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  1. Heaps for myself, but it's not just me, seeing the joy in all the supporters faces who have waited up to 57 years for this to happen would be a joy to behold. When you hear that roar go up when we win or like Max's goals last week, that's what gets a lump in my throat.
  2. Should be trying to hit him hard and unbalance him at every opportunity.
  3. They can certainly win if we allow them their fast paced, get the ball to the outside game, hopefully we will take that away from them with tackling pressure which they've probably forgotten about since they didn't get any last week. At our best we win.
  4. Glad they're telegraphing their intensions
  5. Stuck in NSW but will watch every football show I can find
  6. Congratulations TMac, now for the big one.
  7. You can't think there would be any other reason you'd let Daniel and Dale just run loose.
  8. It's total BS, we both played on the weekend and now we both have a 2 week break, we didn't look underdone on the weekend did we ? Both had similar games. We're out of quarantine but they have to spend an extra week in it, might work in our favour.
  9. I"d look at recruiting or drafting a key forward
  10. I like option 7, mainly because I'd like to see what you really look like.
  11. Under the old final 4 system the side that won the 2nd semi only played 2 games in 4weeks. Pretty sure that team won the majority of grand finals
  12. Newsagents will get the Knight one. Most newsagents who sell memorabilia would probably have contact with a selling agent for the Weg family. I would start there.
  13. Have sent b/coad no. Faulty let me know if you didn't receive it.
  14. Yep I remember thinking the same, didn't want to show them anything, didn't tag just basically let the players play and we still closed within 4 points late in the game. . Sure it will be different in 2 weeks time
  15. May on Naughton, he'll body him so he doesn't get a clear run and jump at the ball, only change it up if Naughton gets on top.
  16. Thought I heard on the first crack, they weren't even scanning it.
  17. Never had a problem with them ,only been to Western Oval once, roughest heads I've ever seen in a crowd.
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