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  1. Following Viney's 2 game suspension (and arguable drop of form) - it would seem as though we have a hole in our midfield for a third on-baller. Why haven't we given Gus a go back on the ball in the position he dominated in 2018? He has past the worst of his concussion and James Jordon has played very well as that defensive wingman in the past. Is there something I'm missing? Everyone remembers Gus' game against Adelaide where he racked up 37 possessions and 3 goals - wouldn't be the worst tactical change come finals time. Looking at what his brother is doing over at Freo, we all know Gus can match it and go one better! It also allows Tracca to spend more time as that dangerous Dusty-type player up forward as Oliver's midfield workload would be shared with Gus.
  2. As the season progresses, I have noticed a distinct drop off in both these parameters from the way we played last year and even the start of the season. Perhaps it's partly due to our opponents of the last two or three weeks who we didn't perform particularly well against in these area last year either, but I suspect it has been a trend over the course of the season. I can understand that perhaps we might now be prioritizing the quality of forward 50 entries as opposed to just banging it in their to be rebounded, but we seem to struggle to move the ball forward of centre full stop. It is particularly noticeable at stoppages and center bounces that where once these were our strength, now I see all too readily our opposition take the ball away with ease after a tap goes to two or three players standing meters clear of any opponent. I know there have been calls about poor work rate and about our players all hunting the ball on the inside like bees to a honey pot, but surely when we are getting out positioned at relatively static situations at clearances to the point the opposition takes the ball away with relative ease, then it's not just effort but dumb football handing such gifts to our opponents that we then have to work out butts off to get back. I find these trends particularly concerning when we have basically the best ruck in the league and haven't suffered injury wise in the middle. Anyone else noticed and have any thoughts on this?
  3. Wrote this in the 'Who do we realistically target' thread, but thought I'd give him his on thread. With our need for an outside runner with good ball use, how about Sam Mayes from Brisbane? Was mentioned on The Wash Up as being out of favor. Was a highly rated junior (Viney's year), so maybe a change of locations would help plus playing in a better team? Given we don't have much to trade with this year, maybe we could get him for a future 3rd rounder? http://www.lions.com.au/player-profile/sam-mayes Cal Twomeys write up on him in his draft year: http://www.afc.com.au/news/2012-11-20/aflcomaus-phantom-draft
  4. So round one we face the most intimidating lineup of midfield A+ graders I've ever seen. It reads like the mid line of a fantasy football team. Anyone else worried about getting pantsed here?
  5. "South Australian footy champ Kane Cornes says Adelaide's Brad Crouch is 'disgruntled' and looks set to return to Victoria." http://www.3aw.com.au/news/hawthorn-perfect-fit-for-brad-crouch-says-kane-cornes-20160623-gpqkn9.html Thoughts? Would we have to chose between him and Prestia, or could we have a crack at both and hope to get one of them?
  6. I wanted to discuss an aspect of how we can get better in 2014, and what midfieders in their prime the new coach will have at his disposal. I have developed an arbitrary formula for determining when players reach their 'prime' (the experience and time to build your body to consistently give your best). It's a sliding scale of Years in the system OR Games played depending on how old the player was when taken: 18/19: 4 Y, 70G 20: 3Y, 60G 21: 3Y, 50G 22: 2Y, 40G 23: 2Y, 30G 24: 1Y, 20G 25: 1Y, 10G As soon as a player has had their minimum years of experience then the amount of games played against their current age will determine whether they have reached their 'prime.' Basically, Sellar is in his prime because he has played more than 10 games as a 25 year old even though he has not played the 70 games since being drafted as a teenager. From this, admittedly arbitrary, table the following are our prime midfielders this year: Jones, Grimes, Bail, Davey, Rodan, Sylvia, Byrnes and Magner. Prime in 2014 In 2014, these names will be added to that list: M.Jones, McKenzie, Trengove, Blease, Couch, Tapscott, and Howe. This will mean adding 4 or 5 players to the list of midfielders that, assuming they have a decent pre-season, can be counted on to be at their best and ready to contribute consistently. Young Mids with a Elite Facet Added to these names can be those that don't graduate just yet for their prime but bring an elite facet to the AFL from day one; they can contribute immediately. I can see 4 of those amongst our young mids: Viney (clearances), Evans (ball winning), Toumpas (skills), and Kent (skills). Analysis While this is not scientific I think it gives a rough guide to why we have been so poor and how it can turn around. It will come, predominantly, from those players I have named: Jones, M.Jones, Magner, McKenzie, Grimes, Trengove, Bail, Blease, Tapscott, Howe, and Sylvia (if he sticks around). With Viney, Evans, Toumpas, and Kent able to play small roles next year. That list is not fantastic, obviously, but I just wanted to highlight those that should be reaching the point where they should be able to play consistent footy, and for the footy club to make a judgement on these players. If the judgement on M.Jones, Bail, Magner, Tapscott, and Blease is more positive than negative, and if Trengove and Grimes can be healthy this November (and stay healthy) then we will improve in 2014.
