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  1. I hope we are into Papely - send Pruess and draft picks (Maybe first rounder next year) to swans , as they are desperate for a ruckman
  2. Thinking that the season will be pushed back 4-5 weeks (based on other codes around the world ) then the bye rounds and pre finals bye scrapped. Play 1-2 extra games during the year (less breaks) and push finals into October I’d imagine too much at stake with broadcast deals not too play all matches
  3. Sometimes u need to make tough decisions! No doubt it's hard to get your head around him playing at another club , but sometimes you just need to move players on and the club needs to move on from the past
  4. Told me source cannot be named but from another club
  5. Will end up at Port Out Watts and a late pick in pick 30 and a ruckman
  6. Dees put him on the table and want him out - decreases his value - 3rd round pick 47 from Port . Move on Jack Lever a Definite Dee Motlop will stay at Cats - stringer to the bombers
  7. Different Jack Watts - he played at uni blues
  8. Goodwin just said on fox slight medial strain for Gus and taking no risk
  9. Just a thought Out Howe & Toumpas In Kennedy, pick 28 & pick 29 (Part of a deal with seedsman to Adelaide, collingwood , port and dees) maybe some late swap of picks aswell
  10. Mike Sheenan said OTC that MC will not be at Melbourne and was seen at the Westpac Centre on Friday.......Gone
  11. Annual Lifetime fee just paid - I must admit you guys do an exceptional job running this site. Well Done and go dees in 2014 and beyond
  12. More suited to a half back flanker and not a pure outside mid which is a necessity
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