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  1. How about a different system of attack just for starters
  2. Done and dusted will take a Done and dusted will take a miracle
  3. Another goalless second half coming up
  4. Take our chances and we win don't and it's a fair chance we'll get run over
  5. Glad we're in front but gee we wast some chances need to put them away second half
  6. Watching from Khao Lak, a bar called Mooses Irish Pub if you can believe that. Hope we get home Ok
  7. Look we've smashed them twice already this year, what could possibly go wrong?
  8. Not surprised or disappointed but we really need a lift in output from a few players
  9. Not sure the defeat was comprehensive
  10. Are you advocating an opposition player trying to maim one of our players?
  11. I know this is off topic but when did Bailey Fritsch get time to star in The Rings of Power
  12. What about the excuse for Ginnivan's chicken wing not being cited. Oh they missed it. Still 6 days before his next game plenty of time to lay a charge.
  13. I see what you did there.
  14. Our forward entries are a real conundrum, most teams move the ball in a way to enhance their attack, we move the ball into the forward 50 in a way that helps us to defend.
  15. Has Salem ever played on the wing?
  16. I don't just judge him on goals fwiw I think his second half of the season has been very good. Wasn't involved enough on Friday night.
  17. Definitely agree re moving the ball quicker especially once we get forward of centre. Why wouldn't you try and get the ball to Fritsch one out he's good in the air and on the ground and our leading goal kicker by a fair margin. Got to be better than kicking it to the pocket ad nauseum. Not so sure about Bedford , played well in a game we won easily but in tougher games was hardly sighted, don't think he'll handle the pressure.
  18. They will be desperate to atone for their 2 pitiful efforts against us tis year, also Fagan will try and flip the Zorko situation to try and fire them up. Take nothing for granted.
  19. Yes, well we weren't exactly under much pressure in that game.
  20. Sorry I wasn't clear, I meant Bowey to replace him.
  21. Picket has had a very good second half of the season, it's his finals games that are becoming a problem. He was just ordinary in last years finals and no good Friday night. Need a big game from him this week.
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