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  1. While I, and others by the sounds of things, don't necessarily agree I like you reasons for each replacement. The Weid v Brown debate is certainly a tough one
  2. Melbourne Demons - Playing as one
  3. I'd Langdon was to be out Baker is a walk up start for the winG, take it to the bank.
  4. 17 clubs trying to figure that one out. Best they've come up with is hope he has a quiet one ??‍♂️
  5. Not unless he's also Josh Kelly's manager
  6. Love the Indigenous jumpers each year, all clubs. The story's behind the artwork I find absolutely fascinating. I know little to nothing about aboriginal culture (which is a poor reflection on the education system in my opinion, but I don't want to turn this into a political argument) The ability for indigenous artists to not only tell a story through a painting but fully articulate that meaning perfectly to non Indigenous people's is amazing. With the utmost respect each year I see these jumpers and think "it just looks like dots and lines" and then you watch an explanation video and it's so obvious the meaning. I have no doubt that it is as clear as day the meaning to other Indigenous people's. Amazing stuff. I guess 30,000(?) Years plus will do that.
  7. We have never finished on top? And never had a 100 goal full foward (probably unlikely now) That's insane from one of the oldest sporting clubs in the world really
  8. I agree he's "defensive" wing position is one of our most important in the team. He's selfless attitude towards a team game represents and reflects the whole side in my opinion. Disposal, especially when not under pressure is frustrating though As for the tall forwards McDonald has cedtinally thrown a spanner in the works. I think the plan pre season was Brown and Weideman key posts witj Jackson and Gawn rotating but McDonald is on fire... Weideman and Brown now fighting for the same spot.
  9. If they don't bring Weideman in now they may as well offer him up in the mid season draft
  10. Especially in our own circles, no one wants to be that guy or girl carrying on about Premierships at the office (or pig farm) in May (although that saying has changed from April premiers to May premiers which is promising) but here it's a free for all isn't it???
  11. Bloody wives always complaining... "Have a shave" "mow the lawns" "stop drinking Drambuie at 7am in the morning"
  12. Agreed. Obviously long term contracts are gambles on both sides. Club is gambling that Trac can perform to a high standard for a long period. Trac is potentially turning his back on a small fortune for some more security. I'd certainly prefer the security of it were me... One thing that I always cringe at is when a player signs on till the start of their free agency. Also the demand will force the supply. The more players that get signed to long term deals, they more you'll have to if you want to keep your stars.
  13. I think this is a fantastically run and operated forum. There is enough room for vigorous debate without out too much "name calling" It's a credit too you, I can't even keep 1 wife happy let-alone how ever many crazy fan we have here (how many of us is there 2000?)
  14. A colleague of mine who is a mad Geelong supporter (a normal one... Well as normal as a Geelong supporter can be) has been saying for the last 2 years that the current Melbourne side reminds him so eerily of that Geelong side. All of a sudden it just clicked and they ran away with it. Here's hoping...
  15. Maybe I honestly can't remember. I wouldn't have said much like here, more of a lurker. Love football theory and in depth analysis so prefer to read
  16. HAHAHAH Range Rover and Baghdad Bob. I was only a kid and remember thinking "How the hell does someone from Baghdad know about the dee's" @dazzledavey36 were those footy games organised through demonology or here? Can't remember my name, something about Jack Grimes (who was my favorite) and the Simpsons no doubt.
  17. How's this for a bump?!? I came from demonology originally, can remember thinking this joint was wack and the 7 active posters on demonology were way smarter than you bunch of lunatics. From memory it was around the time Ricky Petterd was running around, always liked that guy. Anyone else from/remember demonology?
  18. Not bloody wrong. These teams are always so hard. Ive always thought most people get caught picking a "these are the best 22 players for the year, let's fit them in a side" vs "best by position" 4 pure midfielders on the bench for example
  19. With the utmost respect to any player that will be mentioned in this thread Tomlinson's role was a basic one. Just lock down the the opposition's best forward. Petty gts first crack, if not McDonald... He'll Saw can play role... Just let Lever and May zone off each other
  20. That'll do. Close thread.
  21. Sorry spite probably the wrong word. Got fit out of anger. Was not happy. I agree he is keeping ben Brown out of a gig, and will continue too I think
  22. I would pay Ben Brown 2M a year to play in the seconds of it means we win every game for the rest of the year. The problem with your oliver analogy is there are so many variations and roles that the person who was taking his role of he were injured. For Brown to get in it's McDonald out. It's not the players, it's the system. Richmond don't have a 3 headed monster and they are the bench mark. McDonald was told to shop around for tis very reason. And I've heard that he is super fit and playing well out of spite for the way he was treated in exit interview. Will be gone next year. Weideman on the other hand ??‍♂️
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