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  1. Nick Smith. He will be a good player for us once he gets over that injury. Any week now .
  2. I also thought it was fantastic.
  3. Hey @Demonland, The Spotify upload only goes for a bit over half an hour. Might need to upload it again.
  4. Great post. First time in a long time I thought how much I would like to have a fit Hibberd in the team. Hibberd for a struggling Rivers and TMac swinging back might have been enough to keep our structure and change the course of the game. All wishfull thinking now though
  5. I thought he was great but accept that his defensive actions may not have been at the level we needed. I hated Spargo being on the wing and want him back forward. I can't see Bedford getting a game ahead of Spargo, ANB or Pickett due to the defensive pressure these three bring. I assume this is what DeeSpencer is getting at too.
  6. Harsh on Bedford. He showed he has the wheels and talent to make it. Hard judging a young player with hardly any games under his belt. You might have a point, but you can't single out Bedford and not mention Melksham, Weid and Dunstan who all had far less impact. Melksham might as well have not been on the ground.What a horrible way to bring up 200 games.
  7. Credit to Freo. Their defenders continued a good year. Cox towelled up Brown, Pearce was ok and Ryan smashed us. Aish stopped Oliver and Petracca needed to step up but had a stinker. They played well. They nullified a number of our good players and our others didn't fire a shot. For the other team Frederick played like a Harlem Globetrotter when a number of Freo supporters were calling for him to be dropped this week. Smashed us. I have to say it... I hate seeing Dunstan getting a game.
  8. No point naming someone a 'rising' star if they have two premiership medals around their necks. They are a star already! Fingers crossed 🤞
  9. Howes would be the only one we could put on the long term injury list I assume. Listed currently at 9 weeks. You would think we would have known by now.
  10. Ok. I'll take one of the King brothers.
  11. Of course. How is that related to Gaff in any way though?
  12. Terrible news. What would you do if you were in control at North right now? If it were me, I would figure out which club had the best recruiting team and target their staff with big offers. That would be us.
  13. Ahhh... I was wondering who DeeDub used to be. Makes sense now.
  14. Somehow this means so much to me right now. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out
  15. Isn't this exactly what you said after the Hawks game? That we were trash and weren't going to get close to StKilda? Yes. It's exactly what you said.
  16. I loved everything you have written. I didn't think about the double up's skewing the data. I think that tall forwards are getting a lot taller these days and a quick look at Flashinthepan's supported my opinion. True confirmation bias at its best. While I cannot be bothered looking all the figures up, I still maintain that my opinion is true. Might be easier to ask sirswampthing on twitter!
  17. The problem is that you are saying JVR isnt a KPF because he isn't tall enough and everyone is pointing out that there are plenty of other forwards at the same height who ARE KPF. You also say that key forwards on average are 199cm as fact to support your argument which doesn't fit what other posters think is true. I agree with you that I want a 195cm+ (not fussed if he isn't 200cm) tall forward to compliment JVR.
  18. Most of these players have another key forward player who plays the taller key forward position. Ben Brown 200cm Harry McKay 204cm Joe Danniher 201cm + Eric Hipwood 203cm Josh Kennedy 196cm Adelaide - None, however have Tilthorpe developing at 202cm Tom Lynch 199cm Collingwood - None. Dont even think they have one developing. Summary : JVR height of 193cm is not an issue. However, we will likely want a long term partner for him who is over 195cm.
  19. First off. I 100% disagree that JVR height is an issue and that he cant be classified as a key forward. Second. While I dont want to speak for DeeDubs, I think what they are trying to say is that having a tall forward who is over 195cm+ is preferred these days. Forwards are getting taller. Height IS a factor. There are 200cm tall forwards these days and they are becoming more common. If you have a 200cm tall forward then you need a defender or similar height to defend them. We have Petty which fits the bill, so I'm not too worried there. What I look at when I see your table is that over the last 21 years the Coleman medalist is getting taller. If you include a 5 year rolling average it shows from 2004 - 2021, while the year to year average fluctuates, the overall difference from start to finish is about 0.33cm per year. If that continues on trend then the average will be 199.5 in 5 years time. What does this tell us about JVR? Nothing conclusive. 193cm is still a very good height for a key forward if he is good enough. However, we will probably like to partner him with someone who is 195cm+. The good thing is that we have Jackson already. Personally, I would like to see us draft a 200cm+ developing ruck and another key forward (195cm+) over the next few years. Season Player Height 5year Ave 2021 Harry McKay 204 198 2020 Tom Hawkins 198 196.4 2019 Jeremy Cameron 196 196 2018 Jack Riewoldt 193 196.6 2017 Lance 'Buddy' Franklin 199 196.6 2016 Josh Kennedy 196 195.4 2015 Josh Kennedy 196 196 2014 Lance 'Buddy' Franklin 199 195.4 2013 Jarryd Roughead 193 193.8 2012 Jack Riewoldt 193 195 2011 Lance 'Buddy' Franklin 199 195.4 2010 Jack Riewoldt 193 193.8 2009 Brendan Fevola 191 194.2 2008 Lance 'Buddy' Franklin 199 195 2007 Jonathan Brown 195 193.6 2006 Brendan Fevola 191 192.8 2005 Fraser Gehrig 195 193 2004 Fraser Gehrig 195 192.4 2003 Matthew Lloyd 192 2002 David Neitz 191 2001 Matthew Lloyd 192 2000 Matthew Lloyd 192
  20. Add Lions vs Pies two years in a row 2002 and 03
  21. I had a similar experience in round 13 2014. I was also in Fiji. Essendon vs Demons. Game was superclose. My connection came back for 30seconds as I watched the ball move from half back, up to Salem who marked 20meters out. Connection goes down again and I know it's going to take 3 minutes to buffer again but I didn't care. I knew Salem was a good kick and would kick it. https://youtu.be/w0pbidbaJmY
  22. Port and Bulldogs sit outside the 8 by only 4 points (16). Sydney, Geelong and Richmond all on 20. Geelong and Richmond have an easy run home from memory. Sydney are a little bit interesting over the next few weeks. 10. Carlton vs Sydney 11. Sydney vs Richmond 12. Melbourne vs Sydney 13. Bye 14. Port vs Sydney 15. Sydney vs Saints 16. Essendon vs Sydney 17. Sydney vs Bulldogs 18. Dockers vs Sydney 19. Sydney vs Adelaide 20. Sydney vs Giants 21. North vs Sydney 22. Sydney vs Collingwood 23. Saints vs Saints
  23. I hope the big fella is doing ok.
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