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  1. Clayton Oliver was incredible yesterday. Some of his ball handling and clearances were absolutely ridiculous. If it wasn’t for Gawn and Trac being distractingly phenomenal we’d be talking about Clarry. Jet.
  2. Pretty spot on to me. Our game plan was solid when it was new in 2018. Teams adapted and we were underdone. We have a powerful inside mid team, so we need a game plan to take advantage of that. 2020 game plan looks to me to be something like 70% of the contest focus of 2018, and then a 30% shift to controlling the ball on the outside. It’s a solid plan with our list. No game plan will ever work if players are second guessing themselves like we did in the second half on the weekend. I’m not saying this gameplan will work. Just that on paper, it makes sense. I mostly just think that in general we’re not comfortable being the hunted. We’re good when we’re behind or early in the game but once we’re the favourites and have expectations to win we crumble. That’s what Goodwin needs to address.
  3. In: Weid & Kozi Out: Jacko & ANB Unlucky: Vanders No need to panic. Jacko looks promising but he’s had a taste, now needs some continuity in the 2s. Bad luck for ANB but Kozi is just so dangerous that even after 1 game he needs to come back in and stay there. Melksham has so many runs on the board it’s not funny. Arguably our most important player when on form so he’s not going anywhere. Jones was poor but I’d back him to bounce back. Actually think smith had some great moments just had two shockers that resulted in goals. I reckon persist with him, could be great if he figures that role out.
  4. Panic about us is completely out of control. Should have beaten Adelaide, Westcoast, North, Essendon and Bulldogs if it wasn’t for poor kicking for goal. Outrageously young team with serious injuries. The game got faster this year and our runners were injured. That will be addressed. Game fundamentals addressed. Fitness improved. Draft #3. Draw easier. I see us getting 10 wins easily. Hopefully improved polish and some grit will get us into the finals.
  5. It’s all about execution. First 3 quarters against west coast we took it on and looked good. The rest of the year we’ve been a fumbling mess. No game plan works when you fumble and miss your targets. Simple as that.
  6. Considering the injury, gotta be more than Bugg, right? I’d have no issue with 10 weeks. I’m expecting 8.
  7. The main thing is our spread I think. The ball isn’t getting stuck in the contest. We’re winning the contest and immediately moving the ball quickly is n the outside. The balance was wrong in the first 4 rounds and has gradually improved since. Against Adelaide is was damn near perfect.
  8. Thought Tyson was our worst yesterday. He’s been steadily improving and seemed to have some urgency in his game. But yesterday regressed badly. Almost every turnover could be traced back to him. Not taking the first option, trying to break tackles, putting teammates under pressure, missing targets... I struggle to see him in our side in 12 months time unless he improves. This sucks because I genuinely like the guy. His first season for us was quality, especially when we were so rubbish.
  9. Great win. I thought we smashed them. Tyson drives me crazy, he appears to play in slow motion sometimes and gets caught or misses the first option. So often turnovers can be traced back to him. Wouldn’t be surprised if he comes out for Viney. Hogan was huge. Gawn is AA again. Clarry was phenomenal and maybe a few too many handballs but he’s probably the best handballer in the game so the issue with his handball/kick ratio is way overblown. Gus is playing like a number 3 draft pick. Looks like a jet. good times! ps. Reasonably satisfying seeing the talent that St Kilda took struggling so much. I don’t wish poor fortune on any team but some teams just have to be worse than us.
  10. Could not disagree more. Expecting continued improvement this week.
  11. Carey writes the same article every year. Ignore.
  12. uurrrggghhh. I don't completely disagree but also, Brayshaw definitely didn't pick himself on pre season form. Hunt is and was out of form. I kind of thought Stretch came in for Bugg. I thought Pedo being dropping was called for given his performance. The replacements for our problem players aren't super obvious in my opinion. Also, I'd be tempted to give Brayshaw a bit more mid time if it means that Petracca can get more time forward.
