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  1. Don't have any trouble winning interstate
  2. Our dysfunctional forward line can get the job done against sides 5-8 but not other top 4 teams, something needs to change. M. Brown and Weid are not an option so it's take a chance on underdone TMac or untried JVR. Too many of our forwards just don't get hands on ball often enough, Getting by on "pressure acts", well win the ball yourself then the opposition can chase you. Kozzies 2021 finals games weren't great and he was ordinary last night as well , needs to impose himself more. Thought the backline mostly did their job need a lot more in other parts of the ground, too many down, Kick it long down the line doesn't work against these better sides so we need to switch it up at least occasionally. would have to play really badly to lose against Brisbane but they will use the Zorko bullshyte as some sort of motivation so we will need to be on the front foot.
  3. Yes, got him in the chest not the head.
  4. Yep, the supporters cost us the game, players couldn't get motivated because the supporters didn't yell loud enough. LOL
  5. Yes May shouldn't have gotten sucked in but neither should have the umpire. Thought umpiring was a bit on the ordinary side tonight.
  6. How many Swans players were found unmarked in their forward 50 and it wasn't our key defenders at fault.
  7. Hickey always plays well against Max
  8. TMac won't be ready we needed next week for him to have another game, maybe the prelim if we make it.
  9. Oh, and Salem hasn't looked right vall year.
  10. They worked harder for longer, undisciplined at times and does ANB give us enough offensively.
  11. Defensive marking the opposition has been terrible and not the key defenders either
  12. Nowhere near the protected zone
  13. Blocking free kick against Melk wasn't even looking at the player. Swans player ran into him.
  14. Got sucked in then got back on top then started [censored] up forward entries like we always do, A lot of players can lift. Soft umpiring not helping.
  15. Kick straight and we win, no wasting chances please
  16. Watching from Phuket this evening, no sports bar nearby but fortunately my vpn is getting past the geo block. Hope you're all in good voice and give em hell demons.
  17. Didn't GNF get heavily bagged on here for the same information?
  18. Time to cut the apron strings Luke
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