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  1. In Robbie Flower's book, he actually stated how unimpressed he was when Northey was appointed, and how wrong he was!!
  2. As a kid, Robbie Flower was our shining light. An absolute superstar. As an adult, Jeff Farmer and Aaron Davey. Farmer took my breath away so many times with goals, marks, absolutely amazing. Davey made me laugh, just with his pace, tackling, love for the game. Can't remember anybody who has made me smile as much as these 2 blokes at their best.
  3. Yes, I noticed Lever hiding his hand behind his back while shaking hands etc afterwards.
  4. He is 100% right. We ARE irrelevant. Our club stands for nothing, our players stand for nothing. There is a complete lack of strong, tough, uncompromising leadership at every level of our club. We have a total inability to develop players. Look at all the high level draft picks we have had over the years who have become nothing. No great player wants to come to our club, because we are seen as irrelevant within the greater football community. As Jeremy Howe CORRECTLY said, he is used to playing in front of no crowds, he played for Melbourne. We are soft, unskilled, weak minded, and are treated as such by the AFL. Look at the fixture we get, every year, SCREWED. Nobody cares, and if our name wasn't Melbourne, we would be in Tassie already. We have NO superstars, not one of our players is seriously an All Australian. We are failures at EVERY level as a club. There is not ONE thing we can hang our hats on. I am 54, and have given up supporting them. I will not attend a game, or support them in ANY way until they reward me with the same type level of passion I display. I have honestly given up. The club is an embarrassment.
  5. Jeff Hilton ended up playing football at Beaconsfield. He also played basketball at the old stadium in Pakenham, where I had a bit to do with him. He was a really nice, quiet bloke.
  6. My top 5: 1. Essendon 2. Essendon 3. Essendon 4. Essendon 5. Essendon In all my life I have never laughed so much as when their players got suspended.
  7. In his early days at MFC, Darren Bennett took a mark just inside the centre square at VFL Park. Man on the mark was inside the square. Bennett went back and lined up with a drop punt. I remember remarking to my Dad "This [censored] thinks he can kick a goal." It sailed through mid post high, drop punt, not a torp. He won me over very quickly. If you look at old footage of VFL Park you will see the distance between the edge of the centre square and the 50M line, and can quickly work out what a monster of a kick it was.
  8. We were sitting behind the goals at the Punt Road end. Wiz was dragged late in the first half after not getting near it, and really only came back on because Ben Beams broke his collar bone. It was as spectacular a 50 minutes of football I have ever seen, and that includes Gary Ablett Snr!! My best mate was with me, a Collingwood supporter, and in the end even he was yelling to kick it to Farmer!! He missed a relatively simple shot for his 10th.
  9. Hi all, my son and I find ourselves in Melbourne for a week from Sunday and I was hoping that there might be an open training session for us to go and have a look at? Are the boys training this week or are they still on a break? Any info would be much appreciated.
  10. I have done 2 trips to the USA in the past 14 months, primarily to watch NBA basketball. The food in the stadiums is rubbish. The best food we had were the Mexican hot dogs sold illegally outside the Staples Center after each game. $5 for one with the lot, we loved them.
  11. In 2000 I took my mate to Telstra Dome when Melbourne played Freo. Farmer was amazing, my mate who wasn't a huge footy fan, still talks about that day!
  12. I have a bit of a connection with James Harmes. Played against his Dad many years ago, and James grew up playing with my nephews. They are all still good mates. I have been rapt to see his improvement from a fringe player to a key part of the Demons set up.
  13. Get on the bandwagon boys and girls!!
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