  13. Weideman has to stay. Needs games and was promising on Tuesday. He hasn't been setting the world on fire, but Fritsch just feels like he has the cleanness we need. Maybe Maynard comes in to allow Petracca more time forward? Garlett and Stretch get one more chance for me. I know the veil (of negativity) is well and truly down, but I think we're a chance to destroy Essendon this week. They are lost. We played hard footy on Tuesday and lost to a better team. Contain Stringer, Merrett, Daniher and we're set. Tmac comes in if ready and we play three talls. I'm sick of Pedo. Plays a great game and is then useless for the next 3. Goes back to the twos and plays good footy prompting everyone to demand he needs to come back. He went back for a reason. I'm over it and would rather we get games into Weid.
  14. One thing I'll add is that I want to see some of our players with X factor back themselves a bit more. I loved Clarry's shot from the boundary line from outside 50. Nearly nailed it. Trac needs to take some shots from 50 when he gets even a bit of space. Hunt tried to bring his speed but was well shut down. Salem can hit a dime at 50 metres so should be looking to hit the goals more often. And Bernie used to to kick a 50m bomb goal every game. I'd rather these guys were backing themselves and missing than hesitating. When someone does something like what these guys are capable of, it lifts the whole team.
  15. Of all the over the top melt downs on here tonight, I have no idea why Weideman is in the firing line. Great game from a young key forward. Crashed packs, took a few grabs, showed some aggression. What's he played? 10-15 games? sheesh. He'll kick a bag if we stick with him this year. Some seem to make a decision on players and then ignore what they see in front of their eyes. Gutted with the loss. But the pressure we applied with some improved skills and efficiency inside 50 will be good enough to take care of most teams in the comp. The blowout was completely understandable for me. It wasn't that we couldn't keep up anymore, it was how much effort we'd put into getting back into the game for no reward. It's completely demoralising. My brain was ready to melt and I was exerting no physical energy. A few cleaner chains of possessions, Hogan kicks that goal and we're in front midway through the last. That makes all the difference to the mindset of our players when it comes to the effort at the end of the game. Our defence was very good. Oscar, Lever, Hibberd, Jetta finally clicked and you can see what the plan is here. More of this please. It's also worth noting that Richmond are very, very good. In particular their finishing around goal. They have about 5 players who barely touch the ball except for when they get a crumb in the forward 50. One step and they goal. So clean. They make half chances into goals. So many of their goals were from contests that we did well to even up only for a wet and slippery ball to somehow pop out to their advantage. The score at the end flattered them. The game was closer than that. In terms of the closeness of the game, it felt like a 20 point loss. Which I think is about right. The game plan has merit and issues. We dominate the ground balls so we play chaos footy. When the ball is on the deck we look intense and control the game. It's a strength of ours so we're wise to play this way. But the result is that our disposals are constantly rushed and we're completely stuffed by the end. We just need to grab say 20% of North Melbourne's game plan where they move the ball with a bit more control and take their time. There were moments in the game where we tried to do this, but Richmond just doesn't allow uncontested marks and we fumbled too much to execute it. The backline finally worked, but Richmond shut down our ball movement. The game plan will be OK I think. Our biggest issue is our players. We have some seriously out of form players who are failing to execute the game plan, or even footy fundamentals. We don't have obvious replacements for them in the twos either. Our small forwards were horrible. Players we expected to step up have gone backwards. ANB, Harmes, Jeff, Hunt, Stretch, Tyson, Vince, Wagner are all not performing to the level we expect. Positives are Hogan, Clarry, Gawn, Hibberd (huge tonight), Lever, Omac, Salem, Brayshaw, Petracca. I think Salem, who has only played maybe 8 games as a mid, is really growing into the role. Add in Viney & Tmac. Maybe Balic comes in for one of Harmes and ANB. Play a few games in dry conditions. We have winnable games the next 4 rounds. Let's see where we are then. I think a few wins and a bit of confidence will make a difference. 2018 is not going as well as we'd hoped, but it's not as bad as it feels yet.
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