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  1. “AFL star’s Mums amazing $2 K-Mart hack”. The peak of Australian journalism.
  2. Was that Jordie McKenzie kicking the first goal in the footage? Not all bloodnuts look the same, racists.
  3. Yep, December this year he’s leaving Geelong after announcing his retirement less than two weeks ago. I’d find it odd if he’d committed to a role at the MFC.
  4. Haven’t heard from @picket fence yet, I bet he’s had a heart attack.
  5. Choosing to throw an elbow backwards is not accidental it’s careless. According to the text below Hawkins should receive at least one week.
  6. If I played against St Kilda I reckon I’d give the ball to Zak Jones on purpose.
  7. Being a successful takes a holistic approach, it’s not just winning games on the field, it’s also list and injury management etc. This is one of the more poorer suggestions I’ve heard in a while, so that’s saying something.
  8. If I played for Melbourne and was loaned to Collingwood, I would definitely kick the ball towards Melbourne’s goals and pass it to Melbourne players.
  9. I knew we’d be 3 and zip but just didn’t tell anyone.
  10. That’s why torture doesn’t work. They just give in and tell you what you want to hear for it to stop.
  11. GWS are playing terrible football and we’re 2-0. Historically, this is the sort of game we’d lose. Time will tell but I have very little confidence at this stage.
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