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  2. “Big Dance” - it’s a game of footy people, not the Boston 2step. Pictures of sad Duxy - where’s the happy Duxy footage at? “SUFFER DEMONS” poos and pees supporter holding up paper from the worst office printer in the 80s. Surely you’ve got better stock footage to use? Caleb Daniel’s face. Libba’s stupid tattoos. Discussions around the social media followings of mullets with faces
  3. Geez, Charlie finding a way to give me heart palpitations during a 'bye'...
  4. Listening to the audio here, with all the differing styles of commentary and volume and excitement, from the pure commentary to the appreciation (well done Krock) to the pure incredulous gasps from some streams, I’m reminded of listening to the sounds of the crowd in a massive final around me. that was almost overwhelming. Thanks so much TMD. I only wish I was talented with editing software, I’d be overlaying multiple audio streams onto the copy of the game I acquired last night. Four quarters to go. Rinse and repeat, Dees. Jobs not done yet.
  5. I did not just start bawling halfway through the SEN audio. I didn’t, I promise…
  6. More scoops here in blue and white than an ice cream shop
  7. Looks like we aren't interested in any run and carry, all kicks? (I only have stats)
  8. He marked it and took a step off the line towards goals. Same reason why Max keeps being asked to play on, lack of understanding of when a player is actually playing on or not. Max will be called play on for deciding to attempt and then choose not to make a handball after a mark before the end of the year
  9. Very quiet. Tonight is a game for the big bodies
  10. So clean Bowey! muppets on the commentary haven’t realised it yet
  11. I’ll pay that effort Melksham. Well done.
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