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  1. Good thing the Sun's got that draft assistance a few years ago.
  2. Sorry. We also have pick 52 (Melb). Can't edit my post for some reason (I would fix the typo too if I could).
  3. Are GWS likely to even use pick 50 though? I haven't worked out how many ins and outs they have had this off season but at a glance it looks like they will have a heap of high picks this year. They might ask for our future third simply to spread their haul over multiple years?
  4. I dislike Cornes. I hate his clickbait style. It seems unlike him to say this though. I'm not saying he is correct, but I believe that he genuinely thinks its true.
  5. How many games should we have given Bedford to have 'treated him well'?
  6. Imagine the game day threads when we have Hunter and Shache.
  7. The Dees have given Port Adelaide picks 33, 43 and 53 in exchange for pick 27. "We have today been involved in a pick swap that sees us improve our hand in this year's draft," Melbourne list manager Tim Lamb told Melbourne Media. "We have been able to do so by bundling three selections, including two that we did not intend to use at the national draft this year. "It has always been our philosophy to try and improve our draft hand every year and we're pleased to be able to acquire selection No.27 through this trade."
  8. We have the following Second round pick (West Coast) Forth round pick (Saints) Forth round pick (Melbourne)
  9. This hasn't been the process for a few years now. If you want to upgrade a player from the rookie list you just have to have an open list spot. Therefore, the pick doesn't actually get used.
  10. I agree with the bold. I guess what we disagree on is what is 'much'. Pick 58 isn't anything of value at all. It's possible that pick 58 wouldn't be used at all. We used pick 65 last year on Woewodin as the last pick in the draft. A pick in the 40s isn't much. I guess we will find out soon enough.
  11. Probably. I think the club is ready for Sparrow and Jordon to cover for Harmes contribution. This combined with Brayshaw getting more midfield time will just push Harmes down the pecking order. Still holding out hope that we are letting these players go to get salary space for Bowes and pick 7 but haven't read much about this recently.
  12. Harmes is contracted for another 2 years though. Maybe it's a Scottie Pippen situation where he signed a great long term deal at the time but it ended up being massive unders? I would love to know the reasons why he is exploring options.
  13. Nah, he is worth more that that. As far as I am aware, we have offered him a contract. I presume a 2 year one. GWS are offering more money and more years. He isnt homesick. He has been targeted as a need by a rival interstate club. He isn't worth much but its more than 58.
  14. I disagree. I think a developing ruck is needed on a list. It's just a shame that Filipovic, King, King and Bradke turned out to be nothing. Now we have had to resort to bringing in Majak Daw for 1.8 years and being in the unfortunate position we are now where we have one 30 year old ruckman on the list. Happy to simply disagree on this one. We picked up Spargo, Fritsch, Petty and Baker that year. The first 3 were exceptional. Baker has been disappointing but provided better list balance. Miers as another forward didn't make sense at the time. I'm not sure he would have even got that many games on our list during that time. This is a big part of it. The Cats list was in a totally different shape to ours during this time. The cats had no end to mature bodies and depth. They lacked young talent and top end picks. They had no options but to churn through the later picks. We haven't gone through all the players drafted during that period but I'm sure you have had a look and know that there were a hell of a lot of players the cats picked that didnt make it. We had the young talent. We lacked the depth and mature bodies. Hence we took punts on the more mature players like Marty Hore, Tim Smith, Mitch Brown and Harley Bennell. These picks were always more likely to get 10 - 15 games instead of 0 like many of the cats. This is the crux of where we disagree (not that we really disagree that much). I don't think its a big deal that we haven't developed any late picks. We have nailed the trades. We have nailed the first round. We have nailed the second round. This has been our MO for years. We nail these 3 points and then use late picks for project players or backup depth. Even with the gift of hindsight we can only really agree that the difference in choices between Jason Taylor and Stephen Wells in late picks is Jack Henry over Dion Johnstone/Filipovic and Brad Close over Harley Bennell (yeah Atkins, but even that is debatable). It's hardly worth bringing up in every thread. Now we have the mature bodies. Now we have some decent depth coming through. Maybe JT will focus on youth with those picks?
