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  1. So Roosy actually did immediately want to draft him based off his highlights vid. I always thought that rumor was a bit far fetched.
  2. I feel like he’s just as good early. Oliver, Jackson and Kosi were all brave “reach” picks that went against the grain. We could have easily gone down the safe route in each case with Parish, Hayden Young and Weightman and still ended up fairly pleased, but the three he went with are light years ahead.
  3. Oooooo good call on the Watts goal, that one had slipped my mind. Definitely up there.
  4. Two weeks to kill time so why not open this up for discussion? Here's my list of all time favourite MFC goals. 1. Max Gawn vs Geelong Rd 23, 2021 2. Mitch Hannan vs Geelong EF 2018 3. Max Gawn (from 55m) vs Geelong PF 2021 4. Jeff White vs Bulldogs 2005 5. Adem Yze vs Adelaide SF 2002 6. David Schwarz vs Carlton QF 1994 7. Austin Wonaemirri vs Fremantle 2008 8. Cam Bruce vs Carlton QF 2000 9. David Neitz vs St.Kilda EF 2006 10. Russel Robertson vs Essendon 2005 First year watching Melbourne: 1994 A lot of these are ranked on context hence why goals like Farmer's in 1998 missed the cut.
  5. Jason Bennett’s “ARE YOU KIDDING!?!” when Max marked in third quarter goes straight to the top of iconic MFC commentary moments surely.
  6. Deadset one of the most powerful images I've ever seen in footy.
  7. I hate Geelong with a passion. Like, I properly hate them. Tune it and barrack hard against them every week. I've never felt physically ill before a game until yesterday because of this. Last night (and Rd 23) have just about made my life complete. Max Gawn is literally the Demons GOAT.
  8. My everlasting memory of the COVID pandemic will be this 2021 Melbourne team. I'll remember Gawn's goal to the day I die. It's a yes from me.
  9. The Channel 7 one is brilliant. Really captures the pain we've all felt as fans over the past 20 years especially. Am I right in saying a few of the fan snippets were from Round 2, 2013 after the 150 point defeat to Essendon?
  10. Anyone know what his contract status is? Turns 30 before next season commences but is coming off two AA-level seasons (robbed of one jacket) and surely has many good years left in him. I could even him playing the next 2-3 as the team's full back, then another 2-3 in the Hibberd role or even the Salem role. A 35-year-old May would still be good enough for AFL footy.
  11. Clayton Oliver. My goodness if that's a junior game you'd be taking him off the ground at half time as to not destroy the confidence of everyone else. Unbelievable.
  12. Spargo doing it to Selwood himself and getting a free in the Round 4 game was the highlight of the year for me. Don’t like it generally but every club has a player that does it, and it’s been rewarded for years, so we may as well get with the program. I actually thought Kosi did this as well as I’ve ever seen a couple of weeks back against the Eagles. With his height and perfect technique, I’d argue there was absolutely nothing Yeo could have done except give away a free kick (goal).
  13. Honestly think they nailed the Dees players this year. Minor premiers always get the lions share. Thanks again Max! I would anticipate Lever, Oliver, Trac and Gawn are locks for the 22 and should start getting their suits ready. May should a have a suit on standby. Fritsch and Salem needn’t worry but fantastic years nonetheless.
  14. In my 33 years on this wonderful planet, I've never ever ever ever had a feeling like that. My [censored] goodness.
  15. I definitely remember there was a big shift after we actually selected him and his post draft highlights came out. But apologies for painting everyone on here with the same brush. I will unashamedly admit and I didn’t want him at all.
  16. There may have been some exceptions but this board was definitely cold on Jackson. I remember that much. His pre draft highlights vid was pretty ordinary plus all the reasons I listed above.
  17. I can still remember the commentary on here in October/November 2019. NOBODY wanted to draft this guy. I struggle to remember even one poster who did. It seemed like a ridiculous call to take him. We had a prime Max Gawn who'd just got his third AA guernsey, Preuss was only one year into a lucrative four year deal, and this Jackson kid would take five years to come good if he was going to come good at all. Then we had the potential go home factor as the cherry on top. Fast forward not even two years and he's already a crucial part of our premiership tilt. I'm sure not even JT could have predicted he'd be this good, but he deserves enormous credit for making such a ballsy call. He was right and we were all wrong, again.
  18. Probably the least invested I've been in a game since 2019 but plenty to take from it. The Gawn/Jackson combination at the moment is just poetry. Most sides would kill for one player of that quality. Fritsch is going to be hard to ignore for AA based on this performance. Kicks goals in his sleep. Still a lot to work on. I'm not totally convinced by the form of Sparrow and Jordan. As frustrating as Viney can be, I think he clearly offers more at present and will be straight in for one of then. I also like Melksham and have him as an "In" for the finals but that free kick he gave away was disgraceful.
  19. Joel Smith being a late in and randomly playing the best game of his career is exactly the kind of thing that would happen against us in years gone by. I’m starting to believe.
  20. Funny how BBB was one of my most hated players in the competition 12 months ago and now one of my favorites for doing the exact same thing.
  21. Good player and I’m sure he behaves that way deliberately but [censored] I hate Cody Weightman.
  22. I don't normally pay attention to player interviews as they are ridden with boring cliches and straight bats. But Steven May has long been an exception to the rule and I'll always make sure to tune in when he's on. This is his best one yet IMO. https://player.whooshkaa.com/player/playlist/show/1919?visual=true&sharing=true&episode=889928 What a fantastic acquisition this guy has been, and arguably the most important piece of our premiership tilt.
  23. We were right into him in 2019. Probably would have bid for him if Jackson wasn't there. JT was seeing them like beach balls that year, given the three we ended up picking and the interest in Georgiadis/Green. They are 5 of the very best players from the whole draft. I think one of the reasons we were so big on Green though was his tremendous character, and those sorts generally don't go chasing coin after two seasons. So I'd give us little chance of landing him. Would cost a decent draft pick that we don't have in stock too. One player I'd love to see us go after is Mitch Wallis. This guy is out of favour but tore us a new one at Metricon only 12 months ago, and was doing it to teams regularly up until this year. Would give us more firepower and a point of difference to BBB, TMac and Fritsch. Approaching 30 but this age demographic fits in with a sustained flag push and he wouldn't cost much.
  24. There's a good chat up with LJ on the Gus and Gawny podcast - about 30 minutes in total. Amongst the banter and the "getting to know you" kind of stuff, two things stood out to me: 1. He said was 91kg on draft night and has already hit the ton. 2. He could not have said "Nup!" quick enough when Gawny went serious and asked him if it was tough living away from Perth. He even thinks Melbourne has overtaken Perth as a city (despite being COVID-ravaged for most of his time - as Gawny pointed out) He's a ripper.
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