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  1. We all know that our midfield is by far our biggest downfall, what do you think can be done this year by Neeld to restrict the damage. We have one decent midfielder at present being of course Nathan Jones probably followed at present by Grimes. This is an issue as currently I do not rate Grimes very highly, he is committed but predictable and lacks any amazing qualities (not particularly strong, good kick or fast). So this year our main midfield group looks to be: Jones, Grimes, Trengove (little preseason - and showed nothing last year), Sylvia (forward/midfield - lacks consistency), Mckenzie (yet to know where this kid fits in - lack of foot skills) Rodan (can't expect much), Nicholson (Ordinary player), Howe (forward/midfield - not sure where he should play), Blease (forward/wing - not sure what impact he will have this year. Now I must have forgotten someone but still not a formidable midfield. I just wonder what Neeld plans are for the midfield this year, I did not include Viney and Toumpas as it is their first year and as Neeld says they don't expect much from them this year. It appears that we have quite a few players who play multiple roles ie Sylvia and I wonder if this is Neelds plan to have lots of flexible players that play midfield, forward and back. Using these players such as Sylvia (forward), Nicholson (back), Howe (forward), Blease (forward), Jetta (back/forward) may actually be our only chance of beating opposition midfields - DEPTH. Could we look at developing players into midfield roles this year to steam the bleeding? - players such as Jetta, Strauss, Taggert, Kent, Tapscott etc. I think using playing multiple midfielders in the team is the only way we could match other teams midfields - the only key position midfielders we have are Jones, Grimes and Trengove (off the top of my head). The depth I guess makes up for the lack of midfield talent and although the midfielders will not always be the best they will be relatively fresh). If tapscott can slim down therefore quicker/fitter possible Neeld could mould him, Jetta and Strauss into playing stints in midfield whilst playing forward or back? (They would provide much needed execution going forward! - as opposed to bombing it into the forward 50) Is this what will make or break us this year? - the midfield. Heres a possible line up for round one. FB: Watts (possible stints on wing), Frawley, Stauss (possible stint midfielder?) CHB: Dunn, McDonald, Jetta (stint midfielder/wing) C: Blease (wing/rest forward), Jones, Toumpas (wing/forward - can't expect much) CHF: Howe (forward/wing-rotate Blease), Clark, Sylvia (forward/onballer) FF: Davey/Kent (stints on wing), Dawes, Byrnes (stints as outside midfielder) FOLL: Jamar, Grimes, Trengove INT: Viney, McKenzie, Tapscott (high forward/ wing?) EMER: Sellar, Rodan, Gawn, Taggert Is this idea of depth/versatility going too far? or could it stem the bleeding this year and give us time to develop our young guns (Trengove/Viney/Toumpas).
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