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  1. I thought he was very solid this year. His physicality in the back half is so important. If my brother passed away suddenly I would just fall apart. Amazing he was able to perform the way he did with everything else on top of that.
  2. Urgh. Similar to Lynch deciding to join Richmond this really sucks as an opposition club. Deflating
  3. I'm glad we're clear of Mihocek. He's a tough solid player but one only needs to watch his highlights to find he's predominantly an opportunist when it comes to goal kicking. Finds space as the third tall. We already have similar players of his type/role.
  4. Where do the first round picks come from? I imagine Essendon will get their way prying pick 7 off them. It just wont happen. He's contracted. We would ask for something they wouldn't be willing to part with. They're simply sniffing around. Same as Collingwood is with Jetta and McDonald or the dogs are with Hannan. The media using different narratives to sway a story is so cunning and folks are getting sucked in!
  5. Bit harsh. Demonland posts anything of note someone in the media says whether it has any integrity or not isn't the point. Everything is up for discussion unfortunately whether we like it or not. Thats what forums are for. I'm definitely going to tune out of this thread from now on. The fake news sans any actual validity is depressing and boring. I think most of us on here are adults (of some form) who can read the rumors ourselves without mulling over it and bickering on this forum. ✌️
  6. If/when we lose next season I want it to be because we were outplayed by a better team. We know this teams potential. Less losses to sides because we didn't execute. More steam rolling sides that don't show up like the Collingwood and Hawks games.
  7. I still think this is the right move. Its the aggressive risk we need to take. Even before this year Tmac was never a mobile player. He's always been limited in this capacity. We used to moan about his kicking as a key back especially when under pressure or kicking on an angle. I feel some of his deficiencies have been masked when he moved forward and are now made to look worse with his body changes. He has always been a steady straight line kick, a good mark and reader or the ball along with his endurance all being his greatest strengths. This translated perfectly to set him up as a
  8. Good summation of the situation. I too think we need to build around Weid as no.1 option, putting some faith and confidence in the kid to go to the next level. I absolutely think he can do it based on what we saw this year. His discipline and attack shows he has what it takes. Now its just a matter of continuing to build on his body while improving his forward craft/positioning. Petty may well come through as a forward option next year. But in terms of the potential, the sample size is incredibly small. I think with Oscar most likely leaving we will need some taller back depth and we
  9. I'll throw in Trac's against GWS. The one hand pickup in traffic. Two or three steps into a 40m snap. Pure Power.
  10. The Albanian has returned. I know who is favourite player is going to be at Melbourne. Wears long sleeves, plays on a wing. Hopefully he can sharpen his kicking skills too.
  11. I mean sure he didn't pan out in the most required role but that doesn't mean he was overall unequivocally a bad signing. He's a 194cm utility player who is a decent kick, mark and covers the ground well with a big tank. I doubt he was ever going to be used solely on a wing with his size a key attribute across the ground. While he didn't amaze or anything I think he produced relatively well as a third tall option down back, a role I hope he is able to really hold down next year as a best 22.
  12. Yeah in tight we know what Oliver can do. The next phase is creating space for himself and what he does with the ball when he is in space. There were definitely some patches most notably the Adelaide game where there was a clear emphasis for him to drive his legs and break out of stoppages with pace before using the footy (Pointed out several times by his biggest admirer, King). I was one of those questioning why we don't see this more often from him. I feel its probably due to midfield roles and who does what more perhaps. We know that Trac and Viney are both encouraged to use their strength
  13. The rumors are probably true. Clayton being an immature 23 yr old probably wasn't happy where he finished in bnf and I'm sure Carlton are sniffing around. Does that mean he's going anywhere? doubt it. Nor do I want that to be the case like everyone else. But the rumor mill always strikes interesting discussions. Always fun exploring a different narrative for this team. Like what could we get for Oliver? Surely quite a bit considering his consistency and that there's still more to develop. Could we potentially form a good, perhaps more balanced midfield without him? Petracca, Viney,
  14. Congrats to Frost but him finishing in their bnf votes (I read he finished 8th not 7th btw) doesn't mean much to me. If you compare their top 8 vote winners to ours you'll see a difference in caliber of players. The bottom line was Frost wanted more opportunity as a best 22 backman. I don't believe he would have found that had he stayed at Melbourne. I don't think we missed him this year with the backline performing strongly and consistently most of the year. Oscar played 7 times this year yes but I feel it was mostly due to matchups or injuries to other players. Oscar will now be m
  15. I think if the right trade came along I'd be open to it. If Carlton really want him they can trade us Charlie Curnow with some other picks/players involved from both sides.
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