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  1. It's a nice fantasy, Robbie was magical!
  2. That's right. I forgot about how it happened. He was only changing directions wasn't he?
  3. Hopefully. I'm a bit apprehensive about Lever's knee problems being fixed for good. But with him back our depth is much improved. Joel Smith was doing really well up until his injury. Attacks the ball without much thought of his own safety, like he's Dad. Hopefully he'll be already by next season.
  4. We don't have many large defenders to rotate with Omac as well. Pedersen came to mind because he now epitomizes fringe first team, second team player. Hopefully he still has a few years in him.
  5. It's interesting to read that a lot people who are happy and confident with him are also saying he get's picked on by so many. It highlights a real divide in opinion. I personally think he get's too much leeway and first team games. Reserve and first team footy this year and last would have been good for him. He's kicking is pretty competent. He's handballing on his right side is also fairly good. And he's spoiling is fairly good. Hopefully with time and experience he'll improve his impact off the ball, he's tackling, awareness, he's aggression and he's reaction time. A lot of people must seem to think that playing in the reserves isn't playing for us. Pederson is a proven gun and he plays in the reserves almost every week. What i'm getting at is Omac may become this defensive beast in time and play every 1st team game like some think he will, or he may not advance that much further; but still be handy for both the reserve and first team.
  6. Just saw from someone else's comments that it was Stinga Tingay. That's who thought of initially, remembering that he came from there. Will always be one of my absolute favourites. Stinga's top shelf!!!
  7. You know things are going well when your discussing who's your favorite player. We have so many likable players now, even other supporters like a lot of our players; they're talented, with admired personalities. Without thinking about it too heavily, Jonesy. The amount of times over the years he's wriggled his way free form tackles to find a teammate with me saying 'Jonesy too good' is great. As is he!
  8. I don't how you can encourage aggression and courage into someone, maybe a tough senior figure could do it; but he definitely needs to improve in those areas. I suppose he's got time given his age. His kicking accuracy is quite good and handpassing okay. It's a little sad though people claiming his our number key defender.
  9. It will be hard to remove that from memory. Now I have it. Out of curiosity, why did you direct this video to me?
  10. That's good. Colin Sylvia was awesome!
  11. With ya. I was so relieved when he got back into the first team. He really counterbalances Oscar's lethargy. Let's be honest, he was thrown under the bus by a lot of supporters; i've got the sneaking suspicion that supporters claiming now is he's a much improved player, are doing so to validate their harsh criticisms. He has improved yes, but so have heaps of our players.
  12. Well we mustn't forget what the record books say! Wink
  13. We've proven we can beat Geelong. I'm more worried about Hawthorn , Richmond, Sydney.
  14. They have key understandings of what it takes to be successful. I think they also know at Hawthorn that they can't live of legacy like a lot of older clubs can, they have to be successful. What is that image you have on your profile pic?
  15. I know, they just won't f#@k off!
  16. The thought of Hawthorn winning another flag is putried!
  17. Funny post.... didn't follow a lot of it though. One thing I'm sure about however, is I don't think it could ever like, let alone love 'big Gil', or his smarmy brother.
  18. Anyone would look dreadful wearing those colours! Hehe
  19. I was pleasantly surprised with Essendon ruining Port's finals chance!
  20. This would be the best game i've seen Essendon play this year.
  21. The only one for Port who hasn't would be Ryder.
  22. Does the AFL hire police for matches? They're even waiting outside the coaches box to escort the coaches to the ground! Didn't realise you could hire out a copper.
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