  15. Jack Henry. 107 games. Rookie Pick 16 2016 We took: Dion Johnstone, Pick 64 Lachlan Filipovic, Rookie Pick 8 In hindsight he could have potentially taken games from: Melksham - 2019 onwards (52 games) Tomlinson - 2020 onwards (28 games) OMac - 2019 onwards (19 games) Summary: Happy that you are correct with this one. We should have drafted him instead of Dion Johnstone. Filipovic was a developing ruck need but could have been taken with a later pick instead of Tim Smith. Bradley Close. 55 Games. Rookie Pick 14 2019. We took: passed on rookie pick #2 and took Harley Bennell as a preseason pick. Could have taken games from : ANB - 2022 (23 games): No way this actually happens. ANB had a great 2021 and coaches loved him this year but will give it to you. Hannan 2020 (9 games) Harley Bennell (5 games) Combo of others as Close suits our needs (maybe Sparrow plays a few less here) Summary: Close suits our needs. Confident we would have found room for him. Harley Bennell was the only player we took instead. Tom Atkins. 83 Games. Rookie Pick 11 2018. We took : Aaron Nitschke, pick 53 Marty Hore, pick 56 Toby Bedford, pick 75 Could have taken games from: Sparrow (possibly) Jordon (possibly) Hames (doubtful) Jones (doubtful/arguably) VDB (arguably) Summary: We would have found room but this is a tough one. He wouldn't be in front of Oliver, Petracca or Viney in the inside mids. He is better than Sparrow and Jordan. I doubt he would have taken games off Vanders in 2020. Vanders only played a handful of games in 21. He might have taken a few games of Jones but it wouldn't have been many. Jones was still a club champion. So really, he replaces Sparrow who we wanted to get games into over this period. The cats took 5 players who didn't make it after round 2 before they selected Atkins. Zac Guthrie. 54 Games. Rookie Pick 33 2016. We took: Dion Johnstone, pick 64 Lachlan Filipovic, Rookie pick 8 Tim Smith, Rookie, pick 25 Summary: I'm not even going to bother with this one. We have already substituted Dion Johnstone for Jack Henry. We took a punt on Tim Smith who played 13 games in a totally different role and we needed to take a punt on a rookie ruck in Filipovic for list needs. I highly doubt we would have had the patience the Cats did to develop Zach into the player he eventually became 6 season later with our team structure. Tyson Stengle. 25 Games (2022 only). Delisted Free Agent 2021 We took: Taj Woewodin, Pick 65 Judd McVee, Rookie pick 18 Luke Dunstan, DFA Summary: Would have been great in hindsight but due to circumstances I don't think this was ever going to happen and its a stretch to say it ever was. I'm not giving you this one.
  16. Ok then. Let's play this out as you have made this point in multiple threads now. Which club has the best success with third round or later picks in your opinion? Pick that club and see which players were drafted AFTER our third round pick. Then pick which player/s out of our best 22 who you would take 50 games experience away from to accommodate these players.
  17. If Bedford was pick 75 and is now being offered a three year deal at another club then I would classify it as a successful pick by Taylor. I guess you will argue that pick 75 wasn't a third round pick.
  18. What are we likely to get in trade? I feel like anywhere between a late second round pick to early third would be a straight swap. Say... Between 32 and 42. Is that realistic?
  19. Guys. There are a number of shockingly negative, dumb posters on this board. The worst thing about their posts is when multiple posters reply to them telling them that they are wrong or dumb. It makes reading the threads more annoying for the rest of us. Let them say what they want and move on.
  20. I didn't think this kid was going to make it when he was drafted. Now I'm upset to see him go.
  21. I'm not sure why pick 20 never gets mentioned in this trade. We gave 2, 20 and 72. We got Tyson, 9 and 53. Pick 20 was ontraded to Brisbane who picked Darcy Gardiner. I remember a poster on here advised that we invited Lewis Taylor to the first round draft night incase we missed Salem. So it's likely we would have drafted him with pick 20 if we still had it.
  22. Well done. I was wrong you certainly deserved that 3 year contract. Also.... I'm drunk. So [censored] you.
  23. I hate it. I hate it that this team deserves this. I hate you Isaac Smith. I hate you Joel Selwood. I hate you Patrick Dangerfield. I hate you Tom Hawkins. But more than anything, I hate it that you deserve this.
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