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  1. To totally capitulate in the last quarter of the grand final when only 4 goals down was pathetic. I just wonder what it will do to their mindset going forward.
  2. Big jump in case numbers was inevitable, this time of the year big Christmas crowds indoors at the shopping centres
  3. For mine Libba & Viney about equqal, but I judge Smith And Brayshaw how they performed in the heat of a Grand Final. Brayshaw for mine.Think Smith may be a bit of a front runner.
  4. Yep we did it twice, once to get back in the game and then to pretty much nail it by the end of the quarter
  5. Certainly past time they had to play us over here.
  6. In NSW, so thanks everyone for the posts
  7. While we're at it, I thought Oliver's handball to Sparrow could have been a bit flatter.
  8. Anyone who was a Demon supporter would be on here sharing the joy, they obviously are not.
  9. 6 goals in the GF, what more can you say, he and Trac turned the game, will be a favourite player forever.
  10. Is there anyone who can teach Weird an aggressive/competitive mindset.
  11. Surely we have to increase membership capacity for all membership sections. If you're expecting a substantial increase in memberships you've got to put them somewhere.
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