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  1. Wow GWS playing pretty dirty and getting away with it, so many borderline frees not being paid to us. They've been fortunate with things going their way, but reckon we'll blow the game open at some point in the second half.
  2. Wow those hotspots in the pockets for Richmond have to be a set play We definitely struggle to kick goals from centrally 20-30m out
  3. I don't think this rule has even been exploited fully yet. On Saturday Fritsch took a mark about 45m out and was standing at the end of his set shot routine from about 65m. Rivers called for it running past but when Fritsch handballed it to him, the ump called play on so the man on the mark was able to run towards Rivers who had to kick it from about 55m. Wasn't really the smartest play to call for it so far out. To exploit this, once the ump has called "stand" the player taking the kick should be as close as possible to the mark and have players running past. This way Rivers should
  4. Actually think his run up and kicking technique is good. Straight, steady etc. The issue is the ball drop and I wonder if his head is looking up to soon. Also, clearly thinking too much about it
  5. Special comments from Luke Darcy as King takes a set shot "Good looking kick. Slightly across the face...in fact he's missed the lot..."
  6. Darcy "Good looking kick...slightly across the face...in fact he's missed the lot"
  7. Get stuffed, I command a high price for this level of wisdom and insight
  8. Yep, good teamwork and well drilled coaching - sadly two things we seem to lack right now. Address this and we're top 4
  9. Trac is a ripper, but what makes him a good leader that marshalls the troops and responds in game to opposition tactics? I feel our group were hurt more by the loss of on-field runners delivering messages. The best teams are well drilled, disciplined and have senior players that are also coaches on the field
  10. Part of the problem is that so many of our mids only know one way and that was drilled into them since they were kids. The issues we saw with the midfield may look bad because the players are trying to do something different as instigated by Yze and co, and it doesn't come naturally so the first few games are still an adjustment period. Let's hope they figure it out soon
  11. Should preface all this criticism by saying it's only been one game so far, which we still won. If these issues remain for the next few rounds then I'll be much more concerned
  12. Yeah it makes you wonder what they actually do at training all week. Just go through the motions? Frustrating when you see other teams do what we can't, but should be able to
  13. Yep, that's what this thread is about. All the other stuff is important, but isn't as relevant to what I'm talking about. But fair point that it won't take just one, but all to perform their role.
  14. He's a freak, but is he a leader that can organise and direct others? That's what I'm on about. I don't think he can...yet...
  15. First up, fairly content with the result today and think there's plenty of upside to come. Although it was not perfect by any means. But during the game I wondered, who actually is our midfield 'leader'? We have a number of top players and arguably the best ruckman in the league, but as the commentators pointed out, we didn't have an answer to the way Freo setup at stoppages and exploited our midfield. We didn't have a leader that realised this and organised the troops. We have too many players that get in each others way and do their own thing. When I think of most teams I can n
  16. Just watched the "video of the week" on the Demonland homepage and have to say, although we scored a goal, gee it epitomises so many of our problems, particularly f50 entry and forwardline craft Starts with Jones anticipating the play well and runs forward for a Trac handball. The first good thing up until ANB scores the goal. Vanders follows Jones, fails to shepherd and in facts gets so close that Jones is probably unsure if he's an opponent, so kicks long inside f50 when they could have run it through the middle. By kicking long to Fritsch as a target, Jones has kicked it over
  17. Example of poor defensive structure, lack of accountability, organisation and leadership. Why so many players manning free space just 10 metres behind the mark? You can see English running towards goal left of the screen Outnumbered at fall of the ball. Bruce literally stopped and walked to not get in the way. 4 players trailing on edge of the frame...fmd How can this type of thing happen for professionals that train as much as they do. Selfish, undisciplined and stupid. Really hope this game wasn't a sign of things to come.
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