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  1. Spent the last 2 hours reading the replies to Bucks tweet. Some seriously angry supporters and a heaps of them. Heads are going to have to roll, they can't get through this unscathed.
  2. Put on a bit of a masterclass this year
  3. Looks like he dragged a few skeletons out of the Collingwood closest on his way out. Sounds like a few of their players were not treated to well this trade period.
  4. Looks like we are gonna end up with seafood extender
  5. Would rather keep the 2 deals seperate.hit em up for a good player for Howe and trade for Kennedy with scraps
  6. would rather see our third upgraded with their second, Kennedy and pick 26 for Howe and our third
  7. Afl Twitter site saying Craig Bird is open to a trade, would be good at the right price.
  8. If we were to land either I would be spending a lot of time having relations with myself
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