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  1. Is there a more mature head at the age of 20 yrs playing in the midfield at AFL level? The kid has got toughness and class. He's not flashy but has the skills and ability to have a very long career.
  2. Who would have thought we'd be in a position to even contemplate resting players at any stage this season... Amazing. Richmond have been excellent at player management over the last few years and its been clearly evident in how strongly they finished each season. Even this year with the large amount of injuries to key players they're still not being written off because of the culture and management style with injuries they have a reputation for. It probably is too early yes. But we do have the depth. It looks like its already happening with Viney being more conservative with his inju
  3. I whole heartedly agree. I think it will come into fruition. I think Brown is going to have to really perform at a high level to keep his place. Not just bring the ball to ground for the smalls like many key talls are asked to do. He really should be taking contested marks consistently each week and having 4+ shots on goal. I'm pretty sceptical. The club's going to give him every opportunity as its big off season signing but he hasn't strung good games of football for quite a while. I look forward to watching him in the flesh Saturday night. I felt like he was off the pace on the wee
  4. On a slightly related note, did anyone catch Gawn mentioning same day travel on the podcast? Gawny mentioned how same day travel for early arvo games doesn't work too well for a lot of players like himself. As he mentioned getting up at 3am to travel to the airport must mean a pretty early flight but sounds like it definitely had an impact on the players energy. It was pretty clear in that first quarter. Obviously due to covid it sounds like its necessary but hopefully something that doesn't happen as often in the future. Hate to see games impacted by things like same day/morning travel w
  5. Doesn't surprise me if reports are true that Rivers is out. Put his body on the line time and time again on Saturday night. Hopefully its just soreness and not something more. Jetta the clear and obvious replacement. Been playing consistently in VFL playing through the middle as a cut above. How good is depth! Really hoping reports of Jones and Melk at Casey this week is true. No more games gifted to senior past proven players. Base it on form and structure. Out: Jones, Melk, Rivers In: Brown, Jetta, Sparrow Sub: Bedford or Bowey (who bother played well last week)
  6. I really doubt this. I think you'll see a better Harmes when he comes back. Reports are he's the fittest he's ever been and been placed back in the forward half where he is much better playing that role while spending time in the middle. The guy bleeds red and blue as a long term Melbourne supporter/person. He will bang the door down I think. Not sure if it will come to full fruition but that will be the goal for player and club as an important piece come Sept.
  7. Harmes had a pretty awful year last season. He even admitted this in the recent Gus n Gawny podcast. He was placed across half back where he really struggled to make an impact and settle into the position. He's been moved back to HF this season where he prefers to play and more comfortable in the role with his marking ability. I think he's another guy that provides depth. I'd imagine the role of mid/HF will be rotated throughout the season between Harmes, Jones, Jordan, Melksham and Sparrow. Another area where we have great depth and competition for spots so I can see this being the most
  8. Really? I didn't notice him flinching or in pain. Kicked 2 goals 1 had 4 tackles and attacked contests well.
  9. I for one am one of those that switch off a lot of the time when players are interviewed ESPECIALLY when being interviewed by inferior journalists such as Robbo. The show is only just watchable because Gerard is of the upper echelon when it comes to well informed, professionalism as one of the best currently involved in AFL media in most facets and I enjoy what he brings to the table. But back to my original statement a couple of reasons why I take most player interviews with a grain of salt (I know most have been mentioned). - Trac and Oliver are limited in their ability to give articula
  10. Neither. Is it a matter of looking at the stat sheet and seeing low figures next to his name? You only need to watch the game to see the impact he's having. Uses the ball so well, damaging at times with his forward 50 entries and his attack on the opposition defensively has been sound. Even though we were under siege in that first quarter I thought some of his efforts without the ball in the opening 10 minutes were outstanding in setting the tone for us for the rest of the contest. His defensive acts lift the team. Not going anywhere.
  11. Still a big fan of Jesse's. Still at only 26 could have a nice albeit lower ceiling end to his career. Battled more mental demons then any other player (that we know of) in recent times and I wish him all the best. Such an imposing player at full strength and confidence.
  12. Tomlinson winning 12 of his 13 one-on-one contests is outstanding. @La Dee-vina Comediaalso a contender for most improved. Although he's built it off the back half of last season.
  13. Mine was from watching Tmac warm up with real intensity and focus to then bring that into the game. He has had a tendency to be quite lackadaisical at times but this was the most switched on I have ever seen him. Hunted every contest with intent and purpose. The other two talls breathing down his neck for his position is creating some 2018 style Tmac performances. Secondly Spargo setting the tone early with his tackling efforts especially the one on the boundary in their forwardline. Thirdly Gus' post match interview where he mentions 'when the rain starting coming down we were licki
  14. I hope he stays too. But with his kids in Adelaide I can't see it happening and fair enough. The onus is on the club from management to the players to really cement the habits and strategies when it comes to fitness and recovery that Burgo has put in place. I have no doubt he will have a lot to do with signing the next man for the job to continue to keep the players motivated and engaged in this area of the game.
  15. Upsets happen fairly often in AFL. I wouldn't be bringing guys in just to tinker around, it can cost you a game on the wrong day. Go too tall and it could really upset the balance. We've seen this team really struggle on windy/rainy smaller unknown grounds. I wouldn't be choosing this week to risk it against a young North team wanting a scalp after a really poor start.
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