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  1. Lever seemed to roll his ankle every game
  2. Have Brisbane ever won a final in Melbourne, surely you are joking!
  3. Up there with the Ginnivan non suspension, AFL need to stop looking for excuses to get big name/finals players off. Bet if Brisbane was out he would have been suspended
  4. Far out only on Demonland do people try to control others emotions
  5. Unless there's some dire family need, makes you wonder what sort of advice he's been getting
  6. Great post some on here want to tell people how they should feel
  7. Yes I think it's ok for people to have THEIR opinion.
  8. Really looking forward to your analysis Jimmy.
  9. He wasn't even tackled properly
  10. People who think our scoring problem was only after Rd 10 are up the wrong tree we got away with it because we were playing poor sides
  11. Certainly play an attractive brand
  12. Reckon Brayshaw gives him a run for out on the fulls
  13. Too many pinged for incorrect disposal when the ball gets knocked out in the tackle.
  14. Actually flagged our wasteful forward entries as far back as the Port Adelaide game when we turned what should have been an absolute thumping into just an ordinary win, didn't get much traction on here but has plagued us most of the year. Not usually a Goody critic but I think it was on or around this time that regarding one of our games he said of the last quarter" we didn't have to score to win the opposition did". Well that comment has come back to haunt him. I think AFL football is a game in which you should always be trying to score unless clinging to a lead near the end. Three things must be addressed Forward line structure and tactics,. Why we can't run out games when it's was a strength last year. Why did our pressure rating drop from one of the best to one of the worst.
  15. Love Kozzie but gee he must lead the league in down field free kicks, what gives?
  16. Forward line needs a complete revamp, structure , tactics, and personal, the amount of times promising forward forays come to nothing does my head in. We have enough of the ball to win games but can't score. And what's with our second halves, you could tell at half time we were going to struggle. FMD
  17. How about a different system of attack just for starters
  18. Done and dusted will take a Done and dusted will take a miracle
  19. Another goalless second half coming up
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