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  1. Watching the GWS/Carltank game yesterday reminded me of how far off the pace our mids and Gawny have been. So many GWS centre bounce hit outs were delivered on a silver platter to dangerous and open positions, or to a moving midfielder who didn’t break stride. One in particular was delivered so perfectly that the mid didn’t properly take possession of it for about 3-4 steps out of the circle - it was stuck on his bread basket while he rotated it ready for a pressure-free kick into the F50. Hoping that we can get back to a few more of those kind of centre clearances, feels like too
  2. Clarry had a couple of Beamer moments this week - long bombs from the centre straight to the tall defenders. One in particular where he ignored a lateral player calling for the ball on his own, only to belt it forwards under pressure was very poor. could have been the result of being smashed in the head in that dirty deliberate second half stoppage.. bet that bloke doesn’t even get cited
  3. Great, now a week of Bucks Bucks Bucks selling newspapers
  4. I think I’d rather Weed just tackle Darcy at a contest though, over a free kick out of D50
  5. Can we please just try kicking to the goalsquare? These OOB from 60 out are getting tiresome
  6. QB is about Neale, not about Bucks. Let’s turn it back on in the third quarter, wrestle back the lead and get it done. really need to start linking some of these possession chains into positive forward entries, not long-bombs to packs in the pockets
  7. Anybody else sick of watching the opposition sweep the ball out of the back of the centre square after a bounce?
  8. Need to move it out laterally. Pies are killing every forward handball
  9. Clearances to forwards. Let’s go.
  10. Did you guys hear about how Bucks is apparently coaching his last game? Apparently there was a whisper in the warm up
  11. Tiny Dancer.. hope that sticks
  12. Ahh, Luke McCabe going down hard… memories ❤️
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