  7. We all know that our midfield is by far our biggest downfall, what do you think can be done this year by Neeld to restrict the damage. We have one decent midfielder at present being of course Nathan Jones probably followed at present by Grimes. This is an issue as currently I do not rate Grimes very highly, he is committed but predictable and lacks any amazing qualities (not particularly strong, good kick or fast). So this year our main midfield group looks to be: Jones, Grimes, Trengove (little preseason - and showed nothing last year), Sylvia (forward/midfield - lacks consistency), Mckenzie (yet to know where this kid fits in - lack of foot skills) Rodan (can't expect much), Nicholson (Ordinary player), Howe (forward/midfield - not sure where he should play), Blease (forward/wing - not sure what impact he will have this year. Now I must have forgotten someone but still not a formidable midfield. I just wonder what Neeld plans are for the midfield this year, I did not include Viney and Toumpas as it is their first year and as Neeld says they don't expect much from them this year. It appears that we have quite a few players who play multiple roles ie Sylvia and I wonder if this is Neelds plan to have lots of flexible players that play midfield, forward and back. Using these players such as Sylvia (forward), Nicholson (back), Howe (forward), Blease (forward), Jetta (back/forward) may actually be our only chance of beating opposition midfields - DEPTH. Could we look at developing players into midfield roles this year to steam the bleeding? - players such as Jetta, Strauss, Taggert, Kent, Tapscott etc. I think using playing multiple midfielders in the team is the only way we could match other teams midfields - the only key position midfielders we have are Jones, Grimes and Trengove (off the top of my head). The depth I guess makes up for the lack of midfield talent and although the midfielders will not always be the best they will be relatively fresh). If tapscott can slim down therefore quicker/fitter possible Neeld could mould him, Jetta and Strauss into playing stints in midfield whilst playing forward or back? (They would provide much needed execution going forward! - as opposed to bombing it into the forward 50) Is this what will make or break us this year? - the midfield. Heres a possible line up for round one. FB: Watts (possible stints on wing), Frawley, Stauss (possible stint midfielder?) CHB: Dunn, McDonald, Jetta (stint midfielder/wing) C: Blease (wing/rest forward), Jones, Toumpas (wing/forward - can't expect much) CHF: Howe (forward/wing-rotate Blease), Clark, Sylvia (forward/onballer) FF: Davey/Kent (stints on wing), Dawes, Byrnes (stints as outside midfielder) FOLL: Jamar, Grimes, Trengove INT: Viney, McKenzie, Tapscott (high forward/ wing?) EMER: Sellar, Rodan, Gawn, Taggert Is this idea of depth/versatility going too far? or could it stem the bleeding this year and give us time to develop our young guns (Trengove/Viney/Toumpas).
  8. In his fourth season Morton, who came to the club as a high first round draft selection, disappointed with poor form and low confidence, struggling to find his place in the side. He is still highly regarded and is expected to improve under the coaching of Mark Neeld and his assistants. Games MFC 2011 14 MFC Total 64 Goals MFC 2011 5 MFC Total 31 Games CSFC 2011 4 Goals CSFC 2011 0
  9. In the short time I've been on this forum the subject of our midfield and it being the weak link comes up consistently. I'm not so sure it is the problem that others think, I think the problem at least in part has been due to the way we set up. It may also have to do with some of our senior players working as individuals and not in a team structure, is it the coaching or the player? This year will answer that question. Let me take the Hawthorn games and mids as an example, their 2 main guys that control the middle are Mitchell and Sewell, they have a bunch of other guys moving through including a couple of handy players in Hodge and Rioli. Neither MItchell or Sewell are overly quick, Mitchell is an accurate kick over short distance but doesn't have a lot of depth, both are strong but I wouldn't think they are any stronger than Moloney, Silvia or Jones. Better footballers, sure seem to be, they work hard for position, to block, clear space and give off to more gifted team mates like Hodge and Birchell with their kicking, Rioli and Smith with their run whilst our guys are trying for the individual glory, ignoring team mates in better position. If lucky they get a bomb forward but more often than not get tackled and loose posession against the Hawthorns of this world. Our younger players just get smashed. I find it so annoying to hear special comments guys on radio and TV referring to Hawthorns larger bodies when we have been consistently beaten out of the centre whilst Moloney and co were in there, that's just lazy thinking. To me it seemed like personnel (and their ability) along with the way we set up, our coaching. This year we will find out the percentages as I don't believe under Neeld our mids will be allowed to get away with what they have. I get really frustrated with Moloney, I think he plays as an individual and although many here say he "bleeds red and blue" he often burns his team mates on the ground. Now the quesion is, was it his fault, was he playing under instructions and or were the coaches not up to it. I guess the board say's no on the latter one. It's a big year for him and he will have to change to be assured of a game. From what I've seen at training a lot of work is being done in close to block for and use team mates, if Moloney can come to the party here he will be a huge asset with his strength, he really will become an onfield leader and not just a rah rah man. Is he up to it? that's one of the questions of the year for me. Col Silvia should be used rarely if ever at centre bounces (and never ever with Moloney) as he doesn't have the reaction time or peripheral vision to get involved in tight, he also plays as an individual but he can be a real weapan if we can use his attributes, strong overhead, burst through, goal kicker. We have quite a few of our younger players coming into their 3 - 5 years of experience this year who will play though the middle and I'm thinking a few of these will really step up, so I guess with new coaches, some added strengh through recruiting and development of the younger players and a change of strategy we will have a better idea of where we sit as the year progresses.
  10. Harrington says 'sit down' son, and Matty is obviously a required player. He has to be groomed for the midfield. He isn't a natural forward and is not suited to the 'press' that forwards have to be a big player in. He is not quick, not agile, and can lose confidence easily. But he does have a big body, a great footy brain, and played as a mid in his youth. It's going to be difficult for him from here but I say we get Misson to turn his body into someone who has the ability to run 15km a game and get him into the middle. We have so many slight bodies in there that he may make it.
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