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  1. Hawkins casual whack to petty’s head on the boundary akin to causal racism. Needs to be called out by the umps.
  2. That Hogan kid is doing alright! Maybe we should ask the question?
  3. Could he do a Jordan Lewis and leave for the team he barracked for as a youngster? (I think I remember hearing that?). He and Maynard would be great depth!
  4. To be fair to Stanley, it did look like he was told to go back to the goal line by a senior player. Hawkins was guarding grass nearby. Stanley looked around after and looked furious at his teammates call.
  5. 😂 A well balanced and humorous response, although I’m not sure how your girlfriend would feel about being featured so prominently. I guess she’s used to cleaning up your messes.
  6. I understand your desire to enjoy the game in the vacuum of your moral sanctity. However, seeing you feel the need to attempt to trump a perfectly reasonable discussion on how best the show support for one of our own players with illiberal ideology, I’d like to take the opportunity to call out your cynical use of the term political correctness as a fig-leaf of naked prejudice and a smoke screen for regressivism. To demonise the term, is not a passive cry for freedom of speech or political thought, but a means of suppression for those who care to think outside their own bubble and more specifically those who face discrimination on a consistent basis. The antonym of political correctness is political incorrectness, a concept that one who usually writes in an intelligent and well meaning way, I’m sure sees as an oversight.
  7. Interesting to see James Tomkins in twice. Perhaps he was a fan of the proposed merge back in the day?
  8. Rest Jones Bradshaw covers jones tmac to wing bbb ff
  9. Yze: brings kicking skills and Avant- garde strategy. Williams: self belief, knows the ropes of a grand final journey, kicking skills, slightly crazy. Burgess: first full season to show player fitness superiority. Belief Goodwin: hope he finds the keys to those MIA quarters and draws on the experience of those now surrounding him. id love to see us play games where fundamental skill errors are a rarity and the game plan can evolve outside hitting the ‘hotspot’ up forward. Bitter, but, optimistic.
  10. Is it just me or does it seem like Yze might have had some influence on the type of player we were looking for this draft. Not very Melbourne-like to draft good ball users with speed. Not one inside mid, messiah or ‘athlete’ with potential. Are they signposting a coaching transition? Anyway, good to see needs being addressed and I look forward to a season where our players either, execute the game plan correctly or the plan is exposed for what it’s worth.
  11. Ruthless! This deal is the zephyr, billowing the sails of our merciless journey, till shores of 2021 we embark, to pillage and vanquish our foe. Remorse has no kin here. Our enemies will rue the day we wrenched pick 43 from those hapless fools.
  12. The blood red snow seems to be a good fit. A bit of advance marketing to get the project ticked off?
  13. Wow! I’m sorry for Jack, he’s put his heart and soul into the role, but, it might be time to focus on becoming the player he is destined to be, rather than forcing a hand that wasn’t as strong. Max will be a breath of fresh air and hopefully the beginning of a new era. Go Dees.
  14. Hi DV, Team: Demi Dees Coach: Stuart Thanks for organising, it’s been a couple of years since I last played, so go easy on me.
  15. I’m hoping May feels like he can bring out Oscar’s aggression and appetite for the contest. A cohesive, non injury interrupted pre-season may be the miracle cure our backline has looking for. Optimistic? It’s pre-season. Of course, I’m optimistic.
  16. O'Meara? Ortazio ? OMG? OMG=Ablett. Disclaimer: not saying I'm pining for these players, just playing the O game
  17. Isaac smith. Lewis connection.outside speed. I wonder
  18. Would prefer the other Lauchie from that club. Apparently wants to come back to Melbourne anyway.
  19. It would devastate me to see Watts traded and become the player we always hoped he would. Maybe it's the optimist in me, but, I think he'll own next year. Hopefully at our club.
  20. Knowing our luck we'll reach the grand final and have Razor and Nicholls officiate proceedings.
  21. I love that Vanders really strikes fear into the oppositions. He and Viney must make the night before the game the stuff of nightmares. Hope he stays fit and gets a new contract.
  22. Not the sort of snow we're renowned for loving.
  23. Are they part of that evil triumphant of the Rothschilds, the queen and colonel Sanders with his wee beady eyes?
  24. Let's hope we can keep this ball rolling. If we win next week we can jump into third spot on the ladder. GWS play the Cats at home, and port play Richmond. Any way it falls it will loosen up the top four. Now for us to get up and grab another HUGE win.
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