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  1. Tv commentater could hardly bring himself to call it a goal
  2. Did it all day Bin unfortunately some can't see it.
  3. Would we like a few more marks and goals, sure but when he can't mark it's obvious he concentrates on bringing it to ground.
  4. WCW can you tell me being at the other end of the ground when the winning goal was kicked, how hard was it to see what was happening?
  5. Are you asking because he was limping for about 30 seconds in the last quarter?
  6. So when did you get the result?
  7. Said to an ex VFL playing mate once after his side had a good win when undermanned, How much would you have won by if you'd had player XY & z. His reply, there's no guarantee they'd play any better than those that played in their place. It's irrelevant who they had missing.
  8. Understand why Petracca needs to spend more minutes forward but thought he should have been in the middle for the last few ball ups. And Melksham wow just wow thought he turned the clock back to 2018, has been building each week though. the more I thought of it did he even play that well in 2018 ?
  9. Only change I can see is Harmes in for Sparrow or Spargs both had little impact last night. Spargs might be one of the best kicks inside 50 but that doesn't work if he's not getting the ball. Two of his efforts last night were terrible
  10. Oh my god someone who actually understood what Brown's role was in the side. If he was outnumbered in the contest and couldn't mark it he was clearly instructed to bring the ball to ground. Thus sometimes flying one handed to spoil. What we needed was better crumbing at the contest. Lost count the amount of times he made sure their defence wouldn't mark it. The cream on cake, Last gasp kick to the top of the goal square, outnumbered again brings it to the ground, this time Melk and Kozzie are there Melk gets it to Kozzie game over thank you very much
  11. Yea he does to bring it to ground so opposition can't mark it. So many can't see what the plan is.
  12. You must have been the woman he kissed in the rooms then
  13. I can get frustrated during the game and show it on the game day thread. But especially after a win you've got to be more positive. It's a very even season we are right in it. Carlton were playing for their season keep the faith
  14. So many experts on here can't see he's continually bringing the ball to the ground. Has he been outmarked yet?
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