are 23-25 and finally in their prime. Petracca 25, Oliver 23, Lever 25, Langdon 25, Salem 25, Brayshaw 25, Fritsch 24, Weideman 23 and hopefully an improved Harmes 25. Every one of those players should expect to finish top 10 in the B&F (except for Weideman-delayed start). And May, Gawn, Viney and Ben Brown are still under 30 for all of 2021. That's a he
  14. And it was Mark Williams playing him on the wing in 2019 for Werribee, although I don't believe he started the season there.
  15. In an interview in 2019 with ex Demon Jack Fitzpatrick Kye says his best position is the wing. That said, I don't take much notice of those types of player comments, albeit I thought it was interesting. He certainly seems flexible from a positional point of view.
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