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  1. In my opinion, we need to draft a 195cm+ forward to partner with JVR for the long term. Plus we need to recruit a mature tall for depth. I would be super happy with Gunston for a few years (at the right price). He would compete with TMac and Weid next year which is just what we need until the new blood comes through.
  2. Brayshaw is their future captain. They would value him more than they would Jackson. I'm not saying you are wrong. Jackson would probably be more value to us with our lack of talls and abundance in the middle. Losing both Cerra and Brayshaw would be a massive blow for them.
  3. I remember Pavlich going to Port until he signed a contract extension in August. I remember Travis Cloake contract speculation going all year until the end of the season at which point he re-signed with the pies. The second one annoyed me a lot as the media had fuelled the situation all year. The longer it went the more likely it was that he would go they would say. When he re-signed Cloake said he never really considered leaving and the media who he built it up all year simply moved onto the next story to speculate on.
  4. I've placed you on I ignore. All the best.
  5. After many posts of you trying to explain I still don't think anyone has a clue what you meant. Leave the faceplams alone mate. Try to be a peaceful poster and stop making enemies.
  6. You of all people should not be bagging out others in this thread. Have you forgotten about the absolute twaddle you trotted out earlier in this very thread? You couldn't even adequately explain what you meant. Then complained that you were being picked on. If Jackson does leave and Cerra is on our list at the end of the 2022 trade period I will bow down to you as King of the world and pledge my life to you.
  7. BAMF

    22-0 or 21-1

    My apologies. I assumed you were being serious as your post in the Jackson contract thread posted about the same time was equally as absurd
  8. BAMF

    22-0 or 21-1

    You are really having a moment.
  9. Plenty? I read most threads on here and I can't recall a single person saying this.
  10. Just the worst. He will just say whatever is in his head at that moment without engaging the brain to understand if it contradicts anything he has ever said in the past. Plus he has zero accountability. No one ever pulls him up on it.
  11. Nick Smith. He will be a good player for us once he gets over that injury. Any week now .
  12. I also thought it was fantastic.
  13. Hey @Demonland, The Spotify upload only goes for a bit over half an hour. Might need to upload it again.
  14. Great post. First time in a long time I thought how much I would like to have a fit Hibberd in the team. Hibberd for a struggling Rivers and TMac swinging back might have been enough to keep our structure and change the course of the game. All wishfull thinking now though
  15. I thought he was great but accept that his defensive actions may not have been at the level we needed. I hated Spargo being on the wing and want him back forward. I can't see Bedford getting a game ahead of Spargo, ANB or Pickett due to the defensive pressure these three bring. I assume this is what DeeSpencer is getting at too.
  16. Harsh on Bedford. He showed he has the wheels and talent to make it. Hard judging a young player with hardly any games under his belt. You might have a point, but you can't single out Bedford and not mention Melksham, Weid and Dunstan who all had far less impact. Melksham might as well have not been on the ground.What a horrible way to bring up 200 games.
  17. Credit to Freo. Their defenders continued a good year. Cox towelled up Brown, Pearce was ok and Ryan smashed us. Aish stopped Oliver and Petracca needed to step up but had a stinker. They played well. They nullified a number of our good players and our others didn't fire a shot. For the other team Frederick played like a Harlem Globetrotter when a number of Freo supporters were calling for him to be dropped this week. Smashed us. I have to say it... I hate seeing Dunstan getting a game.
  18. No point naming someone a 'rising' star if they have two premiership medals around their necks. They are a star already! Fingers crossed
  19. Howes would be the only one we could put on the long term injury list I assume. Listed currently at 9 weeks. You would think we would have known by now.
  20. Ok. I'll take one of the King brothers.
  21. Of course. How is that related to Gaff in any way though?
  22. Terrible news. What would you do if you were in control at North right now? If it were me, I would figure out which club had the best recruiting team and target their staff with big offers. That would be us.
  23. Ahhh... I was wondering who DeeDub used to be. Makes sense now.
  24. Somehow this means so much to me right now. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out
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