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  1. We have to to trim 3 million from our soft cap. Did people think this was going to equal more coaches??
  2. While this isn’t as show stopping as getting a Jeremy Cameron to the club, it’s going to be just as effective for us. I honestly think with Ben having more games on the weekend wide expanses of the G, the best is yet to come for him. Great pickup!
  3. This one was a disaster but we mostly get the calls right to move on players.
  4. A starting midfield of Oliver, Petracca and Treolar would be pretty damn good.
  5. Im a hopeless romantic but this just isn’t happening. Fremantle have been chasing him since he was 16 and after finally securing him want to offload him after 2 years. Speaks volumes.
  6. I had him in a same game multi to kick a goal and he didn’t so that’s a no from me.
  7. If we could develop our own leaders at some stage that would be great.
  8. Finally landed our big fish!
  9. Most of our forwards would have missed that parked car.
  10. I think we’ve made the right call here. Improvement from substance issues are not linear and obviously the events of the last few weeks have thrown him into a bender. Hope his mates get around him.
  11. People whinge about Goodwin playing players out of position yet we are talking about Viney becoming a forward?
  12. Would love a 2nd rounder but I doubt it . We traded players like Vince and Langdon in for 2nd rounders if that puts things into perspective.
  13. We just missed the 8. He’s not losing his job. It’s a failure but it’s personnel as much as coaching. We have a lot of average players that fill our bottom part of the 22.
  14. Living in Victoria and supporting the dees. Can’t even goto the pub for a post Mortem.
  15. It’s a real free hit for us today as we were all resigned to no finals post the cairns disaster. Win today and the pressure is all on bulldogs.
  16. I think Weid needs to be in the discussion for a spell. He’s done absolutely donuts 3 games In a row now.
  17. This guy is built for finals. But unfortunately our footy club isn’t.
  18. If you look at Viney he’s only really coming good this year even though technically his foot had healed last year. Hopefully another off season will help T-Mac as his best is very Good. Clearly needs strip a few kegs to start running his opponent into the ground again.
  19. You’d forgive him if he could hit the scoreboard. Seems a project player. At this stage we’ve overpaid.
  20. Wish Brayshaw was the one who was late to training. He’s been listless.
  21. Grimes would be another interesting guest.
  22. If his foot is good he’s a pretty good upgrade on Tmac.
  23. I don’t like the way the game is being umpired. In the attempt to keep the game moving theres no incentive winning the ball first due to remove prior opportunity. There’s also no incentive in making great tackles like kozzy did on a few occasions as the umpires don’t seem to care about incorrect disposal either. What I will say is, we have to be the worst team for downfield frees. FCS if you aren’t going to Make the the tackle stop being faux tough and pushing the player in the back. The free kick is there every Time.
  24. I know it’s early days but we all know when we don’t turn up switched on, we don’t win.
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