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  1. Jeff Gleeson drinking his own bathwater, what a farce.
  2. Sobering thought - we would need to kick another 15 or so to get GCS to approach 186-levels of bad
  3. So smashing peoples faces into the ground is allowed now?
  4. Same game plan again. Dogs setting up ahead of the contest and cleaning up. You can’t let the midgets loose ahead of the pack in this kind of weather. Kozzy to tag Daniels
  5. #freekickbulldogs. it’s wet AF - one up, one down waiting for the spoil, and if we are playing the ‘hammer it forwards from the ballup’ game can you please put a red and blue jumper 15-25m in front of the contest?
  6. After that game i think i need 413 shots and 208 pints.
  7. Don't deserve two points. Folded under pressure, our leaders like maxy went on full tilt and our structure completely fell apart. Sorry Charlie Spargo, I thought you were okay
  8. No composure. We're playing ourselves into this loss.
  9. Whistle was missing in the first half. Umpires practically using it like that penguin from Toy Story now. HIGH FREE HAWFORN
  10. Whoever lined up Vanders with McEvoy steaming in.. I’m not happy with you.
  11. Agreed - in all serious, besides ‘he who shall not be named (who has now retired anyways)’ is there anybody we actively boo? I can’t think of anybody
  12. Really hoping we don’t get shunted down to GMHBA during finals - Cats keep on trying to make that dump relevant.
  13. When do we start booing Frosty again?
  14. This just in - salty tears are flooding Barnacle Bills and heading towards Rundle Mall fast.
  15. It’s a Thursday but I think I am going to crack a beer.
  16. 1:57 to go and they notice a Holding the Man hahah. I guess we… tore them apart?
  17. We froze our collective t*ts off last week and now they come out like this 😅
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